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And here my doctor has recommended I take supplements like D3 and such........ djean111 Nov 2013 #1
True . . . Addison Nov 2013 #2
WebMD and the Mayo Clinic websites actually do cover lots of supplements, dosage, side effects, djean111 Nov 2013 #4
Study after study shows no guaranties that they contain what they claim. HuckleB Nov 2013 #10
"stop thinking that everything else is bad." djean111 Nov 2013 #12
IOW, you don't know how to do a legitimate risk-benefit analysis. HuckleB Nov 2013 #18
And just how much of that 'evidence' is produced at the behest of Big Pharma IrishAyes Nov 2013 #15
And your defense of a scam industry is to offer conspiracy theory BS. HuckleB Nov 2013 #19
What I'm relying on is thousands of years of proven efficacy. Not the dubious claims of IrishAyes Nov 2013 #20
The fallacy of the ancients. HuckleB Nov 2013 #22
Remember too that a lot of this negative press could be funded by Big Pharma IrishAyes Nov 2013 #14
Bingo. djean111 Nov 2013 #17
This is just the worst kind of Internet BS. HuckleB Nov 2013 #27
You might be glad to know that hemp seeds offer a higher concentration of D3 than most other IrishAyes Nov 2013 #25
vitamins are a somewhat different case... mike_c Nov 2013 #29
Dealing with the very best and most trustworthy companies can help, such as IrishAyes Nov 2013 #3
If you want nutrition, eat a balanced diet. longship Nov 2013 #5
People unable to buy or grow, prepare, and eat whole foods for whatever reason really do IrishAyes Nov 2013 #6
Even in the US, most people do not need supplementation. HuckleB Nov 2013 #11
Your ignorance of my knowledge does not make me bizarre in the least. IrishAyes Nov 2013 #16
You think putting words in the mouths of others shows knowledge? HuckleB Nov 2013 #21
In whose mouth did I put which words, pray tell? IrishAyes Nov 2013 #24
You put words in my mouth. HuckleB Nov 2013 #26
I use Swanson as well, and when these reports about fake supplements came Nay Nov 2013 #7
Definitely hard, more or less at different times and situations. IrishAyes Nov 2013 #8
I love the idea about comfrey -- may I ask how much you dose yourself with? Nay Nov 2013 #9
Contrary to what you'll hear some so-called experts say, many herbals from trustworthy IrishAyes Nov 2013 #13
Diet Supplements or Nutritional Supplements: A Ruse by Any Other Name is Still a Ruse HuckleB Nov 2013 #23
The Vitamin Myth: Why We Think We Need Supplements HuckleB Nov 2013 #28
Vitamins And Mortality HuckleB Nov 2013 #30
I'll keep taking my VitD and COq10. 840high Nov 2013 #31
Vitamin D won't hurt, especially if it's 1000 iu or less. HuckleB Nov 2013 #32
I do not understand why so many are convinced that they need to take vitamins. SheilaT Nov 2013 #33
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