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In reply to the discussion: What is it about *60*? [View all]
What is it about *60*? [View all] qwlauren35 Feb 25 OP
I remember feeling like I hit some kind of MOMFUDSKI Feb 25 #1
60 is the new 50. NCDem47 Feb 25 #2
Yes. Turning 70 in June and it's.... sobering nt Nittersing Feb 25 #21
I hit 71 in November and find that I don't think about it much at all. GoodRaisin Feb 26 #42
Chuck Jones who drew the Bugs Bunny characters said: Walleye Feb 25 #3
Bingo. Ocelot II Feb 25 #7
I'm 69 and feel the same as I did at 60 padfun Feb 25 #4
Lol tazkcmo Feb 25 #9
60 isn't quite so bad to those of us calguy Feb 25 #5
Research indicates that those in their 60s True Dough Feb 25 #6
It's a b.... To get old. Youth is wasted on the young. LakeArenal Feb 25 #8
I worked in retirement community for 4 years. tazkcmo Feb 25 #11
"carving and serving the guests" Bayard Feb 25 #20
Hilarious! tazkcmo Feb 25 #36
It all depends on the person Polybius Feb 25 #10
Use block font. tazkcmo Feb 25 #12
Lol Polybius Feb 25 #13
I feel ya. happybird Feb 25 #17
I remember telling my dad that he was a half a MOMFUDSKI Feb 25 #19
I had a meltdown the day after my 29th birthday dickthegrouch Feb 25 #23
Mentally I still feel young BlueKota Feb 25 #14
For me it was 40... rogerballard Feb 25 #15
I'm glad I got to 61! Goddessartist Feb 25 #16
Me too. GoodRaisin Feb 26 #43
Wow we go through Goddessartist Feb 26 #44
The journey is the exciting part. Enjoy each and every day and... cayugafalls Feb 25 #18
i turn 70 in august. i'm shocked almost every time i look in the mirror. mopinko Feb 25 #22
As am I, each time I look in the mirror Xavier Breath Feb 25 #28
Age didn't bother me until I hit 75 last year. Fla Dem Feb 25 #24
I know how you feel. I'm 59. Earth-shine Feb 25 #25
My friend turned 60 last year RSherman Feb 25 #26
Your last line is 100% true. Boomerproud Feb 25 #31
For sure it's not easy out there! RSherman Feb 25 #33
60 is the new 40 BlueInID Feb 25 #27
How old would you think you are, if you didn't know when you were born? Croney Feb 25 #29
45'ish qwlauren35 Feb 25 #34
SMH. limbicnuminousity Feb 25 #30
As a more elderly person, I recommend seeing how many centuries old I am. GreenWave Feb 25 #32
It's true. You don't look a day over zero. Iggo Feb 25 #40
I had a great 60th birthday but after that day I've been freaked out by it. NoSheep Feb 25 #35
I will let you know this August Redleg Feb 25 #37
I don't remember turning 60, but I was that age when I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. sinkingfeeling Feb 25 #38
I hated turning 30, I am from the generation that can't trust anybody over 30, cksmithy Feb 25 #39
My problem with turning sixty will come with very specific reasons. Aristus Feb 25 #41
You get a new boss. Wolf Frankula Feb 26 #45
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