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275. what am I missing?
Wed Sep 14, 2022, 02:42 PM
Sep 2022

I don't see it

So sorry. Joinfortmill Sep 2022 #1
This reply Dorian Gray Sep 2022 #304
nooooo demtenjeep Sep 2022 #2
aw demtenjeep Sep 2022 #3
You ForgedCrank Sep 2022 #12
+1 2naSalit Sep 2022 #17
I knew it demtenjeep Sep 2022 #30
GFM is much easier XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #47
Thank you so much to those who have donated and rec'd the thread mvd Sep 2022 #4
Kick GPV Sep 2022 #5
Thank you! mvd Sep 2022 #6
Just gave.....sure hope you can find some relief. ♥️ a kennedy Sep 2022 #7
Thank you very much! mvd Sep 2022 #9
You need to contact local places of worship XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #8
They do seem to be the best mvd Sep 2022 #10
Pantries also have paper products nt XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #11
Good to know mvd Sep 2022 #13
What is your objection to using food pantries? LisaL Sep 2022 #46
GFM is easier demtenjeep Sep 2022 #48
No objection really mvd Sep 2022 #65
... Gaugamela Sep 2022 #14
Have you tried Area Agency on Aging yet? Have you looked into Meals on Wheels for mom? Hekate Sep 2022 #15
All good ideas, Hekate mvd Sep 2022 #16
And? How did it go when you called? Hekate Sep 2022 #206
hahaha demtenjeep Sep 2022 #211
Just checking Hekate Sep 2022 #214
They helped with mvd Sep 2022 #223
Friday kick mvd Sep 2022 #18
If I reach at least the goal, combined with my planning.. mvd Sep 2022 #19
My resources list Tree-Hugger Sep 2022 #20
Thanks again! mvd Sep 2022 #22
Have you called anyone or any entity on that list? It was incredibly detailed, and... Hekate Sep 2022 #216
It is wonderful and yes I have mvd Sep 2022 #219
Why won't you use a food pantry XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #21
I got some donations to shop for now mvd Sep 2022 #23
If you don't have food or money for food XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #24
I am not disputing that mvd Sep 2022 #25
I'm sorry you are in this position. WDLAL Sep 2022 #27
Thank you very much mvd Sep 2022 #28
Something tells me ForgedCrank Sep 2022 #26
Once again I would appreciate the help so much mvd Sep 2022 #29
New low income internet help photokath Sep 2022 #31
Thank you mvd Sep 2022 #32
This is not TracFone Tree-Hugger Sep 2022 #36
What I meant was I used Tracfone for my mobile phone mvd Sep 2022 #50
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #33
Thank you radicalleft Sep 2022 #38
Just donated Mad_Dem_X Sep 2022 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author Thtwudbeme Sep 2022 #35
Thank you so much! mvd Sep 2022 #52
I'm not sure I understand Firehawk Sep 2022 #37
Don't do it... radicalleft Sep 2022 #39
One thing that was odd on a previous GFM thread XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #41
He is still using the same GFM where LisaL Sep 2022 #45
I was told it wouldn't be good to use a new one mvd Sep 2022 #54
This message was self-deleted by its author Thtwudbeme Sep 2022 #42
I am severely hearing impaired, to the degree that I call myself "deaf," but I can tblue37 Sep 2022 #44
That was a good read Tree-Hugger Sep 2022 #53
Furthermore, they assume hearing aids are like glasses, providing 100% correction in most cases. tblue37 Sep 2022 #57
Yeah I have them but they are old mvd Sep 2022 #60
Contact the Lion's Club. They refurbish glasses, and some also refurbish hearing aids, tblue37 Sep 2022 #61
Thank you mvd Sep 2022 #62
Before I got hearing aids in 1992, thanks to a bit of money from my dad's life insurance, tblue37 Sep 2022 #58
I'm gonna put one up demtenjeep Sep 2022 #49
Thank you. I will answer the questions mvd Sep 2022 #51
Wait a second here --- Firehawk Sep 2022 #63
I feel you have the wrong impression mvd Sep 2022 #64
Name-brand stuff XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #66
The only thing about my area is it's sprawling and.. mvd Sep 2022 #67
WAWA is less than a mile from you demtenjeep Sep 2022 #187
There must be services for the homebound XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #190
Also, welcome to DU mvd Sep 2022 #68
Here's another article about how some deaf (i.e. severely hearing impaired) people can sometimes tblue37 Sep 2022 #59
He is lying and this is a grift. I just reported him to Gofundme and to DU. I've asked for my Maraya1969 Sep 2022 #123
I remember the previous thread, and it is beyond belief to me that this still goes on Hekate Sep 2022 #207
and that people give demtenjeep Sep 2022 #213
Didn't any fundraising have to be approved by the moderators in times past? hamsterjill Sep 2022 #286
Mental health resources Tree-Hugger Sep 2022 #40
Thank you so much mvd Sep 2022 #55
K&R for visibility. nt tblue37 Sep 2022 #43
Thank you mvd Sep 2022 #56
