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English and literature were always my best. Anything math-related was always my worst by far. 50 Shades Of Blue May 18 #1
Loved Chem and History QED May 18 #2
University quantum physics Shermann May 18 #3
Best Class: Science Fiction Stargleamer May 18 #4
You sound like a kindred soul. captain queeg May 18 #29
In high school Ontheboundry May 18 #5
Trigonometry was my nightmare course.... anciano May 18 #6
In HS, English was up there grumpyduck May 18 #7
In high school, I didn't grasp earth science or Niagara May 18 #8
I have had supervisors, managers, and even... ret5hd May 18 #10
My brain misfires frequently Niagara May 18 #45
And yet True Dough May 18 #20
Thank you for the kind words, True Dough! Niagara May 18 #46
i did pretty darn well in Smoking 101... ret5hd May 18 #9
And look at you now True Dough May 18 #21
i quit last september... ret5hd May 18 #24
My dad quit for 11 years True Dough May 18 #31
Hahaha Niagara May 18 #48
our high school had an actual student smoking area. ret5hd May 18 #50
We had to sneak cigarettes by the tennis courts Niagara May 18 #54
This message was self-deleted by its author Midnight Writer May 18 #11
math. all grades up to hs.in college had 1 great math teacher who didnt assume or tear u down. also AllaN01Bear May 18 #12
Algebra worst in high school. American Government best in high school jimfields33 May 18 #13
"Greek and Elizabethan Drama and Derivatives" Bayard May 18 #14
Chinese Calligraphy BluesRunTheGame May 18 #15
Organic Chemistry EverHopeful May 18 #16
Trader Joe's call their guacamole... 3catwoman3 May 18 #41
Photography in HS bif May 18 #17
And what camera were you using back then? True Dough May 18 #22
Originally a Ricoh bif May 18 #26
I had a Ricoh, loved that camera, dropped it while rock climbing. Ouch. hunter May 19 #60
Trig and organic chemistry The Blue Flower May 18 #18
Statistics snowybirdie May 18 #19
My principal threw my diploma at me and told me to get out of the building Kaleva May 18 #23
My experience after jail: ret5hd May 18 #25
Congrats True Dough May 18 #33
I could have been and should have been dead long ago Kaleva May 18 #40
Second semester organic and second semester p-chem. Brutal. CincyDem May 18 #27
Phys Ed was my worst is HS captain queeg May 18 #28
I liked General Science. I took Spanish but was out of school for a couple doc03 May 18 #30
French is like that too True Dough May 18 #32
Best subject in high school was English Lit. wnylib May 18 #34
International finance dealing with foreign currencies. keithbvadu2 May 18 #35
In high school, it was building trades. LuckyCharms May 18 #36
Best - Age of Incoherence roscoeroscoe May 18 #37
Sounds like something I would love rurallib May 18 #42
Best: High School..Home Ec. Best: University..Pacific Islands Cultures and Art History classes. Tikki May 18 #38
In High School.... Upthevibe May 18 #39
My favorite class of all time was "Religion In Human Culture" rurallib May 18 #43
In College, For 2 Summers... ProfessorGAC May 18 #49
Best and Worst DET May 18 #44
Struggled, None ProfessorGAC May 18 #47
Best was my High School government rainy May 18 #51
College.... FarPoint May 18 #52
I liked the Winter Semester courses. no_hypocrisy May 18 #53
Yesterday... True Dough May 18 #58
History was the only D I got in high school . Permanut May 18 #55
Chemistry. I focused on organic chemistry, and through physical organic chemistry, I fell in love with physical... NNadir May 18 #56
Natural Language Syntax Analyzers unc70 May 18 #57
English and Drama were my best classes. Mad_Dem_X May 19 #59
My best were English and language classes. Different Drummer May 19 #61
In college I got in a fight with a teaching assistant and wasn't allowed to take the final in that class. hunter May 19 #62
Math and Science were by FAR my most troublesome and difficult classes. I simply don't do math and I have to learn by CTyankee May 19 #63
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