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9. We're in our 80s and stopped years ago. Hubby hated putting it up as he had converted to Judaism years ago and only did
Mon Dec 4, 2023, 03:16 PM
Dec 2023

it to please me.we always had a real tree for the lovely scent. I liked having all the ornaments from past Christmases on the tree, very sentimental. But as II grew older I saw his point and gave my collection of ornaments to my daughter and she had them for her tree and 3 girls. I don't know where they are now, since the girls are grown and out of the house. It's a bit sad but that's part of life I guess.

Real. n/t FSogol Dec 2023 #1
thank you debm55 Dec 2023 #3
We're doing both PJMcK Dec 2023 #2
Thank you PJMcK, Happy cutting. debm55 Dec 2023 #4
Fraser fir for me. More natural than trimmed. LakeArenal Dec 2023 #5
We prefer an artificial tree 🎄 anciano Dec 2023 #6
I wish I could have a real tree. My past experiences with them were not that great as the cats would climb and needles debm55 Dec 2023 #7
We wish Jilly_in_VA Dec 2023 #8
We're in our 80s and stopped years ago. Hubby hated putting it up as he had converted to Judaism years ago and only did CTyankee Dec 2023 #9
Thank you, you can get some very realistic fake trees. It was the smell that I would react to, that really changed the debm55 Dec 2023 #10
To be honest... OldBaldy1701E Dec 2023 #11
Thank you OldBaldy1701E, Did you get your outside finished? debm55 Dec 2023 #18
T'was inside, and I sure did, thanks! OldBaldy1701E Dec 2023 #21
I absolutely put up an artificial tree. Niagara Dec 2023 #12
Me too eyes water and nose runs around real trees. debm55 Dec 2023 #19
The fake tree is in the attic nitpicked Dec 2023 #13
You got that right. TY debm55 Dec 2023 #20
Fake for me nitpicked Dec 2023 #14
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2023 #15
Welcome to DU Jglin. William769 Dec 2023 #22
What happened? debm55 Dec 2023 #60
This person was a previously banned troll. William769 Dec 2023 #61
Thank you William769, i didn't see it until a little while ago. debm55 Dec 2023 #64
Sorry about your dad, I like decorations in the house. You sister's house does sound festive. debm55 Dec 2023 #23
Real-- I love that pine smell ailsagirl Dec 2023 #16
You are lucky, I can't to real because of the pine, TY debm55 Dec 2023 #24
This was when I was young--haven't had a tree... ailsagirl Dec 2023 #28
Thanks ailsagirl. debm55 Dec 2023 #30
Fake. And small. Paladin Dec 2023 #17
I hear you Paladin. Gave my 8 large trees and boxes of themed ornaments to GoodWill. debm55 Dec 2023 #25
I prefer real but... happybird Dec 2023 #26
happybird, they are giving the tree the eye. debm55 Dec 2023 #31
Leo was such a good boy! happybird Dec 2023 #34
Oh I am sorry that he passed. You will always have Leo's memories. debm55 Dec 2023 #36
Cat-proof. Ocelot II Dec 2023 #27
If you have cats tree must be cat proof. and the decorations too. debm55 Dec 2023 #32
Fake only - we had an incident when i was younger rurallib Dec 2023 #29
Your house caught on fire!! Oh my, I hope everyone was okay. debm55 Dec 2023 #33
not quite - some bulbs shorted but someone was right there rurallib Dec 2023 #35
Good no one was hurt. Love your idea of the boxes covered with fake snow and the little houses with trees. I sounds debm55 Dec 2023 #39
Used to hate fake.... Nictuku Dec 2023 #37
Beautiful post Nictuku and a testament to your love for your mother. The egg ornaments sound very unique.As my relatives debm55 Dec 2023 #40
I absolutely LOVE Ukrainian Egg decorations!! Nictuku Dec 2023 #45
Are you going to buy her one? I tried to make them at various times in my life . They turned out like crap. They are debm55 Dec 2023 #48
I don't think either one of us is up for trying to make them Nictuku Dec 2023 #50
It would be a great gift , but you might be cutting it close. You might want to check it there is a Ukranian group in debm55 Dec 2023 #53
Oh, you're a Ukie! 👍 I'm half... electric_blue68 Dec 2023 #67
Same here. Father's family was from the Black sea area and mother's was from Ukrainan/Russia. They were my great debm55 Dec 2023 #69
I prefer real but my allergies say no. Elessar Zappa Dec 2023 #38
I am in the same boat. Yes, fake it is. debm55 Dec 2023 #41
Fake tree. chouchou Dec 2023 #42
Agree. debm55 Dec 2023 #43
This year we are just putting out our little 12" ceramic xmas tree. beaglelover Dec 2023 #44
Yes. I heard of them Would be so convenient. We added on a room with a 12 ft ceiling. The tree was massive and fake debm55 Dec 2023 #46
Real as opposed to virtual? Srkdqltr Dec 2023 #47
HAHAHAHAH No real as opposed to fake branches, No sawing the stem it get in to fit the container of water, no trimming debm55 Dec 2023 #49
Couldn't resist. Srkdqltr Dec 2023 #55
I have never heard of a circular tree. Could you post a picture of it? debm55 Dec 2023 #57
I don't know how to post url's. It's called "Christmas Tree Fully Decorated" Srkdqltr Dec 2023 #62
Mine are a mixture. I took pine cones and painted them with aluminum paint then put them in the ground. Now I sell Wonder Why Dec 2023 #51
okay, Santa put you on his naughty list---------------- debm55 Dec 2023 #54
Definitely real Bayard Dec 2023 #52
Your tree sounds beautiful. You could get one of those room gates to block her when you are not in the room. debm55 Dec 2023 #56
Real, usually chopped down at a tree farm Freddie Dec 2023 #58
Freddie, sorry about your husband. I hope is gets to felling better soon. I love a local farm where they have pick your debm55 Dec 2023 #59
Fake ProfessorGAC Dec 2023 #63
Did your uncle survive? How very sad. I am sorry ProfessorGAC. What a horrible thing to have happen. I remember debm55 Dec 2023 #65
Everybody Was Unhurt ProfessorGAC Dec 2023 #66
Yes, I do. I am very glad no one was killed . Because back then it did happen if the tree was too dry or the bulbs were debm55 Dec 2023 #68
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