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Sat May 6, 2023, 06:39 PM May 2023

UPDATE - The good news is I no longer have to listen to the political and religious rants [View all]

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of my boss's wife.

*****BREAKING NEWS - I GOT A JOB!!!!*******

Had a Zoom interview today. I guess I knocked it out of the park, because he called the headhunter and said "Don't let her get away". I start in 2 weeks. Whew!!! I was tired of crying every day!

Thanks for all of the support here. To quote Aristus, I love you all!
The bad news is I got laid off yesterday.

I worked as a bookkeeper for a single CPA in private practice. "Fully loaded" during tax season (which includes August) we usually had 4 full time plus my boss's wife who works half time as the office manager. They are antivaxxers and gave COVID-19 to the whole office last August. The admin and the young CPA he hired to help out with the taxes never came back. He found he prefers to work from home, so that left me alone at the office 50% of the time.

Having to cover the phones by myself half the time, and even as back up when she was in the office, cut into my bookkeeping time. I mentioned that we really needed an admin at least part time, and her response was that they had been "trying to find someone" and that "no one wants to work anymore".

About 10 weeks ago, before "tax hell" as she calls it, we had a meeting, all 3 of us to discuss keeping on top of things, yada, yada, yada. At that point, we had been without an admin for over 6 months. When she started to dig into me about a problematic client, I pointed out to her that she admitted she had missed things because we were understaffed and I added that it affected me too.

I told them "When I took this job, I promised I would never walk out during tax season, and I meant it, but I didn't sign up to be the only person here half the time. If something doesn't change, fast, I'll be looking for another job after April 18th."

Surprise! They hired an admin who started a month ago. I like her and it's been a lot off my plate to not have to answer the phone most of the time. I still wanted to find something else, but it wasn't as urgent.

Well, he beat me to the punch. He let me go and is farming the bookkeeping work out to someone 20 miles away. Wouldn't even let me stay a few days to tie up loose ends.

I'm not really worried about finding something else, but I would have preferred it to be on my terms. So here I am, age 66, looking for work again.

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" If something doesn't change, fast, I'll be looking for another job after April 18th." BlueWaveNeverEnd May 2023 #1
But something DID change. They hired an admin after dragging TexasBushwhacker May 2023 #4
I'm sorry. Diamond_Dog May 2023 #2
With it being such a small company, they don't offer health insurance TexasBushwhacker May 2023 #5
With your tax experience, could you wnylib May 2023 #15
I have to pass my Enrolled Agent exams first TexasBushwhacker May 2023 #19
My brother was very good at math since high school and wnylib May 2023 #21
I am so sorry TexasBushwhacker. Could you apply for SS? My neighbor took an early retirement on May debm55 May 2023 #3
I had really wanted to work until I am 70 TexasBushwhacker May 2023 #6
Is there a way you work from home and maybe start your business? And not have to take crap from any debm55 May 2023 #7
Honestly, I prefer to go into the office at least part of the time TexasBushwhacker May 2023 #9
I'm sorry! I hope you can go back in a year and thank him for letting you go, since you found a much Karadeniz May 2023 #8
At least this way can't you collect unemployment? Fla Dem May 2023 #10
Oh yeah. I'll get UI TexasBushwhacker May 2023 #12
You didn't lose anything by not getting that job. wnylib May 2023 #18
One thing I've found is that accountants don't necessarily know much TexasBushwhacker May 2023 #23
I don't know if this helps, but I started a new job (techie) at 62, retired at 68, and then erronis May 2023 #11
There are plenty of bookkeeper jobs TexasBushwhacker May 2023 #13
Good idea. Get your EA and go where you're appreciated. nt SunSeeker May 2023 #17
I wish the best to you! Hope22 May 2023 #14
He did you a favor. They were making you miserable. That was not good for your health. nt SunSeeker May 2023 #16
Good luck to you. With your experience, I wouldn't think you will have any trouble finding LoisB May 2023 #20
Here's cheer for you from the stands! DFW May 2023 #22
Wish I had good news. My wife and I are comfortable because of fortunate circumstances ... marble falls May 2023 #24
I'm sorry this happened to you. I'm in your age range. area51 May 2023 #25
"Nobody wants to work anymore" unjustly leaves out SleeplessinSoCal May 2023 #26
Wishing you well. Keep us informed. Joinfortmill May 2023 #27
Yea, indeed, dear TexasBushwhacker. calimary May 2023 #29
Your remark about having time to study for EA exam speaks loudly. TdeV May 2023 #28
Can you consider opening your own practice ? drray23 May 2023 #30
Good luck TBw and with that EA exam too. yonder May 2023 #31
That sucks. Overworked and under-appreciated. Laffy Kat May 2023 #32
I GOT A JOB!!!! TexasBushwhacker May 2023 #33
Hooray!!!!! Nittersing May 2023 #35
Good for you!! Congratulations. Enjoy your 2 weeks off! You earned them. Fla Dem May 2023 #34
Nobody wants to work any more Hermit-The-Prog May 2023 #36
That's hilarious! I had never heard the expression until recently TexasBushwhacker May 2023 #37
Hoping it's a fun place for you Hermit-The-Prog May 2023 #38
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