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Gun Control & RKBA

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Nuclear Unicorn

(19,497 posts)
Wed Apr 9, 2014, 10:44 AM Apr 2014

Should a female pro-RKBA advocate be subjected to terms like "gun-humper"? [View all]

Okay, granted, males shouldn't be subjected to any sort of name calling either but I find the imagery the term is supposed to conjure WRT females to be degrading and foul in the extreme.

I respectfully ask the pro-control side to refrain from using the term. All in favor, say, "Aye."

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As you say, no one should subjected to it, but the civilian disarmament advocates are so Jgarrick Apr 2014 #1
+1 HooptieWagon Apr 2014 #4
The escalation of the shrill tone is another tip that things aren't pablo_marmol Apr 2014 #48
Aye n/t discntnt_irny_srcsm Apr 2014 #2
It's not a term I would have ever thought to use Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2014 #3
Hey, locally heroin use is on the rise, along with everything that comes with it. clffrdjk Apr 2014 #6
Several Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2014 #8
So your suggestion for the heroin issue is to reduce regulations. clffrdjk Apr 2014 #12
Well, no it wasn't. It was to add more. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2014 #17
Sorry but yes giving them a spot to shoot up clffrdjk Apr 2014 #18
Hmmm. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2014 #19
Is this some kind of joke? clffrdjk Apr 2014 #21
No, I just disagree with you Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2014 #22
I agree with this approach to heroin addiction for Eleanors38 Apr 2014 #52
Not a bad idea Starboard Tack Apr 2014 #61
"Maybe something similar for all addictions, including guns" Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #62
Very true Starboard Tack Apr 2014 #80
Addiction blueridge3210 Apr 2014 #63
Statement of fact Starboard Tack Apr 2014 #83
How would you define "addiction"? (NT) blueridge3210 Apr 2014 #84
Depends on the type of addiction Starboard Tack Apr 2014 #85
Does this count? Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #86
Sorry, I don't have the bandwidth to play YouTube vids. Starboard Tack Apr 2014 #92
A lot of words blueridge3210 Apr 2014 #88
Compulsive is a good word. Starboard Tack Apr 2014 #91
It doesn't bother me, really. I simply dismiss the person using it as a simpleton. Lizzie Poppet Apr 2014 #5
gun fetishist probably more accurate..... bowens43 Apr 2014 #7
If a target shooter is a gun fetishist, is a golfer with a low handicap a golf fetishist or ... spin Apr 2014 #9
Depends on the depth and intensity of the involvement. nt flamin lib Apr 2014 #10
In other words, only people that care enough about the issue to be vocal. beevul Apr 2014 #14
They are, there are fetishists on both sides of the issue. NYC_SKP Apr 2014 #16
A typical gofer might go to a golf course several times a month. ... spin Apr 2014 #20
See post 10. flamin lib Apr 2014 #36
So, the fact that a thing leads to a certain threshhold fatalities qualifies it for Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #37
Public safety. Guns ain't safe. nt flamin lib Apr 2014 #41
Okay, so let's suss this out. Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #50
You asked the question,you answer it. nt flamin lib Apr 2014 #53
I asking you to justify your declaration. Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #55
Ya know what? I don't engage in assinine excchanges . flamin lib Apr 2014 #57
You make a declaration and you demand this declaration serve as the basis of law Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #58
Authoritarians HALO141 Apr 2014 #64
I guess he really told you, huh? blueridge3210 Apr 2014 #66
And ... Straw Man Apr 2014 #65
Run away!!!!! oneshooter Apr 2014 #71
Rather than taunt I'm genuinely curious to know how their terms are defined. Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #78
I would be curious if they would hang around to exchange ideas. blueridge3210 Apr 2014 #82
Since you may not have seen this since you said you were putting NU UNI on ignore... shedevil69taz Apr 2014 #94
Firearms can and do cause tragedy. Firearms can also save lives and prevent crime. ... spin Apr 2014 #38
I can post studies that refute your studies but you'd not recognize any more flamin lib Apr 2014 #42
As I said, I do understand that firearms can cause tragedy but I also realize that they also ... spin Apr 2014 #44
".....he does not sit in his living room fondling his firearms every night." pablo_marmol Apr 2014 #49
Well, I actually prefer the kinder and gentler "gunloon" Warpy Apr 2014 #11
If human rights are idolatry I am an unrepentant heathen Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #13
Constitutional rights are not 'human rights'. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2014 #23
The right to one's private conscience is still a human right even if the Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #24
Perhaps we would live in a much more peaceful world if more nations were actually willing ... spin Apr 2014 #27
I have no issue with the 'honest, responsible, and sane citizens' Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2014 #28
So few men are capable of governing themselves. Fewer still are capable of governing others. Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #30
If you say so. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2014 #31
And we have empirical evidence that those who make and enforce and judge laws are Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #32
Only if you ignore part of the evidence. beevul Apr 2014 #39
Fine. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2014 #43
"they can turn around and give it to anyone else, or sell it" Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #45
Red herring. beevul Apr 2014 #46
Riddle me this Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2014 #87
Because I have a 60' tall x 200' long dirt berm as a backstop. n/t oneshooter Apr 2014 #89
You shoot into an earth berm or some form of backstop. blueridge3210 Apr 2014 #90
If use that terminology you have my permisison to cuss me for it. nt rrneck Apr 2014 #15
The lord and master of Castle Bansalot hath given forth his pronouncement Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #25
So you're saying that the female of the species is even more of a delicate flower than the male? SecularMotion Apr 2014 #26
I strongly doubt you would be so bold as to graphically describe what the term implies. Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #29
"Gun Humper" and "Delicate Flower" are terms created to divide and intimidate. Very progressive! NYC_SKP Apr 2014 #33
"terms created to divide and intimidate" Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #34
Nor do I, but I'm confident that's the intent. Also, to generally stigmatize 2A supporters... NYC_SKP Apr 2014 #35
Some very rarefied forms of sexism are OK on DU. Eleanors38 Apr 2014 #56
Racism and classism, as well. NYC_SKP Apr 2014 #60
Of course you should...you're the "uncle tom" of female liberals. ileus Apr 2014 #40
Respect is not in their lexicon. Don't forget that we are the same as the KKK in their eyes. nt hack89 Apr 2014 #47
Seriously? Feral Child Apr 2014 #51
Please explain why it is OK to use sexually degrading terms towards anyone. Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #54
It sounds like you've called me a coward. Feral Child Apr 2014 #67
"I make no such claim" Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #68
It's difficult to talk to you Feral Child Apr 2014 #70
"You seem very unconcerned about your brothers being categorized so." Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #76
Awwhhh aint that cute, but not as slick as you think. SQUEE Apr 2014 #69
Whatever are you talking about? Feral Child Apr 2014 #72
Verbiosity. SQUEE Apr 2014 #73
OK. Feral Child Apr 2014 #75
you too! SQUEE Apr 2014 #79
Sexism: It's not just for discussing in feminist groups. Eleanors38 Apr 2014 #59
Whether her complaint has merit or not Feral Child Apr 2014 #74
"she needs to post in the appropriate Group or Forum." Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #77
And you would be less than honest to SQUEE Apr 2014 #81
Fair enough, a reasonable outlook... Eleanors38 Apr 2014 #93
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