Kick for visibility mvd Sep 2022 #69
An idea PennRalphie Sep 2022 #70
Hi! mvd Sep 2022 #71
Another thing was the emergency room visits when.. mvd Sep 2022 #72
I thought you were moving forward on ssdi? XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #73
Yes mvd Sep 2022 #74
oh new disabilities demtenjeep Sep 2022 #93
My gods, this guy is making a good living, isn't he? Hekate Sep 2022 #208
I hope he has filled out his 1099-K IRS form demtenjeep Sep 2022 #212
How many DUers are still out there that are willing to give money, never bothering question everything Sep 2022 #229
+1 betsuni Sep 2022 #233
I agree demtenjeep Sep 2022 #264
+1 Hekate Sep 2022 #291
Why ER cost? PennRalphie Sep 2022 #79
It's the Uber to get there and back mvd Sep 2022 #81
You can work from home PennRalphie Sep 2022 #88
Donated at different times mvd Sep 2022 #89
Sorry PennRalphie Sep 2022 #90
That's fine mvd Sep 2022 #91
being stressed is the defense when questions can't be answered demtenjeep Sep 2022 #188
Hi PennRalphie Sep 2022 #75
I agree they will - just nervous mvd Sep 2022 #76
My main e-mail is matthewd76@verizon.net mvd Sep 2022 #77
Internet provider PennRalphie Sep 2022 #84
No, stuck with Xfinity for now mvd Sep 2022 #85
? PennRalphie Sep 2022 #86
Yep, already lowered mvd Sep 2022 #87
when we had NO MONEY 0$$$ we did not have cable or phone or internet demtenjeep Sep 2022 #136
Trips to a food pantry XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #78
It is mvd Sep 2022 #80
Grocery store? PennRalphie Sep 2022 #82
Giant delivers but delivery services like Instacart are very useful mvd Sep 2022 #83
Good night all mvd Sep 2022 #92
HEY all If I send you an email addy will you send wallyworld cards so I can buy things demtenjeep Sep 2022 #94
Kicking for visibility! Rhiannon12866 Sep 2022 #95
Thank you so much! mvd Sep 2022 #96
Added a list of what funds will be used for mvd Sep 2022 #97
Confusing PennRalphie Sep 2022 #100
I don't quite understand what is contradicting mvd Sep 2022 #107
Your mom goes to the hospital due to stress XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #98
You ask good questions. I want it to change for us so badly mvd Sep 2022 #99
A social worker should have been engaged months ago XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #101
Great point PennRalphie Sep 2022 #102
All my bills are badly timed XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #103
Sorry meant to reply to OP. PennRalphie Sep 2022 #104
Absolutely XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #105
as a madated reporter demtenjeep Sep 2022 #185
Wow, I didn't even think about mandated reporting XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #186
I feel a mandated reporter is for both young and elderly demtenjeep Sep 2022 #191
They just send her home every time mvd Sep 2022 #106
Then maybe you should be honest with them XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #110
I'm very sorry you feel that way mvd Sep 2022 #111
Let's have an honest discussion. PennRalphie Sep 2022 #116
It took one call to the Senior resource center XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #118
That's actually not what happens with ours mvd Sep 2022 #119
? PennRalphie Sep 2022 #122
My elderly mother passed recently. WDLAL Sep 2022 #183
then there is this demtenjeep Sep 2022 #192
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby Sep 2022 #255
hope the IRS gets their cut demtenjeep Sep 2022 #256
You are asking intelligent questions Hekate Sep 2022 #217
My psychiatrist and I went through many sessions XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #127
it is just easy to get donors to give demtenjeep Sep 2022 #120
It almost worked with me PennRalphie Sep 2022 #125
There is an answer, ForgedCrank Sep 2022 #113
Dude, your mom seems to be a troublemaker. It is time for tough love. Give her an ultimatum dalton99a Sep 2022 #108
I actually like that mvd Sep 2022 #109
I don't know about you.. Texasgal Sep 2022 #257
this demtenjeep Sep 2022 #258
Well DU can decide to donate or not mvd Sep 2022 #259
I did a GFM on DU once. Texasgal Sep 2022 #260
I am pretty sure it mom's house. LisaL Sep 2022 #133
maybe we should call mother and ask if she knows and condones of this stuff? demtenjeep Sep 2022 #137
Would you tell us the total of DUs donations to your GFMs in the past 18 months? Scrivener7 Sep 2022 #112
It's over $10,000 mvd Sep 2022 #114
Can you tell us the actual amount? Scrivener7 Sep 2022 #115
I have reported you to Gofundme and asked for my money back. Maraya1969 Sep 2022 #117
Huh, I don't know who you were asking mvd Sep 2022 #121
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #124
I'm sorry but you are wrong mvd Sep 2022 #128
huh? demtenjeep Sep 2022 #129
pretty quick on the uptake that one..... demtenjeep Sep 2022 #130
