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Blasphemy gejohnston Dec 2012 #1
Blasphemy indeed! ManiacJoe Dec 2012 #3
Well, you're gonna hate this..... PavePusher Dec 2012 #16
I'm not usually a fan of gun confisation, but I might make an exception for that gun. Travis_0004 Dec 2012 #26
That's crazy talk, you spoilsport. PavePusher Dec 2012 #28
LOL! Eleanors38 Jan 2013 #41
My 1895 Guide is tactical! sir pball Mar 2013 #73
That's along the line of what I envisioned krispos42 Jan 2013 #31
a tactical version of the Browning BLR? gejohnston Jan 2013 #32
Yup. Feed it from a standard AR-15, M1 Carbine, or AK-47 magazine. krispos42 Jan 2013 #37
I saw that crazyrayray Jan 2013 #67
I just got done being badgered by a DU member who exposed me: NYC_SKP Dec 2012 #2
You might do well to remind those badgers that registration at the federal level is illegal. beevul Dec 2012 #4
A lever-action was used to slaughter students at Pearl High School in 1997. mwrguy Dec 2012 #5
In other words, "assault" is a verb and not an adjective Howzit Jan 2013 #34
its all about the hardware not the dead victims of gun owners nt msongs Dec 2012 #6
please focus... discntnt_irny_srcsm Dec 2012 #8
I've been thinking about this also. I predict new "speed loaders" Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #7
Sounds like LULA 2.0 n/t Glaug-Eldare Dec 2012 #9
what is LULA? n/t Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #15
Internal magazines can only be so big before the gun becomes very awkward to handle. Kaleva Dec 2012 #11
Spend a little time with an M1 Garand. jeepnstein Dec 2012 #13
Let us assusme the AR magazine was not removable. Would it become more awkward to handle? Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #14
But then you are not talking about an internal magazine. Kaleva Dec 2012 #17
Well, that is what I consider an internal magazine. Atypical Liberal Dec 2012 #18
Do you consider the SKS to have an internal magazine? OneTenthofOnePercent Jan 2013 #62
Yes Kaleva Jan 2013 #63
on an AR, if you pop the back pin and tilt the upper receiver forward, OneTenthofOnePercent Jan 2013 #65
Thanks for the response Kaleva Jan 2013 #66
I think one ought to assume that there's going to be a limit on detachable magazine capacity also. Kaleva Dec 2012 #10
Yeah, well, there are probably a billion gun magazines out there now. krispos42 Dec 2012 #20
Prohibiting the manufacture or importing of such mags will drive up the cost of them every year. Kaleva Dec 2012 #21
Over a multi-decade period of time, maybe. krispos42 Dec 2012 #22
yet when these things happen in Europe and even China gejohnston Dec 2012 #23
Do you think.... Puha Ekapi Dec 2012 #29
They might krispos42 Dec 2012 #30
Both have been done. jmg257 Dec 2012 #12
Interestingly, the only things I am interested in purchasing are AtheistCrusader Dec 2012 #19
This post is exactly what I've suspected about the technology roninjedi Dec 2012 #24
Wrong direction on the timeline? ManiacJoe Dec 2012 #25
I'm sorry. I think I was unclear. I said "new" technologies when I should've said "old" roninjedi Dec 2012 #27
When Australia banned semi-auto rifles, they included pump actions too - same thing will happen Howzit Jan 2013 #33
The Australian politicial system must operate differently. In this country, there are going to be AnotherMcIntosh Jan 2013 #52
Regarding the lever action sylvi Jan 2013 #35
I think they have those already. krispos42 Jan 2013 #38
Been around for years Lurks Often Jan 2013 #42
I went to a CAS practice shoot once krispos42 Jan 2013 #43
backhanded gun control measure? jimmy the one Jan 2013 #36
"assault weapons" are also shotguns and pistols. krispos42 Jan 2013 #40
anders likes, and his dislikes jimmy the one Jan 2013 #44
You mean "gist", right? krispos42 Jan 2013 #45
krispos wins on trivial pursuit jimmy the one Jan 2013 #46
Only with irritants. krispos42 Jan 2013 #47
tactical mistake ar 15 jimmy the one Jan 2013 #48
We all know you're an expert at the cheap shot, at least. krispos42 Jan 2013 #49
tactical rifle on a silver platter jimmy the one Jan 2013 #50
You don't have to read my mind. krispos42 Jan 2013 #51
I think you missed the point gejohnston Jan 2013 #54
Iverglas, is that you? Howzit Jan 2013 #68
Viable insulation from an unlikely ban/confiscate scheme iiibbb Jan 2013 #39
Not tactical but much fun overthehillvet Jan 2013 #53
The only solution is Mutually Assured Destruction. Speck Tater Jan 2013 #55
problem is, gejohnston Jan 2013 #56
I'm talking full on Mutual Assured Destruction. Speck Tater Jan 2013 #57
dude, you can do what ever works for you gejohnston Jan 2013 #58
I live in rural Oregon. Speck Tater Jan 2013 #59
people own guns for various reasons gejohnston Jan 2013 #60
"There is a difference being afraid and prepared." Speck Tater Jan 2013 #64
I think pump-shotguns will get the most attention. No way are they banning pump shotties. OneTenthofOnePercent Jan 2013 #61
seems the Brits have been doing it for years gejohnston Mar 2013 #69
The antigunners will come after these too. guardian Mar 2013 #70
Dear Mr. -pos45 Callisto32 Mar 2013 #71
I have ideas krispos42 Mar 2013 #72
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