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Love it! al bupp Jun 14 #1
That's beautiful! Lefta Dissenter Jun 14 #2
My aunt took me to a military parade just after 9/11. applegrove Jun 14 #3
Bagpipes can often sdfernando Jun 14 #8
Amazing Grace on the bagpipes always brings me to tears. Bev54 Jun 14 #17
Same here. Aristus Jun 14 #18
This group did Amazing Grace for the 80th anniversary of D-Day Nevilledog Jun 14 #19
Not in that segment. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 16 #49
Crap...I bookmarked the wrong one and now I can't find it. Nevilledog Jun 16 #50
Me, too. At the very first skirl, before the melody even begins... 3catwoman3 Jun 14 #28
One of the best pop culture uses of AG on bagpipes Aristus Jun 14 #29
What is AG? 3catwoman3 Jun 14 #31
I love bagpipes. greatauntoftriplets Jun 14 #4
Check out The Top Secret drum Corp. yourout Jun 14 #5
Super cool! Wuddles440 Jun 14 #12
Absolutely insane.... a kennedy Jun 15 #42
...and then there is Gunhild Carling sdfernando Jun 14 #6
I LOVE bagpipes! tblue37 Jun 14 #7
Carnegie Mellon is the only bamagal62 Jun 14 #9
What a fun bit of trivia... 3catwoman3 Jun 14 #30
I was surprised to see that they are French Navy. Irish_Dem Jun 14 #10
Bagpipes existed long before they appeared in Scotland. TomSlick Jun 14 #15
Yes as I watched the French band perform it was an obvious fact. Irish_Dem Jun 14 #27
Brittany was Celtic and Breton language yorkster Jun 14 #33
Yep. greatauntoftriplets Jun 15 #35
Yes the Irish have pipes too. Irish_Dem Jun 15 #39
Pipes Conjuay Jun 15 #41
Thanks! Reminded me of elleng Jun 14 #11
I so wish I could show that to my sainted mother. vanlassie Jun 14 #20
One of my church's longtime members passed away a few days ago. At his memorial... Different Drummer Jun 14 #13
Very Cool flashman13 Jun 14 #14
I have to share this. Dem2theMax Jun 14 #16
We lived in Scotland 67-68 BOSSHOG Jun 14 #21
And then you have that one guy from Portland, OR sakabatou Jun 14 #22
Inspiring. oasis Jun 14 #23
Mull of Kintyre - Paul McCartney Traurigkeit Jun 14 #24
;-) elleng Jun 15 #37
;-) elleng Jun 15 #38
💕Just a reminder that Sir Paul is a treasure to us all Hekate Jun 16 #47
Yes indeed. elleng Jun 16 #48
Don't 3auld6phart Jun 14 #25
Lovely stuff! Emrys Jun 14 #26
Bagpipes mactire Jun 14 #32
And, of course, at the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers: NBachers Jun 15 #34
One of my faves TlalocW Jun 15 #36
Love The Snake Charmer CelticCrow Jun 17 #51
If you want to extend your fanship, check out the uileann pipes Emrys Jun 15 #40
There are only three songs that can be played on a bgpipe: Wonder Why Jun 15 #43
Only once in my life have I ever heard bagpipes live. Jeebo Jun 15 #44
I Dig Bagpipes ProfessorGAC Jun 15 #45
Gorgeous. Wherever Celts & Gaels be, there be pipes. 💕 Hekate Jun 16 #46
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