oh honey demtenjeep Sep 2022 #126
Torch the Witch Para722 Sep 2022 #131
Ah yes, TTW XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #132
We've been down this road before, haven't we? Hekate Sep 2022 #231
+1 betsuni Sep 2022 #234
oh I remember that demtenjeep Sep 2022 #134
I'd buy you some gift cards if I could XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #135
oh you don't need to do that! demtenjeep Sep 2022 #138
Oh, forgot about The Tale of Torch the Witch. betsuni Sep 2022 #194
maybe it is time for this demtenjeep Sep 2022 #139
it is very easy demtenjeep Sep 2022 #142
From Matthew's mother mvd Sep 2022 #140
Matt matt matt demtenjeep Sep 2022 #141
Are you effing kidding us Firehawk Sep 2022 #143
She doesn't type well on the iPad mvd Sep 2022 #150
Hopefully social services will reach out directly to her MissB Sep 2022 #153
:) demtenjeep Sep 2022 #155
This was written by my mom and I rewrote it for her mvd Sep 2022 #151
hey matt's mommy do you know he is getting rid of your stuff? when things start missing it's demtenjeep Sep 2022 #204
Someone could call adult protective services for his mother MissB Sep 2022 #144
done demtenjeep Sep 2022 #145
Well done MissB Sep 2022 #146
This really is ForgedCrank Sep 2022 #149
It's a shame he wasn't officially diagnosed XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #152
If he has autism, it's clearly LisaL Sep 2022 #163
Definitely time for a free consultation XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #166
Living off gofundme donations doesn't appear to be a viable plan. LisaL Sep 2022 #158
I thought he said the dad had a pension. XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #167
Yep. If dad had a pension, it's not going to be transferred to son if mother dies. LisaL Sep 2022 #169
Yeah XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #170
Not having food XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #147
Exactly. likesmountains 52 Sep 2022 #181
As someone who once worked in social services Sympthsical Sep 2022 #195
🦆🦆🦆🟰🦆 Floyd R. Turbo Sep 2022 #148
Rough crowd. LuckyCharms Sep 2022 #154
It unfortunately appears to have crossed a line MissB Sep 2022 #156
aw sorry-this isn't directed at MissB demtenjeep Sep 2022 #180
I feel like the administration of the site should do vetting before allowing LisaL Sep 2022 #157
I understand and appreciate your opinion, but my opinion is that LuckyCharms Sep 2022 #161
It's not really an assumption since OP claims that his mother, LisaL Sep 2022 #164
Involving a case worker is not a bad idea Sympthsical Sep 2022 #196
Fair point. However... LuckyCharms Sep 2022 #199
That's why I personally would do nothing Sympthsical Sep 2022 #201
Exactly mvd Sep 2022 #159
Last time you said the water was going to be shut off? LisaL Sep 2022 #160
No, I paid it with the GoFundMe funds mvd Sep 2022 #162
Amen, LuckyCharms. demmiblue Sep 2022 #165
My mom was just feeling better when this happened mvd Sep 2022 #168
Guilt is deployed Hekate Sep 2022 #294
Those feelings were real mvd Sep 2022 #295
I know a guilt trip when I see it Hekate Sep 2022 #296
I came across a post from O.P. last month Marthe48 Sep 2022 #172
I still remember Andy Stephenson and what happened to him. Pathwalker Sep 2022 #171
What happened to Andy Stephenson and how is it connected to this thread? LisaL Sep 2022 #173
no connection at all demtenjeep Sep 2022 #174
Stephenson Para722 Sep 2022 #175
I googled. LisaL Sep 2022 #177
His surgery was delayed for months because of those accusations. Pathwalker Sep 2022 #182
It couldn't have been delayed for months. LisaL Sep 2022 #184
Which reminds me XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #176
He didn't get SSDI. LisaL Sep 2022 #178
no, mvd and I've discussed this before XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #179
Per mom's advice, not responding as much mvd Sep 2022 #189
what lie happened? demtenjeep Sep 2022 #193
It's illustrative why your mom's XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #200
GoFundMe is so slow mvd Sep 2022 #197
But you said you talked to them yesterday demtenjeep Sep 2022 #198
have you filled out your 1099-K form? The IRS will want to know this demtenjeep Sep 2022 #210
Can you tell us if you've gotten a case worker for your mom? They can make sure her needs are met. Scrivener7 Sep 2022 #202
good evening. How is everyone tonight? demtenjeep Sep 2022 #203
... demmiblue Sep 2022 #215
Everything was cleared up with GoFundMe and.. mvd Sep 2022 #205
.... demtenjeep Sep 2022 #209
have you filled out your 1099-k form demtenjeep Sep 2022 #220
How's your mother? PennRalphie Sep 2022 #218
Yes and thank you! mvd Sep 2022 #221
I didn't send you anything PennRalphie Sep 2022 #222
I meant someone did send one mvd Sep 2022 #224
My musinderstanding PennRalphie Sep 2022 #226
