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35. That's such good news, Debbie!
Mon Jul 17, 2023, 05:46 PM
Jul 2023

So glad your husband has been with you. Get some rest, have some sweet dreams, and we’ll look forward to seeing your next engaging questions, okay?

Praying with you for your sister. raging moderate Jul 2023 #1
You have them coming her/your way. lark Jul 2023 #2
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister today. virgdem Jul 2023 #3
You got 'em deb. Diamond_Dog Jul 2023 #4
I know it feels like a weight on your chest, here's hoping everything comes out perfect Walleye Jul 2023 #5
Warmest wishes for your sister's quick and complete recovery Jrose Jul 2023 #6
You got it. Sending healing thoughts and vibes. onecaliberal Jul 2023 #7
Thoughts and prayers. Bless both of you. marble falls Jul 2023 #8
best wishes for you and your sister rurallib Jul 2023 #9
{{{{{Debbie}}}} You have them, for both of you. So glad to see you post highplainsdem Jul 2023 #10
Healing vibes and positive thoughts flowing your and your sisters way Hugh_Lebowski Jul 2023 #11
We can dislike the way gravity waves at us with tsunami of trauma sanatanadharma Jul 2023 #12
Vibes of healing and comfort GPV Jul 2023 #13
🙏 claudette Jul 2023 #14
Your sister will be in my prayers LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2023 #15
Strength to you both. nt usonian Jul 2023 #16
You got it. MLAA Jul 2023 #17
Thinking of you and yours. Hope22 Jul 2023 #18
We are here for you and your sister, Deb. thatcrowwoman Jul 2023 #19
Crying, I just read your original thread about this Unwind Your Mind Jul 2023 #20
I have sent my appeal to The Universe that it guide the surgeon's hands and sends strength to LoisB Jul 2023 #21
You got it. Elessar Zappa Jul 2023 #22
Relieved to hear from you. Polly Hennessey Jul 2023 #23
Sending prayers and healing thoughts gademocrat7 Jul 2023 #24
Good luck, Debbie !!! Karadeniz Jul 2023 #25
On it! 2naSalit Jul 2023 #26
Good vibes coming your way... MiHale Jul 2023 #27
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Jul 2023 #28
Yes indeed. calimary Jul 2023 #29
Prayers for you, your sister and the medical team. n/t ChazII Jul 2023 #30
You got 'em from me, Debbie! Different Drummer Jul 2023 #31
Sending healing vibes and best wishes, Debbie! Niagara Jul 2023 #32
Sending good thoughts malaise Jul 2023 #33
Thank you all. for your kind words and vibes. I am very sleepy. Doctor said it wasn't as bad as they debm55 Jul 2023 #34
That's such good news, Debbie! thatcrowwoman Jul 2023 #35
We love you, too - and thanks for the very encouraging update on your sis! Now highplainsdem Jul 2023 #37
Better news indeed......so happy. Now, take care of you. ❤️ a kennedy Jul 2023 #36
Hugs to you, dear debm55 UpInArms Jul 2023 #38
Thank you for the update. Mr.Bill Jul 2023 #39
May there be continued better news for your sister, and you! electric_blue68 Jul 2023 #40
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