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11. Absolutely!
Fri Jan 27, 2023, 11:15 AM
Jan 2023

Our senior cat is now 18 years old. She makes the rules in the house and sometimes without warning those rules change.

When I met her when she was only 8 years old, I talked her in a normal tone and she would growl at me. By the way, I'm a pet step-parent to her.

I started baby talking to her some years ago and she responds positively and is more agreeable. Some phrases are:

"Who's a cutesy-girl?"
"Who's a pretty girl?"
"Hi Honeypies!"
"Good girl."
"Such a happy, confident kitty."
"Do you wants pets at the food dish?"

Moppit only allows petting at the food dish and only at the food dish. If she's had enough, she will snip at the hand without taking the actual bite.


I regard my cat as a little hairy roommate with an attitude and a few strange habits, Ocelot II Jan 2023 #1
Same with my dog intrepidity Jan 2023 #9
Agree on the first part orangecrush Jan 2023 #17
I sweet talk to my Ruby..not baby talk but I do praise her a lot. Deuxcents Jan 2023 #2
Same deal with litter here orangecrush Jan 2023 #18
My cat's name is Mr. Boo so you guess my answer mucifer Jan 2023 #3
I hear in my imaginination orangecrush Jan 2023 #13
I also call my kitten a "bootyhole-licker" when she agressively grooms our older boy cat FirstLight Jan 2023 #4
Same here orangecrush Jan 2023 #14
... Faux pas Jan 2023 #5
I talk to my baby orangecrush Jan 2023 #16
Lol Faux pas Jan 2023 #26
I call mine sweetie, honey and baby Raine Jan 2023 #6
No shame orangecrush Jan 2023 #19
Yes, even to my deaf doggo. nt Laffy Kat Jan 2023 #7
He feels the vibrations orangecrush Jan 2023 #20
my Sally boy cat is my Little SallyManDer. Trueblue1968 Jan 2023 #8
Love it! orangecrush Jan 2023 #21
ALL of our 5 cats were rescue kitten cats. Trueblue1968 Jan 2023 #27
Noel says thank you orangecrush Jan 2023 #28
You kidding? I don't baby talk to babies. n/t malthaussen Jan 2023 #10
It's o.k. orangecrush Jan 2023 #22
Absolutely! Niagara Jan 2023 #11
THANK YOU! orangecrush Jan 2023 #23
My Cat RobinA Jan 2023 #12
My cat orangecrush Jan 2023 #24
If I don't, she'll think I'm talking to a person. raccoon Jan 2023 #15
It's a special language orangecrush Jan 2023 #25
you left off Conjuay Jan 2023 #29
you left off Conjuay Jan 2023 #30
You mean... orangecrush Jan 2023 #31
We try to be mature UTUSN Jan 2023 #32
Doesn't everyone? Me--Does wittle Dolly want mommy to give her a tweat? debm55 Jan 2023 #33
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