We got the card tonight and have a nice order for tomorrow coming mvd Sep 2022 #228
Instacart demtenjeep Sep 2022 #242
Instacart is expensive as hell XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #243
I have to ForgedCrank Sep 2022 #244
My stomach hurt when I saw the surcharges XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #245
It isn't just the delivery cost. Each item's cost is higher than the store cost. I highplainsdem Sep 2022 #247
Oh shit XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #248
What did your mother have for dinner? PennRalphie Sep 2022 #225
Eggs and toast tonight mvd Sep 2022 #227
This message was self-deleted by its author betsuni Sep 2022 #235
What about her food stamps? PennRalphie Sep 2022 #230
The EBT was late this month mvd Sep 2022 #232
EBT is never late demtenjeep Sep 2022 #236
It's never late is right XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #238
EBT Para722 Sep 2022 #240
Food prices are a struggle demtenjeep Sep 2022 #241
Are you telling your mom about all these resources? XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #237
There is no news story about PA EBT late this month. PennRalphie Sep 2022 #239
The 13th mvd Sep 2022 #246
I just don't believe all this demtenjeep Sep 2022 #249
I would just close this now but reality want to meet the goal mvd Sep 2022 #250
DO you have other plans going? XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #251
Done dried up demtenjeep Sep 2022 #252
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #253
This message was self-deleted by its author Trueblue1968 Sep 2022 #254
Night all mvd Sep 2022 #261
Your mom does not look well in the pictures you've XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #262
I highly recommend that you forget about the "fundraiser" MissB Sep 2022 #263
Previous threads were full of specific advices question everything Sep 2022 #266
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #265
This message was self-deleted by its author roxybear Sep 2022 #267
This message was self-deleted by its author XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #268
This message was self-deleted by its author roxybear Sep 2022 #269
I did the same thing, and most of the results weren't for Matthew - Ocelot II Sep 2022 #270
Yeah, that's like Bond-villian XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #271
what am I missing? demtenjeep Sep 2022 #275
Self-deleted by author nt XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #276
There is a separate Matthew Dubois living in Niagara Sep 2022 #272
This message was self-deleted by its author roxybear Sep 2022 #273
It would be helpful if you deleted this. Ptah Sep 2022 #274
The obsession is really off the charts. demmiblue Sep 2022 #277
Best train wreck / soap opera / mosh pit in years. Ptah Sep 2022 #278
We are now entering "Olive Garden", "corn flake fried chicken", "shopping cart coral" territory! Floyd R. Turbo Sep 2022 #280
Door buzzard! Ptah Sep 2022 #281
😁 Floyd R. Turbo Sep 2022 #282
Except there's an unwell woman not getting food in this one, and nothing has Scrivener7 Sep 2022 #285
But do we have confirmation of anything? At some point some concerned DUer is going to... Hekate Sep 2022 #288
No. We don't. But that makes it even less humorous. Scrivener7 Sep 2022 #289
Life can show us many amusing things XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #293
I got the social worker over today mvd Sep 2022 #279
You need to set different goals. Do you understand that? GFM is not sustainable; it's not forever.nt Hekate Sep 2022 #284
I understand that mvd Sep 2022 #287
You are 95% to your goal MissB Sep 2022 #290
Again and again and again, the goal is reached. See history... Hekate Sep 2022 #292
🍭🍭🍭🍭❗️ Floyd R. Turbo Sep 2022 #300
Kick for the night mvd Sep 2022 #283
Why the goal is important mvd Sep 2022 #297
Reach out to the social worker that came by and see about transportation MissB Sep 2022 #298
Did you reach out to local places of worship XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #299
I'm leaving this open just a few more days, unless I reach my goal mvd Sep 2022 #301
I hope you have enough food for the weekend? Omaha Steve Sep 2022 #305
Hi OS mvd Sep 2022 #306
IMHO, your mother needs a responsible adult to care for her Kaleva Sep 2022 #302
The social worker was worried and so am I mvd Sep 2022 #308
I work in the Non-Profit sector Dorian Gray Sep 2022 #303
I have answered questions mvd Sep 2022 #307
Before I get off mvd Sep 2022 #309
You've been ForgedCrank Sep 2022 #310
Logisticare Para722 Sep 2022 #311
Weekend kick mvd Sep 2022 #312
Keeping this open at least one more day mvd Sep 2022 #313
I'm closing the thread now mvd Sep 2022 #314
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