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67. Take care of yourself!
Fri Mar 22, 2024, 10:38 PM
Mar 2024

Drink lots of liquids, eat a lot of juicy food, like fruit, soup, jello. Taking care of yourself will take you mind off your loss, and give you time to get used to everything that's going on. Be nice to yourself!

Holy Shit. [View all] LuckyCharms Mar 2024 OP
... alwaysinasnit Mar 2024 #1
You'll do anything Snoopy 7 Mar 2024 #59
Most of us will do anything to get out of our pants. Niagara Mar 2024 #80
... RKP5637 Mar 2024 #2
Yea, that qualifies as a BAD day, for sure!!! Siwsan Mar 2024 #3
So sorry to hear of your troubles LuckyCharms! RainCaster Mar 2024 #4
Lucky Charms, why didn't they keep you in the hospital? Please be careful. We love you. debm55 Mar 2024 #5
Healing thoughts XanaDUer2 Mar 2024 #6
Holy shit! Is right! Diamond_Dog Mar 2024 #7
Very sad to hear this. Hope you get better soon. underpants Mar 2024 #8
... KarenS Mar 2024 #9
Oh Lucky, all the best to you. Take care. yorkster Mar 2024 #10
My goodness! I sure hope things get better for you. LoisB Mar 2024 #11
... ms liberty Mar 2024 #12
Hope it gets better Lucky. Duncanpup Mar 2024 #13
Hang in there and stay positive. This too shall pass. flashman13 Mar 2024 #14
Pooping blood sucks. Hang in. Battle back. Guard your mental health too. Best to you. twodogsbarking Mar 2024 #15
On the bright side, you didn't bleed to death. Get well. OverBurn Mar 2024 #16
Bestof luck to you! world wide wally Mar 2024 #17
When I remove any IV.... FarPoint Mar 2024 #18
Holy shit and then BittyJenkins Mar 2024 #19
Oh no! ShazzieB Mar 2024 #45
I was lucky BittyJenkins Mar 2024 #83
Daayyyuummm! OldBaldy1701E Mar 2024 #20
Omg! So sorry. Glad you are ok. Joinfortmill Mar 2024 #21
Thinking GREEN for you! Green is the color of health, healing, and renewal. calimary Mar 2024 #22
Everything that helps keep us n a more positive frame of mind helps! niyad Mar 2024 #49
Oh my gosh, please take care and keep us posted. StarryNite Mar 2024 #23
I was mad I_UndergroundPanther Mar 2024 #24
Holy Shit is right! 2naSalit Mar 2024 #25
Time to get out from behind the... Harker Mar 2024 #26
Holy Fuck! Damn! Glad you're alive! nt TeamProg Mar 2024 #27
think beautiful thoughts et tu Mar 2024 #28
Sending you love happybird Mar 2024 #29
Blood thinners usually mean pressure bandages Warpy Mar 2024 #30
As others have said, holy shit.......here's hoping you're back to "normal" as soon as possible..... a kennedy Mar 2024 #31
Sounds Horrifying -- Glad You Made It Through OK FrankTC Mar 2024 #32
Holy Shit! Niagara Mar 2024 #33
OMG murielm99 Mar 2024 #34
eek. AllaN01Bear Mar 2024 #35
OMG!! What a horrible, frightening experience. Fla Dem Mar 2024 #36
Sweet Jesus. 😲 1WorldHope Mar 2024 #37
Similar experience here. Be careful with yourself. Kid gloves, that sort of thing. You deserve it! keopeli Mar 2024 #38
I am so sorry for your loss, LuckyCharms. sheshe2 Mar 2024 #39
What a nightmare. You might need a transfusion if you lost that much blood. Liberty Belle Mar 2024 #40
Sorry what you are going through. Get better soon. JohnSJ Mar 2024 #41
we joke here at home that it looks like a crime scene when I get a paper cut - TBF Mar 2024 #42
O.M.G.!!! AmBlue Mar 2024 #43
So sorry....take good care democrank Mar 2024 #44
Holding you in love and light, with vibes for swift recovery and healing. niyad Mar 2024 #46
Hope in a matter of days you are feeling better people Mar 2024 #47
Holy shit indeed! MLAA Mar 2024 #48
#3 and #4 Niagara Mar 2024 #81
Please hang in there, LC. Sending hugs and hopes that you'll come out of this healed. ancianita Mar 2024 #50
Morphine yankee87 Mar 2024 #51
If you need to show you pics or talk, PM me...I am so sorry for what is happening to you. Demsrule86 Mar 2024 #52
I had diverticulitis at the end of January 2021. I feel your pain. I thought I had appendicitis. Hopefully the beaglelover Mar 2024 #53
Get better soon! H2O Man Mar 2024 #54
So sorry for your loss & awful experience in the ER. CrispyQ Mar 2024 #55
I can relate, my DUfriend.... Hope the situ has resolved quick and finally. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2024 #56
Get well soon. nt sl8 Mar 2024 #57
I am so sorry!! chowder66 Mar 2024 #58
I'm so sorry, LuckyCharms, both for your loss and the health problems. And I'm upset that highplainsdem Mar 2024 #60
That sucks, LC. LudwigPastorius Mar 2024 #61
Glad you're mostly OK. Diverticulitis sucks. Husband has it. Solly Mack Mar 2024 #62
((((Lucky))))...hugs bud. MiHale Mar 2024 #63
praying for healing blessings mdmc Mar 2024 #64
THE END?!? True Dough Mar 2024 #65
Damn lucky, Lucky...holy cow. Get some rest, friend! cayugafalls Mar 2024 #66
Take care of yourself! Marthe48 Mar 2024 #67
Here's to better days. czarjak Mar 2024 #68
Holy shit is right! I do hope you are OK LC! Hoping for full recovery CousinIT Mar 2024 #69
Walloped, wow. JudyM Mar 2024 #70
Wow, I am so sorry. Please be better soon. Big hugs, gentle hugs. crickets Mar 2024 #71
Omg bdamomma Mar 2024 #72
I'm so sorry! Trueblue Texan Mar 2024 #73
Thanks everyone for your kind words. LuckyCharms Mar 2024 #74
Right back at ya! Niagara Mar 2024 #82
I hope things smooth out for you. That sounds really hard and I am sorry. Maraya1969 Mar 2024 #75
Hoping you feel better soon. Take care. virgdem Mar 2024 #76
Holy shit is an understatement. Hope you're going to be OK and very sorry to hear of your loss. ED Evolve Dammit Mar 2024 #77
Holy shit! Kinda says it all. Ocelot II Mar 2024 #78
Please check in with us frequently Danascot Mar 2024 #79
OMGawd! They should have known about the thinners! pandr32 Mar 2024 #84
Holy Shit. n/t malthaussen Mar 2024 #85
Just think, you will not have to donate blood for a while to lower your iron level. LiberalArkie Mar 2024 #86
How are you today? malaise Mar 2024 #87
Badddd LuckyCharms Mar 2024 #89
Hi my friend malaise Mar 2024 #91
I hope they gave you transfusions. BigmanPigman Mar 2024 #88
I'm sorry BigmanPigman. LuckyCharms Mar 2024 #90
Wow, how awful Wicked Blue Mar 2024 #92
Glad you were well enough to post TdeV Mar 2024 #93
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