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5. I love
Thu Apr 11, 2024, 02:09 PM
Apr 2024

walks in the rain!

Hope you get out in it! Or at least listen to it falling on leaves or even your roof! Cozy!!

Good advice! Easterncedar Apr 2024 #1
It is not good advice. I was hiking on Sunday. I stepped in fox poop. 3Hotdogs Apr 2024 #8
Fox poop cilla4progress Apr 2024 #27
I volunteer in the local (N.J.) swamp. There is fox poop, raccoon poop, muskrat poop and Great Blue Heron poop. 3Hotdogs Apr 2024 #41
Cool! cilla4progress Apr 2024 #43
Now that sounds like the beginning of a good story. 3Hotdogs Apr 2024 #44
I keep stressing to people the moniss Apr 2024 #2
Yes! cilla4progress Apr 2024 #3
It's raining 🌧 today. Emile Apr 2024 #4
I love cilla4progress Apr 2024 #5
Will Your Next Prescription Be 20 Minutes of Nature a Day? erronis Apr 2024 #6
Yes! cilla4progress Apr 2024 #7
Absolutely. And it can just be sitting in a quiet space and listening. erronis Apr 2024 #9
Wonderful - cilla4progress Apr 2024 #10
I always recommend Green Therapy! 🌳🌷 electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #30
I can hear nature trying to enter through our skylight. SleeplessinSoCal Apr 2024 #11
Nature can be wonderful, beautiful. But it also gives us our problems such as aging and diseases. erronis Apr 2024 #13
Where I live, there's this thing called weather that doesn't always cooperate. ShazzieB Apr 2024 #12
Well, cilla4progress Apr 2024 #14
Absolutely! ShazzieB Apr 2024 #15
Wonderful! cilla4progress Apr 2024 #17
Did that yesterday Warpy Apr 2024 #16
I've always been intrigued with NM, cilla4progress Apr 2024 #18
The wanderlust years? Warpy Apr 2024 #19
It really is a nice state. Elessar Zappa Apr 2024 #21
Well, I love Wentachee and that area GenThePerservering Apr 2024 #20
Glad you love it here! cilla4progress Apr 2024 #23
I love New Mexico Bayard Apr 2024 #32
I traveled through NM to get to AZ, Flagstaff... electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #33
I love NM too - grew up back east womanofthehills Apr 2024 #42
Sounds beautiful. electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #45
I have a plot in the community garden pfitz59 Apr 2024 #22
Sweet and salty here. mentalsolstice Apr 2024 #24
Ecstatic - cilla4progress Apr 2024 #25
Sounds very relaxing. The first time I ever row boated was ... electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #35
Great idea, and good suggestion wendyb-NC Apr 2024 #26
As though everything's just fine, nothin to see here. Think. Again. Apr 2024 #28
Er... Why would you say this? ... electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #34
I absolutely agree with you about the positive benefits... Think. Again. Apr 2024 #36
Not mutually exclusive cilla4progress Apr 2024 #37
So sorry you were seriously threatened! How hideous! That certainly could give you... electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #38
I appreciate your words, and you're right... Think. Again. Apr 2024 #40
We have a flood watch. Voltaire2 Apr 2024 #29
Us too, It has been raining for 3 days. debm55 Apr 2024 #31
Yikes, good luck! electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #39
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