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Cornbeef XanaDUer2 Apr 18 #1
Boar's has the best . TY debm55 Apr 18 #9
Provolone Wicked Blue Apr 18 #2
Ty Wicked Blue. Provolone it is. debm55 Apr 18 #11
a recent favorite has been barbtries Apr 18 #3
barbtries. --Ty. Thant happens here a lot too. debm55 Apr 18 #12
Black Forrest Ham. (Although I doubt that the ham has ever been near the Black Forrest) Chainfire Apr 18 #4
Thank you Chainfire. That sounds great. debm55 Apr 18 #13
Spam! Permanut Apr 18 #5
TY Permanut. I have never had Spam. Sorry you had to give it up. debm55 Apr 18 #14
Don't fret. You have not missed a thing. Nasty stuff (It isn't really meat, you know) nt yellowdogintexas Apr 18 #29
Hey, grew up with it. Permanut Apr 18 #43
My father loved the stuff so we had it at home. Of course he also liked pig brains fried with eggs. Chainfire Apr 19 #49
Sliced thin and fried crispy TexasBushwhacker Apr 18 #48
Gabagool DJ Synikus Makisimus Apr 18 #6
Ty. I love it on Hoagies. Enjoy. debm55 Apr 18 #15
Thin-sliced roast beast. MOMFUDSKI Apr 18 #7
That sounds wounderful. TY MOMFUDSKI debm55 Apr 18 #16
yes!!! Beef must be rare!!! nt yellowdogintexas Apr 18 #30
Fried bologna nt Mark.b2 Apr 18 #8
TY Mark.b2 when I was a kid we ate those. But we didn't call it bologna. In Pittsbirgh we called it Jumbo. debm55 Apr 18 #18
Never heardit called jumbo! Actually, we called it 'baloney'! I was just trying... Mark.b2 Apr 18 #21
Head cheese. Sneederbunk Apr 18 #10
OMG you are from the country. That is disgusting stuff. I have watched it being made yellowdogintexas Apr 18 #33
Cornbeef is great. I love Reuben sandwiches. arkielib Apr 18 #17
TY arkielib, That's what we use it for. That cracked pepper turkey breast sounds good too. debm55 Apr 18 #20
love a good Reuben!!! Or the Rachel, made with pastrami. yellowdogintexas Apr 18 #34
Corned beef also but it has to be of an excellent quality with good marbling. Elessar Zappa Apr 18 #19
Thank you Ellessar Zappa. Boar's Head is very good. The same with their roast beef. I do not care for bologna aka Jumbo. debm55 Apr 18 #22
I was kinda like you for a while. Elessar Zappa Apr 18 #25
Ty Elessar Zappa. I never regained my taste for it. Maybe I will someday. debm55 Apr 18 #38
Gave up lunch meat because of nitrates womanofthehills Apr 18 #23
TY for the information. I went to said link and it stated that the potentially dangerous if eaten on a daily/regular debm55 Apr 18 #36
Nitrites. Imo there are no safe amounts. That's the important point Iwasthere Apr 18 #42
Spanish pork roast ms liberty Apr 18 #24
TY ms.liberty.Cuban Sandwich are great. debm55 Apr 18 #32
oh yeah Cuban sandwiches rock. Even the ones in the Miami airport are good. yellowdogintexas Apr 18 #35
Pastrami RandySF Apr 18 #26
Pastrami here also. Mr.Bill Apr 18 #27
Thank you RandySF debm55 Apr 18 #28
Ham, turkey, corned beef, pastrami TexasDem69 Apr 18 #31
Thank you TexasDem69 . I love your choices. The way I see it, no one is forcing anyone to eat anything. This is just a debm55 Apr 18 #40
#1 is Rare roast beef, with horseradish mayo on a nice crusty roll yellowdogintexas Apr 18 #37
Thank you yellowdogintexas. I am going to try some. debm55 Apr 18 #44
Turkey breast (real as in, I bake a turkey breast then slice off pieces for sandwiches). nt LoisB Apr 18 #39
Thank you LoisB. I love turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving.with stuffing on top.YUMMY debm55 Apr 18 #41
Does bacon count as a lunch meat? DBoon Apr 18 #45
On a sandwich it does. TY DBoon debm55 Apr 18 #46
BLT! DBoon Apr 18 #47
Thank you, DBoon debm55 Apr 19 #50
im late to the party but heres mine , ham and turkey. AllaN01Bear Apr 19 #51
Ty AllaN01Bear debm55 Apr 19 #54
Isaly's Chipped Ham PittBlue Apr 19 #52
Ty PittBlue. They still sale it here in Pittsburgh. debm55 Apr 19 #53
Anything not a loaf or conglomerate; Like Pimento loaf or Spam. LakeArenal Apr 19 #55
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