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26. I was a horrible child. The "game" we played in the car was called "The Fed Up Game"...
Fri Jan 13, 2012, 06:08 PM
Jan 2012

There were usually three or four of us bouncing around in the back of the station wagon
at any given time. We were all very cute....

The object of the game was to make the people behind us get "fed up" and
pass us.

We would wave sweetly or throw a peace sign at the people behind us, then we WOULD NOT STOP
waving and being cute. This would eventually make the travelers behind us acutely uncomfortable.

The game was scored thusly:

Driver or passenger waves back: 1 point
Driver passes us: 2 points
Driver or passenger flips us off: 5 points

We played this game for YEARS before my father, who always drove the speed limit,
figured out what we were laughing at, and why people gave him dirty looks when they
finally managed to speed past us.

Did you parents smoke a lot of pot or something? FSogol Jan 2012 #1
My dad was a lot of fun when it came to playtime. A gentle bear of a man. If someone hurt applegrove Jan 2012 #2
Lucky. I have a great Dad, but that game would have never flown. n/t FSogol Jan 2012 #5
"Cemetery" Nikia Jan 2012 #3
We used to play "Beetle" where you counted the number of volkswagon beetles you saw. Of course applegrove Jan 2012 #6
Pub cricket muriel_volestrangler Jan 2012 #22
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral begin_within Jan 2012 #4
is 10 miles a long trip? We counted out-of-state plates, or limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #7
It was 1/2 an hour on the highway, then half an hour slow on the one lane wide dirt road that applegrove Jan 2012 #8
Finding letters of the alphabet on road signs ellaydubya Jan 2012 #9
We watched for Burma Shave signs. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2012 #10
Apply the word 'anal' OxQQme Jan 2012 #11
I Spy LiberalEsto Jan 2012 #12
Take the three letters from the plate of the car in front of you XemaSab Jan 2012 #13
we did that license plate letter thing too... IcyPeas Jan 2012 #31
The "stay off my side of the seat" game. rrneck Jan 2012 #14
LOL! Followed by the "You're copying me you copycat!" game. applegrove Jan 2012 #15
Bang on the roof to wake up the dog! jberryhill Jan 2012 #16
Didn't know you were of the Romney clan. LOL! applegrove Jan 2012 #17
Duzy! FSogol Jan 2012 #21
Punch bug. 6000eliot Jan 2012 #18
The Quiet Game Major Nikon Jan 2012 #19
Mad Libs Tsiyu Jan 2012 #20
We use to have my son count flags boston bean Jan 2012 #23
20 questions geardaddy Jan 2012 #24
Honk polling of other vehicles woo me with science Jan 2012 #25
I was a horrible child. The "game" we played in the car was called "The Fed Up Game"... PassingFair Jan 2012 #26
The Baseball Bat To The Mailbox. Adsos Letter Jan 2012 #27
I spent a huge chink of my childhood in the car clyrc Jan 2012 #28
Only 10 miles to your cottage? Wow Canuckistanian Jan 2012 #29
We had 25 miles on the highway first then 10 miles on the dirt road. Yes we had rituals too. applegrove Jan 2012 #30
We kept a list in the car of state plates Mopar151 Jan 2012 #32
we liked moo-ing at cows grasswire Jan 2012 #33
My family sang. Ruby Reason Jan 2012 #34
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