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Gun Control & RKBA

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55. That is the dynamic I see with the NRA. It has become too successful...
Fri Sep 20, 2013, 11:46 PM
Sep 2013

not in terms of its various RKBA successes, but in its virtual alliance with a convinced extremist element which has become a tiger. The NRA leadership holds onto that tail while the true believers bid up the meaning of.commitment.
I don't think some in the party or MSM realize the sophistication and competency of the group, I'm not sure that I do.

Maybe all the strong RKBA groups who want a different course should meet in a Kansas corn field and talk it over and decide on a course of action. Any move will be fiercely fought by both the controllers and the NRA. Like the Cold War, enemies rely on loving to hate each other.

Why not start here... [View all] sarisataka Sep 2013 OP
Get rid of the dealer requirement and family member requirement bossy22 Sep 2013 #1
Ideally it would be open to the public sarisataka Sep 2013 #3
Frog in a hot pot technique clffrdjk Sep 2013 #20
I do believe there are some GC groups sarisataka Sep 2013 #23
Hope you are right gejohnston Sep 2013 #26
Since I am wishing for a rainbow and a unicorn... sarisataka Sep 2013 #27
Well, the unicorn among us may appear... Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #34
Agreed, good points sarisataka Sep 2013 #50
That is the dynamic I see with the NRA. It has become too successful... Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #55
It's a tough row to hoe. Maybe it's not so tough with people in the real world. NYC_SKP Sep 2013 #2
Some good ideas... sarisataka Sep 2013 #4
This part "use in a violent act" could be used to outlaw legal defensive use of a firearm. oneshooter Sep 2013 #21
Great point. We would definitely have to refine the language to exclude defensive uses. NYC_SKP Sep 2013 #22
I get that universal background checks are the "low hanging fruit" of gun restriction proposals Pullo Sep 2013 #5
The baggage sarisataka Sep 2013 #10
Well, I can agree to a point. Pullo Sep 2013 #18
Some of this is tired language: I don't see UCB as "gun control" but Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #35
The concept of UBC is a good one. ManiacJoe Sep 2013 #6
There is a natural tendency sarisataka Sep 2013 #12
I like the purchase "permit" sytem gejohnston Sep 2013 #7
There are systems out there sarisataka Sep 2013 #11
it isn't about guns, gejohnston Sep 2013 #15
Compromise... sarisataka Sep 2013 #24
Registration is the fly in the ointment. nt rrneck Sep 2013 #8
So true sarisataka Sep 2013 #13
If the ACLU was serious about their objections to the early Manchin-Toomey Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #37
I would welcome the ACLU to join in sarisataka Sep 2013 #49
I feel your pain. AtheistCrusader Sep 2013 #9
I believe a few small steps would be a nice beginning sarisataka Sep 2013 #14
Full auto pieces only cost more because of the NFA registry. AtheistCrusader Sep 2013 #16
UBC and registration are a logical first step mwrguy Sep 2013 #17
How many more logical steps follow the first and why? Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #38
He is a gun banner. Wants to ban pump shotguns. oneshooter Sep 2013 #40
When you hear "First step..." You have the measure of someone. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #41
That's a pretty solid clue, certainly petronius Sep 2013 #44
I wonder if the higher ups at DU share the.same outlook? Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #46
I give kudos to some in our companion group sarisataka Sep 2013 #48
I hope so. I welcome your ideas and plan of action. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #51
I haven't worked hard at drafting legislation in a very long time sarisataka Sep 2013 #53
Twitter and website gejohnston Sep 2013 #54
I would expect that crap from the NRA. But if the alternative is good enough, that will be Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #56
Navy Yard shooter had a "secret" security clearance. jeepnstein Sep 2013 #19
Mental health and NICS need some changes no doubt. Pullo Sep 2013 #25
Frankly, mass shootings are a diff breed of cat compared to the drone of violent crime. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #39
good gopiscrap Sep 2013 #28
I appreciate this thread, sarisataka. Rational, mature. I wish others could find it in their heart NYC_SKP Sep 2013 #29
I have hope still sarisataka Sep 2013 #30
I think any workable proposal has to be gejohnston Sep 2013 #31
I agree with your arguments. Any legislation will have to Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #42
thanks, had to make a couple of edits gejohnston Sep 2013 #45
No, and I hope he doesn't any crappy songs about the 7 seals. Animals deserve better. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #47
Change that "7days of a theft" to "7 days of the discovery of a theft". GreenStormCloud Sep 2013 #32
The discovery issue is two edged sarisataka Sep 2013 #33
I thought that I had lost a 20ga shotgun last week. oneshooter Sep 2013 #36
Raining here, too (finally). Should sleep well tonight. Hope you are well. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #43
I've had that moment of panic sarisataka Sep 2013 #52
It is somewhat of a scary feeling ain't it. oneshooter Sep 2013 #57
sounds good Niceguy1 Sep 2013 #58
Open NCIS to the public Riftaxe Sep 2013 #59
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