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47. Parrots
Fri Jan 13, 2023, 05:10 PM
Jan 2023

For forty years always been at least one hanging out, often several more.

Pettie, Gertie, Louie, Captain, Mad Max the Rug Warrior, Wolfgang. Buzz, Ruby and many more made a nest in our hearts.

Pretty much a cat person. I live in an apartment Walleye Jan 2023 #1
Thank you, Walleye. It's good that we all love animals and give them the respect and love they debm55 Jan 2023 #2
I have always had cats, but I love dogs too; just never had the right circumstances Ocelot II Jan 2023 #3
Me too nt spooky3 Jan 2023 #4
Spooky, you are kind and generous to give your heart to a pet. debm55 Jan 2023 #12
Ocelot, I agree with you. Everday, when I open my computer, there is an article of someone debm55 Jan 2023 #8
Was always a dog person, having dozens over 70 years, but sinkingfeeling Jan 2023 #5
sinkingfeeling, you sound like you had a managerie. You sound like a loving person. PS snakes are debm55 Jan 2023 #11
My parents said (with some dismay) that my first word was DOG! hlthe2b Jan 2023 #6
Thank you hithe, I swear animals have a sense that humans lack. Sometimes, when my husband calls debm55 Jan 2023 #14
Cat Faux pas Jan 2023 #7
Faux pas, Dolly is the Alpha dog--almost flunked out of Puppy Kindergarten. She comes when I call debm55 Jan 2023 #22
My two dogs, both rescues, ChazII Jan 2023 #56
Yes, at puppy kindergarten, they kept telling us we had to be the Alpha dog. Try to do that when debm55 Jan 2023 #60
I never used treats for training my dogs. wnylib Jan 2023 #81
Yes, she went to the Vet yesterday. Vet said she's one pound over what she should be. Snacks will be debm55 Jan 2023 #83
The border collie (Laddie) was hilarious in keeping tabs wnylib Jan 2023 #85
Laddie sounds like a tattle tale-no he loves his mom and wanted to please you. debm55 Jan 2023 #86
Laddie also scolded Beau face to face, barking at him when wnylib Jan 2023 #91
wnylib, Laddie is a remarkable dog. I love reading your stories of him. I have never heard of a dog debm55 Jan 2023 #92
Yes, we were blessed to have him. wnylib Jan 2023 #93
It was decades ago, in the 1970s when I had Laddie. wnylib Jan 2023 #94
Thank you, I was going to go back and correct my thread. But you have his memories. I thank you for debm55 Jan 2023 #97
I have both. Never a dull moment. Solly Mack Jan 2023 #9
Solly, yep now I have one of each, but at one time had 3 dogs and 5 cats. Never a dull minute with debm55 Jan 2023 #17
I have 7 cats, all rescues, and 3 dogs, 2 of which are rescues. Solly Mack Jan 2023 #95
OMG, I had a chinchilla too. When I taught school, one of my students gave me one from her debm55 Jan 2023 #96
We had two chinchillas to begin with but as they were a male and a female, we ended up with Solly Mack Jan 2023 #98
I have an incredible little dog. rubbersole Jan 2023 #10
rubbersole, Havanese are so cute, correct me if I'm wrong but they are nonshedding? I love the story debm55 Jan 2023 #18
Hey debm55, rubbersole Jan 2023 #30
One of each please Unwind Your Mind Jan 2023 #13
Thank you Unwind, they each have there own distinct personalities and quarks. debm55 Jan 2023 #19
Cat and Dog Person happybird Jan 2023 #15
happy, you will know when you are ready. Your heart will tell you. I firmly believe Maggie will let debm55 Jan 2023 #20
Maggie was gorgeous - reminds me of our yellow lab mix Katie who we lost about 2010 also. yonder Jan 2023 #31
I am also a dog and cat person.. whathehell Jan 2023 #16
Whatthehell. So I'm I. What kind of dog and cat do you have? debm55 Jan 2023 #21
My dog, Brodie is a black and white mix of Lab, Greyhound, whathehell Jan 2023 #23
Whatthehell, my dog Dolly is an American Eskimo, my cat Tinker is a tiger stripped one eyed cat. debm55 Jan 2023 #25
Hi debm55...Your pets sound cute! whathehell Jan 2023 #35
whatthehell, Dolly is a German Spitz-white coat, curlied tale. She looks like a smaller version of a debm55 Jan 2023 #88
My bad.. whathehell Jan 2023 #89
At one time, I had a Husky, Shiba Inu and an American Eskimo. The husky had blue eyes. They only debm55 Jan 2023 #90
Mostly cat, but a few pups have sneaked into the heart space too. TigressDem Jan 2023 #24
Mostly cats Lithos Jan 2023 #26
I am very much a cat person, even though in the somewhat distant past PoindexterOglethorpe Jan 2023 #27
Cat. definitely. We currently have 3 yellowdogintexas Jan 2023 #28
