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90. I'm sorry BigmanPigman.
Sat Mar 23, 2024, 02:37 PM
Mar 2024

I hear you about getting worn out. I hope you feel better.

I'm thinking they should have admitted me.

Holy Shit. [View all] LuckyCharms Mar 2024 OP
... alwaysinasnit Mar 2024 #1
You'll do anything Snoopy 7 Mar 2024 #59
Most of us will do anything to get out of our pants. Niagara Mar 2024 #80
... RKP5637 Mar 2024 #2
Yea, that qualifies as a BAD day, for sure!!! Siwsan Mar 2024 #3
So sorry to hear of your troubles LuckyCharms! RainCaster Mar 2024 #4
Lucky Charms, why didn't they keep you in the hospital? Please be careful. We love you. debm55 Mar 2024 #5
Healing thoughts XanaDUer2 Mar 2024 #6
Holy shit! Is right! Diamond_Dog Mar 2024 #7
Very sad to hear this. Hope you get better soon. underpants Mar 2024 #8
... KarenS Mar 2024 #9
Oh Lucky, all the best to you. Take care. yorkster Mar 2024 #10
My goodness! I sure hope things get better for you. LoisB Mar 2024 #11
... ms liberty Mar 2024 #12
Hope it gets better Lucky. Duncanpup Mar 2024 #13
Hang in there and stay positive. This too shall pass. flashman13 Mar 2024 #14
Pooping blood sucks. Hang in. Battle back. Guard your mental health too. Best to you. twodogsbarking Mar 2024 #15
On the bright side, you didn't bleed to death. Get well. OverBurn Mar 2024 #16
Bestof luck to you! world wide wally Mar 2024 #17
When I remove any IV.... FarPoint Mar 2024 #18
Holy shit and then BittyJenkins Mar 2024 #19
Oh no! ShazzieB Mar 2024 #45
I was lucky BittyJenkins Mar 2024 #83
Daayyyuummm! OldBaldy1701E Mar 2024 #20
Omg! So sorry. Glad you are ok. Joinfortmill Mar 2024 #21
Thinking GREEN for you! Green is the color of health, healing, and renewal. calimary Mar 2024 #22
Everything that helps keep us n a more positive frame of mind helps! niyad Mar 2024 #49
Oh my gosh, please take care and keep us posted. StarryNite Mar 2024 #23
I was mad I_UndergroundPanther Mar 2024 #24
Holy Shit is right! 2naSalit Mar 2024 #25
Time to get out from behind the... Harker Mar 2024 #26
Holy Fuck! Damn! Glad you're alive! nt TeamProg Mar 2024 #27
think beautiful thoughts et tu Mar 2024 #28
Sending you love happybird Mar 2024 #29
Blood thinners usually mean pressure bandages Warpy Mar 2024 #30
As others have said, holy shit.......here's hoping you're back to "normal" as soon as possible..... a kennedy Mar 2024 #31
Sounds Horrifying -- Glad You Made It Through OK FrankTC Mar 2024 #32
Holy Shit! Niagara Mar 2024 #33
OMG murielm99 Mar 2024 #34
eek. AllaN01Bear Mar 2024 #35
OMG!! What a horrible, frightening experience. Fla Dem Mar 2024 #36
Sweet Jesus. 😲 1WorldHope Mar 2024 #37
Similar experience here. Be careful with yourself. Kid gloves, that sort of thing. You deserve it! keopeli Mar 2024 #38
I am so sorry for your loss, LuckyCharms. sheshe2 Mar 2024 #39
What a nightmare. You might need a transfusion if you lost that much blood. Liberty Belle Mar 2024 #40
Sorry what you are going through. Get better soon. JohnSJ Mar 2024 #41
we joke here at home that it looks like a crime scene when I get a paper cut - TBF Mar 2024 #42
O.M.G.!!! AmBlue Mar 2024 #43
So sorry....take good care democrank Mar 2024 #44
Holding you in love and light, with vibes for swift recovery and healing. niyad Mar 2024 #46
Hope in a matter of days you are feeling better people Mar 2024 #47
Holy shit indeed! MLAA Mar 2024 #48
#3 and #4 Niagara Mar 2024 #81
Please hang in there, LC. Sending hugs and hopes that you'll come out of this healed. ancianita Mar 2024 #50
Morphine yankee87 Mar 2024 #51
If you need to show you pics or talk, PM me...I am so sorry for what is happening to you. Demsrule86 Mar 2024 #52
I had diverticulitis at the end of January 2021. I feel your pain. I thought I had appendicitis. Hopefully the beaglelover Mar 2024 #53
Get better soon! H2O Man Mar 2024 #54
So sorry for your loss & awful experience in the ER. CrispyQ Mar 2024 #55
I can relate, my DUfriend.... Hope the situ has resolved quick and finally. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2024 #56
Get well soon. nt sl8 Mar 2024 #57
I am so sorry!! chowder66 Mar 2024 #58
I'm so sorry, LuckyCharms, both for your loss and the health problems. And I'm upset that highplainsdem Mar 2024 #60
That sucks, LC. LudwigPastorius Mar 2024 #61
Glad you're mostly OK. Diverticulitis sucks. Husband has it. Solly Mack Mar 2024 #62
((((Lucky))))...hugs bud. MiHale Mar 2024 #63
praying for healing blessings mdmc Mar 2024 #64
THE END?!? True Dough Mar 2024 #65
Damn lucky, Lucky...holy cow. Get some rest, friend! cayugafalls Mar 2024 #66
Take care of yourself! Marthe48 Mar 2024 #67
Here's to better days. czarjak Mar 2024 #68
Holy shit is right! I do hope you are OK LC! Hoping for full recovery CousinIT Mar 2024 #69
Walloped, wow. JudyM Mar 2024 #70
Wow, I am so sorry. Please be better soon. Big hugs, gentle hugs. crickets Mar 2024 #71
Omg bdamomma Mar 2024 #72
I'm so sorry! Trueblue Texan Mar 2024 #73
Thanks everyone for your kind words. LuckyCharms Mar 2024 #74
Right back at ya! Niagara Mar 2024 #82
I hope things smooth out for you. That sounds really hard and I am sorry. Maraya1969 Mar 2024 #75
Hoping you feel better soon. Take care. virgdem Mar 2024 #76
Holy shit is an understatement. Hope you're going to be OK and very sorry to hear of your loss. ED Evolve Dammit Mar 2024 #77
Holy shit! Kinda says it all. Ocelot II Mar 2024 #78
Please check in with us frequently Danascot Mar 2024 #79
OMGawd! They should have known about the thinners! pandr32 Mar 2024 #84
Holy Shit. n/t malthaussen Mar 2024 #85
Just think, you will not have to donate blood for a while to lower your iron level. LiberalArkie Mar 2024 #86
How are you today? malaise Mar 2024 #87
Badddd LuckyCharms Mar 2024 #89
Hi my friend malaise Mar 2024 #91
I hope they gave you transfusions. BigmanPigman Mar 2024 #88
I'm sorry BigmanPigman. LuckyCharms Mar 2024 #90
Wow, how awful Wicked Blue Mar 2024 #92
Glad you were well enough to post TdeV Mar 2024 #93
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