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54. I tried something different this morning. Rice chex with blueberries and banana milk.
Mon Apr 15, 2024, 08:39 AM
Apr 15

i usually use almond milk. Not crazy about the banana milk but I like the concept. Maybe I need to get used to it.

My specialty home-made yogurt w fresh-ground peanut butter, sliced banana, flaxseed & sugar-free peanut butter syrup hlthe2b Apr 14 #1
TY hithe2b, That sounds very good, debm55 Apr 14 #4
Wondering how you make your yogurt? Alliepoo Apr 14 #7
I've made it for years--every way possible from heating pad in a cooler to now, Instant Pot hlthe2b Apr 14 #10
Thanks so much Alliepoo Apr 14 #49
French toast with maple syrup, bacon and eggs. And coffee. comradebillyboy Apr 14 #2
TY comradebillyboy, Great breakfast, debm55 Apr 14 #5
That's what I WANTED to have, Bayard Apr 14 #31
Scrambled egg with shredded cheese, anciano Apr 14 #3
OM. That;s what I had this morning. debm55 Apr 14 #6
I had a wake up glass of OJ Alliepoo Apr 14 #8
Thank you , Alliepoo. Very good. debm55 Apr 14 #9
Popovers with butter blueberry jam marmalade. black coffee and espresso Squeaky41 Apr 14 #11
TY Squeaky41, Sounds yummy debm55 Apr 14 #12
I had a bowl of Original Special K with doc03 Apr 14 #13
Thank you doc03. Sounds good and healthy. debm55 Apr 14 #24
Grape juice. nocoincidences Apr 14 #14
at my house onethatcares Apr 14 #20
That is the evening version, nocoincidences Apr 14 #29
Ty nocoincidences. I sometimes orange juice and tea. debm55 Apr 14 #26
Sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit. arkielib Apr 14 #15
Ty arkielib. I had those, They are not that bad debm55 Apr 14 #17
mixture of different cerials. AllaN01Bear Apr 14 #16
TY AllaN01Bear. I hope you enjoyed. debm55 Apr 14 #19
small bowl of honey bunches of oats, cup of strawberry yogurt onethatcares Apr 14 #18
TY onethatcares. You are funny debm55 Apr 14 #22
granola with blueberries ... surrealAmerican Apr 14 #21
TY surrealAmerican. Your breakfast sounds great. debm55 Apr 14 #23
Linguica (Portuguese sausage) ... Basic LA Apr 14 #25
TY Basic LA. That is a very special breakfast. debm55 Apr 14 #27
Hubby is cooking now - Blueberry pancakes and link sausage. Runningdawg Apr 14 #28
Ty Runningdawg. Give hubby a kiss for making that great breakfast and enjoy. debm55 Apr 14 #43
A banana, scrambled eggs, a couple of small chocolate chip muffins, coffee. n/t Different Drummer Apr 14 #30
TY Different Drummer. Have a great day. debm55 Apr 14 #42
Thanks, debm55! The same to you! Different Drummer Apr 14 #46
A cup of coffee and some pills designed to make me live longer. NNadir Apr 14 #32
Ty NNadir. Keep taking those pills. debm55 Apr 14 #35
Amy's Banh Mi wrap. tanyev Apr 14 #33
TY tanyev. I am familiar with Amy's food. I haven"t seen those around here. debm55 Apr 14 #36
Hubs took me out to breakfast today, a nice surprise. lark Apr 14 #34
TY lark! That sounds wonderful.Give hubs a kiss for us. debm55 Apr 14 #37
Not a thing yet. Niagara Apr 14 #38
Welcome back girl. We missed you. I am sorry about the circumstances of your travels. Don't worry about the food you ate debm55 Apr 14 #40
Thank you, Debbie. I missed you all too! Niagara Apr 14 #44
Coffee for breakfast, dairy and Sweet and Low laced - brunch - yesterday's veggie-loaded ham sandwich and more coffee Backseat Driver Apr 14 #39
Thank You Backseat Driver. It sounds wounderful. We have breakfast sometimes for dinner. ENJOY. debm55 Apr 14 #41
Egg, potato, and bacon burrito. Elessar Zappa Apr 14 #45
Thank you Elessar Zappa. That sounds great. Have a great day. debm55 Apr 14 #47
Grocery store didn't have any bagels OR bread. malthaussen Apr 14 #48
Sorry about that Mal debm55 Apr 14 #50
Fried eggs, hash browns, piece of toast and sausage links kimbutgar Apr 14 #51
Ty kimbutgar. you are very lucky and the breakfast sounds great. debm55 Apr 15 #56
Leftover pasta DBoon Apr 14 #52
Ty DBoon, Did you ever notice leftovers are better? debm55 Apr 15 #57
scrambled eggs,toast & coffee nt yellowdogintexas Apr 15 #53
Thank you yellowdogintexas. debm55 Apr 15 #58
I tried something different this morning. Rice chex with blueberries and banana milk. dameatball Apr 15 #54
Ty dameatball. Rice Chex is my favorite with sliced bananas. debm55 Apr 15 #55
Same thing every morning. We try to take over the world! OldBaldy1701E Apr 15 #59
Thank you OldBaldy1701E debm55 Apr 15 #60
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