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117. I've also had had their sea salt and vinegar which is really good
Sun Dec 3, 2023, 01:32 PM
Dec 3

They may have a plain version, but I haven't seen it.

Cape Cod has a plain kettle chip which is really good and readily available.

Salt and Vinegar in a close tie with BBQ MichMan Dec 2 #1
Yes, BBQ is good too. debm55 Dec 2 #3
Sorry I can't answer, my tastes keep changing! elleng Dec 2 #2
Oh you!------- debm55 Dec 2 #4
Taste varies with season or mood or something bucolic_frolic Dec 2 #5
Wait, there are Bratwurst flavor chips???????? I'll pass. debm55 Dec 2 #7
Classic Original anciano Dec 2 #6
with no flavor??? Naked chips? debm55 Dec 2 #8
Yep! Love 'em. anciano Dec 2 #9
I like naked if using dip Demovictory9 Dec 2 #15
Me too debm55 Dec 3 #64
Lays Classic, no dip. hibbing Dec 2 #51
Thank you, hibbing debm55 Dec 3 #65
Limon NotASurfer Dec 2 #10
Where do you find this flavor. I guess if you like it. I would pass. debm55 Dec 2 #12
Lays has this flavor NotASurfer Dec 2 #20
I see now--would be good with cerveza. Thank you debm55 Dec 2 #21
BBQ. Least fav vinegar. Demovictory9 Dec 2 #11
My second favorite is BBQ. Yummy. debm55 Dec 2 #13
Plain, Salt & Vinegar, BBQ electric_blue68 Dec 2 #14
Thank you, BBQ. Can't do naked chips unless I have dip or kettle chips. debm55 Dec 2 #16
Kettle chips are fun electric_blue68 Dec 2 #17
Have to have them when eating a sandwich, even if they are naked. debm55 Dec 2 #22
Quest BBQ Protein Chips KewlKat Dec 2 #18
Sounds interesting. Where do you find them? Thanks debm55 Dec 2 #19
I have 2 sources I use regularly... KewlKat Dec 2 #31
I haven't heard of Quest, but we live near a Target. TY debm55 Dec 2 #36
Definitely BBQ n/t. airplaneman Dec 2 #23
That's my second choice and kettle chips is a must for eating with tuna sanwiches. debm55 Dec 2 #26
I tend to view potato chips as just a vehicle for getting the dip into my mouth Xavier Breath Dec 2 #24
Thank you XavierBreath. eating the sc and chive chips you don't have to worry about the dip, it's already flavored with debm55 Dec 2 #25
Using a spoon will reduce calories......lol. KewlKat Dec 2 #33
Eww. Xavier Breath Dec 2 #37
My younger brother used to eat.. MiHale Dec 3 #78
Potato. Ocelot II Dec 2 #27
Oh you. -------------------- debm55 Dec 2 #28
Regular ordinary original potato chips. PoindexterOglethorpe Dec 2 #29
Oh you like them naked. sometimes with certain brands the flavor can be offensive and overwhelming. debm55 Dec 2 #38
In my limited sampling, all flavors are offensive. PoindexterOglethorpe Dec 2 #45
Lightly salted. Freshly fried in oil. . . DinahMoeHum Dec 2 #30
Yes, I like naked chips when they are freshing cooked or kettle chips. TY debm55 Dec 2 #39
Plain, but with ripples. I like the ripple/wavy chips because they're stronger. sinkingfeeling Dec 2 #32
Do you use dip with them? Thanks debm55 Dec 2 #40
Me too Freddie Dec 3 #82
Thanks Freddie, Enjoy, debm55 Dec 3 #86
I don't enjoy eating any of the heavily coated chips. yellowdogintexas Dec 3 #119
Thank you, I tried them--to hot for me. I like BBQ but not overly coated. That is why I like the kettle chips too. Ty debm55 Dec 3 #120
Big fan of the Better Made brand from Detroit MichMan Dec 2 #34
OMG, chocolate cover chips. I;m not to far from Detroit--live in SW PA. I am going to check out my store. TY MichMan. debm55 Dec 2 #41
Actually, New Era potato chips, in the tall yellow can... Ninga Dec 3 #123
Thank you, Ninga. Enjoy your chips. debm55 Dec 3 #124
I like potato chips that taste like potatoes. eom Marcus IM Dec 2 #35
Do you use dip or just naked/plain? debm55 Dec 2 #44
Naked, but usually I wear some clothes.lol Marcus IM Dec 3 #55
That is funny TY debm55 Dec 3 #61
yes drill sergeant ! stonecutter357 Dec 2 #50
Salt & vinegar or cheddar & sour cream. Dulcinea Dec 2 #42
That is funny. Same here. debm55 Dec 2 #43
We like plain ole Ruffles. LakeArenal Dec 2 #46
You like them naked? I saw you as a dipper. debm55 Dec 2 #47
Nah.... I'm just a dip!!! LakeArenal Dec 3 #62
That;s funny debm55 Dec 3 #66
Trader Joe Dark Russet is #1....Utz Sour Cream and Onion second NewHendoLib Dec 2 #48
We like Utz chips and pretzels debm55 Dec 3 #67
bhut jolokia /ghost pepper chips and ! stonecutter357 Dec 2 #49
That must be hot. TY debm55 Dec 3 #68
BBQ area51 Dec 2 #52
Thank you, area51 debm55 Dec 3 #69
Same here! Elessar Zappa Dec 3 #53
