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57. I used to do roofs all the time when I was in college.
Thu Mar 7, 2013, 06:26 AM
Mar 2013

I loved it. I used to work for a small time general contractor during my summer breaks for about 4 years. If money wasn't an object, I'd still be doing that job. I loved digging holes, driving around a piece of shit job truck, slugging bundles of shingles up a ladder all day, moving piles of cinder blocks from one side of a jobsite to the other, and doing the bidding of my severely overweight boss.

The shortest time I ever held a job was 1 year and 10 months. It was hell. I was working for Amazon.com as a production manager and it totally destroyed my life. The only reason I hung on so long was because I had a new family and a new house and I needed the money. I just got out of the Army and I figured that I would give the corporate job world a shot. They paid me VERY well, but the job sucked the life out of me and the stress severely aggravated my PTSD issues. I got suspended for 5 or 6 weeks after I freaked out a work really bad. When I returned to the job I lasted a few more months before freaking out again and then I lost my job.

I would walk from the front to the back of my production line at Amazon and suddenly find myself on a dismounted Infantry patrol in Iraq. I could feel the heat of the air, the weight of my body armor, and the rifle in my hands. I'd get all light headed and feel like I was completely disorientated and drunk, start shaking and stuttering, and crying uncontrollably. It was awful and I completely scared the shit out of the people where I worked.

Now I work as a chemist for the federal government and I love it. I kind of bumble around the lab all day confused and in a half-daze. As long as I get the priority work in our lab done right away, I can take my time doing everything else and work at my own pace. I'm still a freak and I'm still completely crazy, but with this job I can hide out a little bit better when I need to get away from everything and my coworkers are very understanding when I start rambling on about something that happened to me almost 10 years ago.

