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In reply to the discussion: Your grilling secrets? [View all]
Your grilling secrets? [View all] ohiosmith Apr 2013 OP
real wood Kali Apr 2013 #1
Absolutely! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #2
If not that, then lump charcoal. GoCubsGo Apr 2013 #12
Indeed! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #20
Mesquite is the only way to go. panader0 Apr 2013 #51
I agree! In_The_Wind Apr 2013 #52
catclaw is even better, believe it or not Kali Apr 2013 #60
I love mesquite! onestepforward Apr 2013 #61
not sure if panaderO was talking about gas or charcoal Kali Apr 2013 #65
Sounds yummy! onestepforward Apr 2013 #68
yeah that will work if you can't get actual mesquite charcoal or wood Kali Apr 2013 #69
Don't grill, especially ribs HarveyDarkey Apr 2013 #3
Apple juice a good idea! I do mine on the upper rack with indirect low heat for about three hours. ohiosmith Apr 2013 #5
My grilling secret is in the marinade. In_The_Wind Apr 2013 #4
Cool! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #21
For baby backs, I smoke them for several hours in Moondog Apr 2013 #6
The test is in the taste! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #22
Beer. RevStPatrick Apr 2013 #7
I pour beer on myself. MiddleFingerMom Apr 2013 #13
Two words dude: yeast infection! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #24
Hmmm ... similar language .... Trajan Apr 2013 #32
AMADEUS ohiosmith Apr 2013 #59
K ... Trajan Apr 2013 #73
YES! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #23
bourbon, molasses and brown sugar ... in the marinade. Tuesday Afternoon Apr 2013 #8
Oh god! Outstanding! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #25
that is not all but, you only asked for the "secrets" Tuesday Afternoon Apr 2013 #27
Playing coy now are we! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #39
a lady is entitled to some secrets, no? Tuesday Afternoon Apr 2013 #41
Indeed they are! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #42
Bourbon in the cook works for me. nt hack89 Apr 2013 #62
but, of course. a cup for the marinade and a shot for the cook! ta-da! Tuesday Afternoon Apr 2013 #63
I belong to the Julia Child school of cooking. nt hack89 Apr 2013 #64
miss her so much. Tuesday Afternoon Apr 2013 #66
Partly pre-cook the ribs with the sous vide method. AnotherMcIntosh Apr 2013 #9
That is interesting! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #26
Strictly speaking that's low-temperature cooking sir pball Apr 2013 #43
My best grilling secret... pipi_k Apr 2013 #10
I'll grill something special for you if you are ever in my neighborhood. In_The_Wind Apr 2013 #11
Oh you kid! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #29
This is relative to my interests OriginalGeek Apr 2013 #14
What to do? Use Alton Browns rub. Bacon on top. Slow cook at 250/300 for three or so hours. ohiosmith Apr 2013 #30
Schweeeeeeeeet OriginalGeek Apr 2013 #48
Most excellent! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #50
Grilling is the one thing I have never learned to do. LeftofObama Apr 2013 #15
Hahahaha! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #31
white wine vinegar, olive oil, marjoram, parsley, thyme, sugar, salt pepper lindysalsagal Apr 2013 #16
Outstanding! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #33
Seriously. lindysalsagal Apr 2013 #38
Yes! I love it! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #40
Get my guests drunk - everything tastes great! nt hack89 Apr 2013 #17
Bwahahahaha! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #34
My secret is.... Helen Reddy Apr 2013 #18
Brilliant on all counts! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #35
When you run the self-cleaning cycle on your oven Mr.Bill Apr 2013 #19
Dude! That is brilliant! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #36
great idea thanks. onecent Apr 2013 #49
We grill Iowa chops standing on end (on the bone). cyberswede Apr 2013 #28
Yum! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #37
Mine would be to come to your house union_maid Apr 2013 #44
They're off in forty five! Bring beer! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #45
Sounds like a great deal to me. n/t union_maid Apr 2013 #46
Lotsa beer! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #47
The classic combination works for me; Gold and Diamonds! Ptah Apr 2013 #53
Brilliant! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #54
Not sure how much of a secret it is, but for steaks at least... opiate69 Apr 2013 #55
Perfect! I occasionally crust mine with bleu cheeses. ohiosmith Apr 2013 #56
You know, I've yet to try that, but I don't know why.. I love bleu cheeses... opiate69 Apr 2013 #57
Cool! Enjoy! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #58
I have my own dry rub. sakabatou Apr 2013 #67
Gonna share? ohiosmith Apr 2013 #70
I don't remember the ingredients off hand. sakabatou Apr 2013 #71
If you flip it more than once, you've failed already. Robb Apr 2013 #72
Excellent! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #75
Well, there's my famous Soylent Green burgers Generic Brad Apr 2013 #74
I must've got one that was a clown! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #76
ribs are one of those things d_r Apr 2013 #77
Very nice! I used to take off the membrane but I found I liked the fatty acids it kept in the meat. ohiosmith Apr 2013 #78
yeah. and it can get kind of crunchy and nice d_r Apr 2013 #79
Rare ohnoyoudidnt Apr 2013 #80
Agree! ohiosmith Apr 2013 #81
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