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24. I don't decorate a tree
Thu Dec 7, 2023, 12:57 AM
Dec 7

WAY too many bad memories. Way too many years when I worked on that day.

One of my few good memories of Christmas happened in Berlin. Our workspace was on top of a mountain. We had a LOT of electronics that had to be kept cool, so we didn't have a furnace - and as a result the whole building was extremely cold.

I'm walking into work Christmas Eve at 11:15 pm and my battalion commander, Lt. Colonel John Burns, was standing there greeting us before we went up to the workspace. I was well known for some interesting writings that I had done, so the colonel's greeting to me was "Sergeant, make sure you're good this evening. Remember, bad boys get coal in their stockings." I looked at him and said, "Sir, don't let that get around. As cold as it is in here, coal sounds like a pretty good present." He enjoyed that. Great guy.

Angels and Animals Jilly_in_VA Dec 4 #1
I am so sorry Jilly_in_VA . angels and animals sound great. I had a cat and dog tree in one room. Your ex seems like a debm55 Dec 4 #3
Small tree leftieNanner Dec 4 #2
leftieNanner, sounds beautiful. Thank you. PS I don't know how to post pictures either or stuff from YouTube. debm55 Dec 4 #5
Go to this site. OldBaldy1701E Dec 4 #7
Thanks do you know how to do songs and such from YouTube??? Thank you. debm55 Dec 4 #10
Yes. OldBaldy1701E Dec 5 #19
Thank You!!!!! debm55 Dec 5 #20
Just went to Post images they have a new step, before the line you need to copy shows up Walleye Dec 7 #27
A constantly changing mixture PJMcK Dec 4 #4
So it's like a memory tree. How wonderful. Your day of decorating sounds fun. Enjoy. debm55 Dec 4 #6
I change it up each year. OldBaldy1701E Dec 4 #8
Very nice, Is it up now? debm55 Dec 4 #9
Mom always had a flocked tree with different color schemes each year. White lights, pink ornaments, silver garland or, Hotler Dec 4 #11
Hotler, that sounds beautiful, You mother sounded very creative and talented. Do you still decorate the tree that way? debm55 Dec 4 #13
No. I'm an only kid and have no kids and everybody has passed on. Hotler Dec 5 #16
A little cajun BOSSHOG Dec 4 #12
I like it debm55 Dec 7 #26
Once upon a time mnhtnbb Dec 4 #14
Sorry about the fire. I hope no one was hurt. I like your idea of putting it the closet with the ornaments on. That is a debm55 Dec 5 #18
All people and pets were safe mnhtnbb Dec 5 #23
Beautiful debm55 Dec 7 #28
Theme? Ocelot II Dec 4 #15
I did----Victorian theme with dusty pink and lace ornaments. disney tree, Vintage Santa, Polar animals. Silver and debm55 Dec 5 #17
Ornaments we've gotten over the years. Elessar Zappa Dec 5 #21
I still use the Nordic ornaments I made on my small tree. son's ornaments are in a box. The rest went to GoodWill-trees debm55 Dec 5 #22
I don't decorate a tree jmowreader Dec 7 #24
Sorry jmowreader, wish it would have been better for you. But now, I am wishing you a Happy Holiday. debm55 Dec 7 #25
We ask: umroman Dec 7 #29
That's funny debm55 Dec 7 #30
Our tree is eclectic Freddie Dec 7 #31
Thank you Freddie, A tree full of memories. debm55 Dec 7 #33
Homemade ornaments that friends, children and other family members have made. appleannie1 Dec 7 #32
appleannie1---your tree sounds wonderful and full of memories. TY debm55 Dec 7 #34
I have had probably ten themed trees. LakeArenal Dec 7 #35
You sound like me. But I had my all set up at the same time. I did have some Chritopher Radko that I got from QVC, Never debm55 Dec 7 #36
I had tons. At least 40. LakeArenal Dec 7 #39
Got that right--same with the ornaments, and other decorations debm55 Dec 7 #40
My dad was generally not a gift giver. LakeArenal Dec 8 #41
TY debm55 Dec 8 #42
No trees. Cats would claim it in seconds. GreenWave Dec 7 #37
Sorry GreenWave. Happy Holidays. debm55 Dec 7 #38
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