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Train in vain by the clash unblock Mar 30 #1
Ok, good, there's another. I'll take your word for it. WestMichRad Mar 30 #2
It's actually a very standard vanilla pop rock song. unblock Mar 30 #6
Unchained Melody we can do it Mar 30 #3
by the Righteous Brothers WestMichRad Mar 30 #16
Everything but Stairway to Heaven by Zepplin. It seems that way anyway. The Wanton Song is one. brewens Mar 30 #4
Or whole lotta love. But you're right they have a few. Immigrant song for instance unblock Mar 30 #8
Good point about their songs! WestMichRad Mar 30 #15
Most (if not all) songs by New Order AZSkiffyGeek Mar 30 #5
That's a band I've never heard of! WestMichRad Mar 30 #14
Beethoven fifth Alpeduez21 Mar 30 #7
Hey, I limited this to songs of the past half century or so! WestMichRad Mar 30 #11
Sorry I glossed over that stipulation Alpeduez21 Mar 30 #18
That's okay, no penalties here! WestMichRad Mar 30 #19
positively 4th street/rainy day women #12 & 35 msongs Mar 30 #9
Good one! WestMichRad Mar 30 #12
Would "Temporary Like Achilles" count? nt thucythucy Mar 30 #56
Lost for Words - Pink Floyd Doc_Technical Mar 30 #10
That's an appropriate title! WestMichRad Mar 30 #13
New York Mining Disaster 1941 - Bee Gees Doc_Technical Mar 30 #17
Whoa, that's one I haven't heard in ages WestMichRad Mar 30 #22
Lover's Concerto by the Toys and Stargleamer Mar 30 #20
Good two! WestMichRad Mar 30 #24
Legend of a Mind - The Moody Blues Doc_Technical Mar 30 #21
Ah, the Timothy Leary song WestMichRad Mar 30 #23
Iris Diamond_Dog Mar 30 #25
59th Street Bridge Song madamesilverspurs Mar 30 #26
Deja Vu - Crosby Stills Nash and Young Doc_Technical Mar 30 #27
Sympathy for the Devil--Rolling Stones. pandr32 Mar 30 #28
Punky's Dilemma 4TheArts Mar 30 #29
Excellent! WestMichRad Mar 30 #31
Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict - Pink Floyd Doc_Technical Mar 30 #30
Hahaha! WestMichRad Mar 30 #32
Inca Roads - by Frank Zappa JoseBalow Mar 30 #33
I bet there's more such songs by FZ! WestMichRad Mar 30 #35
Yes, lots more - and not even counting the many instrumentals, of course JoseBalow Mar 30 #38
Well, instrumentals, being devoid of any lyrics... WestMichRad Mar 30 #46
Ya, that was kind of my point LOL! JoseBalow Mar 30 #50
Baba Oriley by The Who cos dem Mar 30 #34
And why the heck did they give it that title? WestMichRad Mar 30 #36
TY everyone for keeping me entertained this evening! WestMichRad Mar 30 #37
"Subterranean Homesick Blues"...Bob Dylan..1965 Tikki Mar 30 #39
I was gonna post mdmc Mar 30 #52
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Gruenemann Mar 30 #40
A Day in the Life Ptah Mar 30 #41
The Caves of Altamira - Steely Dan ClimateHawk Mar 30 #42
Flowers of Guatemala- REM. This is a really *beautifil* song. underpants Mar 30 #43
I just had to look up the lyrics to that one. WestMichRad Mar 30 #45
Lifes Rich Pageant is my favorite REM album. Dulcinea Mar 30 #58
Rejoyce - Jefferson Airplane Doc_Technical Mar 30 #44
"Political science" by Randy Newman Walleye Mar 30 #47
What's Up - 4 Non Blondes padfun Mar 30 #48
I got 3 from Led Zeppelin and 1 from Black Sabbath Niagara Mar 30 #49
"Roads To Moscow," Al Stewart lastlib Mar 30 #51
Brain Damage - Pink Floyd strongermessage Mar 30 #53
You will not True Dough Mar 30 #54
Bohemian Rhapsody n/t mia Mar 30 #55
"Jumpers" thucythucy Mar 30 #57
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" Nirvana n/t Upthevibe Mar 30 #59
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