Thanks Elessar debm55 Dec 3 #70
without a doubt - cheese & onion cabotnn22 Dec 3 #54
Sound good, thank you. debm55 Dec 3 #71
Plain old Lay's Classic. LoisB Dec 3 #56
Thank you LoisB debm55 Dec 3 #72
If pizza Pringles don't count as real chips - kettle cooked jalapeno. Runningdawg Dec 3 #57
You like your chips hot. TY Runningdawg debm55 Dec 3 #73
Chip Choice Squeaky41 Dec 3 #58
Squeaky 41 different choices. Enjoy and TY debm55 Dec 3 #74
Lay's regular, nothing added, thin chip. EOM Scottie Mom Dec 3 #59
Thank you, Scottie Mom debm55 Dec 3 #63
Tim's Cascade Special Batch Wasabi SOteric Dec 3 #60
Thank you, debm55 Dec 3 #75
Salt and vinegar... MiHale Dec 3 #76
Thank you MiHale. Enjoy. debm55 Dec 3 #77
BBQ. nt doc03 Dec 3 #79
Mine two Doc03 debm55 Dec 4 #134
I love Salt & vinegar but I can't eat salt so only get 1 or 2 bags a year. appleannie1 Dec 3 #80
sorry debm55 Dec 4 #135
Ketchup (not the spicy ones) and dark chocolate covered fargone Dec 3 #81
Never had Kethup, i had the chocolate ciover chips and pretzels TY debm55 Dec 4 #136
Middleswarth, from the PA "snack belt" Freddie Dec 3 #83
Thanks freddie, debm55 Dec 3 #88
Yes indeed moniss Dec 3 #93
Always disappointed in Snyder's sourdough pretzels Freddie Dec 3 #108
Oh I like them. Don't like really salty pretzels. I always liked Snyders even as a kid, their BBQ were the best. Hope debm55 Dec 3 #110
Jays rippled moniss Dec 3 #84
I like your post, enjoy your chips, moniss. debm55 Dec 3 #89
steak and chicken flavored but I can't find them anywhere. Wonder Why Dec 3 #85
I have never hearsd of them, duo you think they are regional? debm55 Dec 3 #90
Buzzkill Niagara :) Niagara Dec 3 #87
Sorry, Niagara, but veggies are good too. debm55 Dec 3 #91
Hand over the cauliflower and no one gets hurt! Niagara Dec 3 #97
Do you dip in Yogurt or Hummus? debm55 Dec 3 #98
I generally roast cauliflower in the oven. Niagara Dec 3 #99
Potato. Chips. malthaussen Dec 3 #92
Thank you, malthaussen. Enjoy. debm55 Dec 3 #95
Depends on what they are paired with! bamagal62 Dec 3 #94
That's true. I like kettle chips with sandwich and on their own I like sc and chives. debm55 Dec 3 #96
Ruffled regular or BBQ. Eugene Dec 3 #100
Thank you, Eugene and enjoy debm55 Dec 3 #101
Plain Ruffles and plain lays are my all time favorites P.C.L.D. Dec 3 #102
P,C.L.D. enjoy your new Lays favorite, Sorry about the Chester cheese doritos. TY debm55 Dec 3 #104
This may sound weird but claudette Dec 3 #103
Me too, especially with sandwiches. They have a crunch and great taste. Don't think it is weird at all. TY debm55 Dec 3 #105
Thanks, I agree claudette Dec 4 #126
Honey Dijon closely followed by the now unavailable dickthegrouch Dec 3 #106
I love Blue Diamond Wasabi flavored Almond. It gives them a kick. Haven't tried the Bleu Cheese Almond flaveored. Enjoy debm55 Dec 3 #109
The original thin, crispy and salted Lays chips... Jrose Dec 3 #107
I never tasted that dip before. It sounds wonderful and perfect for plain chips. TY debm55 Dec 3 #111
Even when potato chips are bad, they are still pretty good Shermann Dec 3 #112
Shermann, I love kettle chips. Do they come in flavors? I think i wound stay with the plain. debm55 Dec 3 #113
I've also had had their sea salt and vinegar which is really good Shermann Dec 3 #117
Regular Ruffles with my cottage cheese dip. Just a package of ranch dip mix or onion soup mix in a quart of cottage brewens Dec 3 #114
Sounds good, I'll give it a try. TY debm55 Dec 3 #115
Just let it sit for a few minutes. The onion soup mix will still be a little crunchy but good if you get right brewens Dec 3 #116
Thank you, I will give it a try. debm55 Dec 3 #121
Do you put the cottage cheese in the blender Freddie Dec 4 #127
Nope. Just dump the ranch or onion soup mix in and stir. It is really just as good as the sour cream to me. brewens Dec 4 #129
Miss Vickie's Jalapeno; runner up is Salt & Vinegar yellowdogintexas Dec 3 #118
You can't get them anywhere else? Enjoy. debm55 Dec 3 #122
oh yes I can get them lots of places, but I don't eat chips often so having these yellowdogintexas Dec 4 #130
Thank you. debm55 Dec 4 #131
Hawaiian brand Sweet Maui onion kettle style. I think you can find them at Target. yum ... nt Hotler Dec 4 #125
Those sound good. Thank you and enjoy. debm55 Dec 4 #128
Lay's Flamin' Hot Jeebo Dec 4 #132
Sound really good and hot / TY debm55 Dec 4 #133
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