I've had both but prefer the little doggies. I now have a gentle Backseat Driver Jan 2023 #29
Backseat Driver, they do get spoiled, don't they? When Dolly was very sick, she spent 4 days in the debm55 Jan 2023 #39
Both, but mostly and currently cats. yonder Jan 2023 #32
yonder, how many cats do you have? debm55 Jan 2023 #40
Right now I have dogs, cats, and a bird. Polly Hennessey Jan 2023 #33
Polly, what type of bird do you have? debm55 Jan 2023 #41
I love them all 🐱🐶🐦! I never thought I could love a reptile but Raine Jan 2023 #34
Raine, is it a small tortoise or large sized? debm55 Jan 2023 #42
He's about the size of a 12in dinner plate 🙂 Raine Jan 2023 #53
I have cats, dogs, cockatiel, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits. friend of a friend Jan 2023 #36
Friend, you sure sound like a friend to all your pets. Good for you and bless your heart. debm55 Jan 2023 #43
Thank you, the way the world is now, you have to have something that brings you peace. friend of a friend Jan 2023 #46
I'm a both nuxvomica Jan 2023 #37
nuxvomica, I know the feeling. Never had a cat growing up. My husband was the cat person. but once debm55 Jan 2023 #44
Horses, dogs, cats and pigs -- but the pigs don't live on property. I volunteer in2herbs Jan 2023 #38
in2herbs, you sound like a true animal lover. I have never heard of a pig rescue. My uncle owned a debm55 Jan 2023 #45
My affection for horses truly changed my life. It is an understatement to say that in2herbs Jan 2023 #48
in2herbs, he is well behaved because he loves you and wants to please you. You are very lucky you debm55 Jan 2023 #50
Parrots sarge43 Jan 2023 #47
sarge43, do they talk or sing. debm55 Jan 2023 #49
Several did with various ability sarge43 Jan 2023 #51
Sarge, that.s funny. was going to as if she swore. debm55 Jan 2023 #54
She could do that, too. sarge43 Jan 2023 #57
sarge, I have seen parrots on YouTube that swear and thought it was funny. Did want to ask, at first debm55 Jan 2023 #58
defintely both Skittles Jan 2023 #52
Skittles, so true. The problem is with cats you can't seem to have just one. He/she needs a friend,. debm55 Jan 2023 #55
I have two small dogs. Mr.Bill Jan 2023 #59
Mr. Bill, what kind do you have? Do they give you the "look" and the tilt of the head? debm55 Jan 2023 #61
I have a Poodle/Terrier mix who weighs about 25 lbs. Mr.Bill Jan 2023 #62
Mr. Bill, they both sound like sweeties. I bet you and your wife spoil your two little girls. right? debm55 Jan 2023 #63
Absolutely. They sleep in bed with us, Mr.Bill Jan 2023 #65
Wow, that's a great idea. You both truly love your girls.Because Dolly had pancreatitis last year, debm55 Jan 2023 #66
Dogs!!! I cannot describe how great my love is for them. Scottie Mom Jan 2023 #64
Scottie Mom, I don't suppose you have a Scottie? How many do you have and what kind are they? They debm55 Jan 2023 #67
Yep, have my 7th Scottish Terrier - right here beside me. Scottie Mom Jan 2023 #70
Dog person for sure. Luciferous Jan 2023 #68
Luciferous, do you have a dog you would like to share with use? debm55 Jan 2023 #78
I used to be cat only until Tree Lady Jan 2023 #69
Tree Lady, you sound like you and your Goldie have bonded. You are a dog person to your dog and he debm55 Jan 2023 #73
Yep he is so precious Tree Lady Jan 2023 #80
both! jcgoldie Jan 2023 #71
Me too--dogs and cats that is. Tell us about your goats. Are they mini or full size? debm55 Jan 2023 #74
Nubians jcgoldie Jan 2023 #79
Dog person here. Mad_Dem_X Jan 2023 #72
Mad, do you have a dog? debm55 Jan 2023 #75
I love all animals--unless they have more than 4 legs. I have had many species as pets, tblue37 Jan 2023 #76
tblue37, I knew you loved all animals from your posts. I look forward to the posts everyday. Thank debm55 Jan 2023 #77
We're Both ProfessorGAC Jan 2023 #82
Professor, at one time we had 5 cats and 3 dogs. All indoors. I feel sorry for Dolly and get her a debm55 Jan 2023 #84
This Is Likely... ProfessorGAC Jan 2023 #87
Dogs. GoodRaisin Jan 2023 #99
GoodRaisin, can you tell us what breed of big dog? thanks. debm55 Jan 2023 #100
My last dog was a mixed breed I got from a Rescue as a puppy. He was a mix of GoodRaisin Jan 2023 #103
He sounds beautiful. Thank you. debm55 Jan 2023 #104
Cat person, like dogs that belong to someone else. we can do it Jan 2023 #101
we can do it, that is funny but true. Alot of people adopted cats and dogs during the lockdown of debm55 Jan 2023 #102
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