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38. They need to expand that 12-team bracket to a 16-team bracket
Thu Dec 7, 2023, 12:39 AM
Dec 7

The bracket I have seen gives the top four teams a bye into the second round.

The ideal bracket would look like the NHRA Ladder: the 16 cars that make it to Sunday are all in the first round, then 8, then 4, then 2. Seeding would be the ten conference champions plus the six best teams that weren't conference champions.

It sucks. Florida should be there, they have the record.............................. Lovie777 Dec 5 #1
Sounds like Medicare Advantage, gab13by13 Dec 5 #3
Until insurance company decides something is too expensive & denies coverage EYESORE 9001 Dec 5 #4
Ron DeSantis' fantasy meatball league Blue Owl Dec 5 #35
Yeah, going by the rules gab13by13 Dec 5 #2
College football is an entertainment business. Financially, it makes more sense to put in the teams that will draw more Ferrets are Cool Dec 5 #5
Exactly this Docreed2003 Dec 5 #7
It doesn't matter now to anyone but the FSU and Alabama football players. NCIndie Dec 5 #10
It matters a LOT to the advertisers. Ferrets are Cool Dec 5 #22
You misinterpreted my post. NCIndie Dec 5 #24
They are punishing the whole team Emile Dec 5 #6
Injuries are part of the game. calguy Dec 5 #9
Really??? Just imagine... Geezoh Dec 5 #17
That's not how it works in professional sports. calguy Dec 5 #20
They need to expand that 12-team bracket to a 16-team bracket jmowreader Dec 7 #38
You cannot not logically compare pro vs amateur. They are run by different organizations and interests. Ferrets are Cool Dec 5 #23
Not just any player. NCIndie Dec 5 #25
Each player on the team are important. The Emile Dec 5 #30
They aren't going. NCIndie Dec 5 #31
Seriously? I point out injustice and you are Emile Dec 5 #33
Sorry. That was pretty offensive on my part. NCIndie Dec 5 #36
The selection committee used Samuel Alito's definition of precedent 303squadron Dec 5 #8
Unlike the Supreme Court, the NCAA is in the entertainment business. NCIndie Dec 5 #11
The committees decision was wrong 303squadron Dec 5 #21
Strength of schedule had something to do with it as well... Wounded Bear Dec 5 #12
The committee's decision is 100% correct. They executed their charge to the letter. NCIndie Dec 5 #13
The selection committee had to make a tough call. House of Roberts Dec 5 #14
Next year, number of teams in CFP increases. That will help avoid this. But Fla State and Georgia playing in Silent Type Dec 5 #15
I was running errands yesterday and was listening to a sports call in show for a bit rurallib Dec 5 #16
Defense still wins championships... Geezoh Dec 5 #18
I quit watching football a few years ago gratuitous Dec 5 #19
I have no quarrel with Michigan. Washington, and Texas being 3/4 of the CFP bracket. Different Drummer Dec 5 #26
Of all the problems that the nation and world is facing today, whether FSU goes to the playoffs is Chainfire Dec 5 #27
I say they ruined New Years Day for this shit. That was for me the greatest sports day of the year. I never cared if brewens Dec 5 #28
Ohio State in 2014 Tom Kitten Dec 5 #29
+1 Emile Dec 5 #34
You can't do better than winning ALL your games. Jeebo Dec 5 #32
At least we will be spared seeing that tomahawk chop and the hohoho crap. retread Dec 6 #37
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