Started at 8, walked out at noon. Never looked back. hobbit709 Mar 2013 #1
Bravo! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #3
I trained a guy that did that! lastlib Mar 2013 #18
I can beat that HoneychildMooseMoss Mar 2013 #35
I got the same record.... Broken_Hero Mar 2013 #60
I'm about to quit my job with USPS after 18 years. Occulus Mar 2013 #93
Do you have full medical? You should see if you can't get some kind of leave of absence. MADem Mar 2013 #95
Very impressive. Baitball Blogger Mar 2013 #2
Thank you! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #4
Though, I think I have you beat. Baitball Blogger Mar 2013 #13
That's awesome! graywarrior Mar 2013 #5
Outstanding! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #7
I lied my way into the job coz I was desperate graywarrior Mar 2013 #10
Okay! More information is necessary! Lied about what? ohiosmith Mar 2013 #12
That I could key punch graywarrior Mar 2013 #14
Oh! I thought it would be juicy! Like you were in a reform school for incorrigible girls! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #27
I was too smart to get caught graywarrior Mar 2013 #28
Shoulda known! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #29
Lynn, MA girl graywarrior Mar 2013 #30
Yea! But can you cook? ohiosmith Mar 2013 #32
Hell, yeah! graywarrior Mar 2013 #33
Good! I'll have a chicken pot pie,.....and a beer! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #37
How about a duck pot pie? graywarrior Mar 2013 #38
You are a force! Touché! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #40
qwak graywarrior Mar 2013 #41
I'm down with that! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #46
I gotta duck out of here and waddle off to bed graywarrior Mar 2013 #50
I'd like a gander of that! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #51
Geese, that was daffy graywarrior Mar 2013 #54
Ohiosmith will give you a goose kurtzapril4 Mar 2013 #66
Were you Peking? ohiosmith Mar 2013 #68
No, but I know a quack kurtzapril4 Mar 2013 #72
A friend who lives in Ipswich, MA kurtzapril4 Mar 2013 #65
We Lynners hear that wherever we go graywarrior Mar 2013 #74
Hey, It's a claim to fame! kurtzapril4 Mar 2013 #77
one day In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #6
Very good! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #8
Three days rocktivity Mar 2013 #9
Slacker! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #11
How about a subordinate? bluedigger Mar 2013 #15
Hahahaha! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #52
About an hour? femmocrat Mar 2013 #16
That may be the record! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #53
2 Hours 20 minutes. Answered an Ad: "Good pay---Fast paced--work with wonderful people" BlueJazz Mar 2013 #17
Nice story! Now forget about it! Don't want you to be pissed off! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #63
What story ?? BlueJazz Mar 2013 #81
Cool! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #82
I quit one job after four hours, another after 12. How's that? Scuba Mar 2013 #19
Outstanding! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #69
Not really. I shoulda quit the first one in the first 15 minutes! Scuba Mar 2013 #70
I think you are. In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #83
Since you brought the subject up, why did you quit??? I was quite happy for you when patricia92243 Mar 2013 #20
2 .5 hours...of paid training Sekhmets Daughter Mar 2013 #21
Usually months for me. I just "hired" someone a couple weeks ago Paulie Mar 2013 #22
I about match you. RILib Mar 2013 #23
Two hours. They wanted me to sign some unbelievably restricting NoGOPZone Mar 2013 #24
A little less than two months. Aristus Mar 2013 #25
One day kwassa Mar 2013 #26
I used to do roofs all the time when I was in college. Victor_c3 Mar 2013 #57
Half a day Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #31
3 days. High School summer job working suburb road maintenance. Gidney N Cloyd Mar 2013 #34
What type of work? discntnt_irny_srcsm Mar 2013 #36
Me personally, about 5 1/2 weeks but... discntnt_irny_srcsm Mar 2013 #39
One day. Honeycombe8 Mar 2013 #42
I wouldn't worry about it. discntnt_irny_srcsm Mar 2013 #43
Thanks. It's always bothered me that I did that. Honeycombe8 Mar 2013 #47
As my wife says... discntnt_irny_srcsm Mar 2013 #48
That one's a keeper. nt raccoon Mar 2013 #58
Thanks discntnt_irny_srcsm Mar 2013 #59
That's good. Tell your wife I'm gonna borrow her expression. Honeycombe8 Mar 2013 #89
Sure thing discntnt_irny_srcsm Mar 2013 #100
See in the old days RILib Mar 2013 #61
I AM talking about the old days. I'm gettin' up there in age, and I was maybe 19 at the time. Honeycombe8 Mar 2013 #90
I didn't make it past the interview. Apophis Mar 2013 #44
2 hours. I never got thru training at McD's NightWatcher Mar 2013 #45
Less than 6 hours. davsand Mar 2013 #49
Sixty Minutes Jeff In Milwaukee Mar 2013 #55
2 Days. A bus boy in an Italian restaurant Populist_Prole Mar 2013 #56
Thank goodness os. Helen Reddy Mar 2013 #62
Thank you HR! You are too kind! ohiosmith Mar 2013 #76
Why don't you tell us why? sendero Mar 2013 #64
Two hours at a Ponderosa Steak House. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2013 #67
My very first job kurtzapril4 Mar 2013 #71
About an hour. cliffordu Mar 2013 #73
Three hours and it was a stormy goodbye... Phentex Mar 2013 #75
For myself, it was 72 hours. Knightraven Mar 2013 #78
I got fired within 6 minutes of reporting HereSince1628 Mar 2013 #79
Gang culture? Really? Common Sense Party Mar 2013 #97
Taking care of Paulie's calls? TheManInTheMac Mar 2013 #99
72 hours maybe ? steve2470 Mar 2013 #80
That depends IrishEyes Mar 2013 #84
3 hrs- Wally-World, Nov 1994 Earth Bound Misfit Mar 2013 #85
I quit one job before I started. MadrasT Mar 2013 #86
I worked one night as a cocktail waitress. Never went back. n/t tammywammy Mar 2013 #87
Two months and it was a big mistake jmowreader Mar 2013 #88
3 days Munificence Mar 2013 #91
Nursing home kitchen 43 minutes olddots Mar 2013 #92
I think that depends on how you look at it. harmonicon Mar 2013 #94
Royal Prestige cookware. Common Sense Party Mar 2013 #96
Two months. AngryOldDem Mar 2013 #98
In my case, 6 months; but I know of someone who got a 'permanent' academic job... LeftishBrit Mar 2013 #101
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