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3. remember the mendelson brothers who shot their parents to death?
Sun Aug 31, 2014, 09:21 AM
Aug 2014

their lawyer wendy Abrahamson was on politically incorrect taking offence to this statement. she said that people should be saying that the brothers only fired their guns. they did not kill their parents. the parents happened to get in the way of the bullets.

the audience booed. she's never had the same public exposure since that ridiculous comment.

the gun lover arguments are similar. parse words and ask for specifics and reject the argument because the gun control proponent didn't get the descriptions right.

we should ask for the same from traffic cops. precisely describe the car, paint, engine, type of gasoline or no ticket.

Get rid of assault weapons [View all] SecularMotion Aug 2014 OP
nope Duckhunter935 Aug 2014 #1
BUT, finally the term "Assault Weapon" is actually used correctly. I wonder if they'll edit. NYC_SKP Sep 2014 #66
get rid of the guns being used to commit massacres (e.g. more than 2 people being killed) samsingh Aug 2014 #2
Do you even recognize how absurd that statement is? Lurks Often Aug 2014 #17
i think the level of gun violence and having 9 year olds fiing uzi's is more absurb samsingh Aug 2014 #20
The level of gun violence has been halved since the 90's IronGate Aug 2014 #21
Even with that reduction the number of homicides in the US (per 100,000) flamin lib Sep 2014 #65
You have a pretty low opinion of Mexico. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2014 #68
Hammer, meet nail. beevul Sep 2014 #73
Changing the goal posts again Lurks Often Aug 2014 #22
you mix up a lot of ideas in your response samsingh Aug 2014 #25
The burden is on YOU to prove we need more laws not me. Lurks Often Aug 2014 #28
yes of course Duckhunter935 Aug 2014 #30
if they are not enforced whey do gun owners care if there are more laws? samsingh Sep 2014 #50
Are you giving me permission to ignore the law? clffrdjk Sep 2014 #54
you love putting words in someone else's mouth samsingh Sep 2014 #60
What other meaning should I take from this? clffrdjk Sep 2014 #64
Great idea! blueridge3210 Sep 2014 #56
remember the mendelson brothers who shot their parents to death? samsingh Aug 2014 #3
Wait, did you just claim clffrdjk Aug 2014 #23
antigun is a complete lie - it's pro gun control - samsingh Aug 2014 #24
Lol clffrdjk Aug 2014 #29
how do you lol on such an important topic that affects so many? samsingh Sep 2014 #42
Answer the question. clffrdjk Sep 2014 #43
how is banning one type of gun anti-gun ? samsingh Sep 2014 #48
So antigun is not a lie clffrdjk Sep 2014 #51
That "one type of gun" kills less people annually than blunt trauma... beevul Sep 2014 #52
By definition. blueridge3210 Sep 2014 #57
you're not reading my response samsingh Sep 2014 #59
"it is anti that type of gun" Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2014 #67
to be more accurate - anti these guns samsingh Sep 2014 #70
Um.... Straw Man Sep 2014 #71
That constitutes the bulk of privately owned guns in America. beevul Sep 2014 #74
Oh, you mean in the same vein as moms demand action supporting amendment 2? beevul Aug 2014 #36
i would first be sad to see Moms losing children to guns samsingh Sep 2014 #41
What does that have to do with the post you were replying to? clffrdjk Sep 2014 #44
the fact that you can't see the tragedy is a huge problem samsingh Sep 2014 #46
What tragedy are you referring to? clffrdjk Sep 2014 #53
no i think that's you samsingh Sep 2014 #61
Then answer the question. clffrdjk Sep 2014 #63
How do you know I haven't? beevul Sep 2014 #45
you only share the love of guns i guess samsingh Sep 2014 #47
So no answer. beevul Sep 2014 #49
are you anti-life? samsingh Sep 2014 #62
What kind of a question is that? beevul Sep 2014 #72
right back at your questions samsingh Sep 2014 #75
No, I'm not anti-life. Now answer mine. beevul Sep 2014 #76
i disagree with it for Chicago samsingh Sep 2014 #77
What reasons do you have for disagreeing with it? clffrdjk Sep 2014 #78
Because *GUNS*!! N/T beevul Sep 2014 #79
Yep that's what it boils down to. clffrdjk Sep 2014 #80
And people wonder why we question their motives... beevul Sep 2014 #81
gun lovers can't be convinced by facts, emotion, logic or reality - the arguments i hear samsingh Sep 2014 #84
my gosh, haven't gun control people been able to reduce the guns you can get! samsingh Sep 2014 #85
no it hasn't reduced the gejohnston Sep 2014 #93
Subthread meet thy doom. The war on RKBA will go about as well as the war on drugs. NYC_SKP Sep 2014 #94
Talk about calling it clffrdjk Sep 2014 #86
because guns are used to kill people and Chicago has huge issues with gun violence samsingh Sep 2014 #83
So clffrdjk Sep 2014 #87
the 'so' is the essence of the debate samsingh Sep 2014 #90
If only we could outlaw Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2014 #88
always this strawman samsingh Sep 2014 #89
If banning guns cures gun-related issues how come banning alcohol won't cure Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2014 #91
It's an analogy. Straw Man Sep 2014 #92
Mr. Parini should stick to writing poetry and novels. Unicorn_Actual Aug 2014 #4
And the Google Dump continues from Saturday. IronGate Aug 2014 #5
OOPs Duckhunter935 Aug 2014 #6
Wow, that was fast. IronGate Aug 2014 #7
And they talk about gun owners "compensating" DonP Aug 2014 #8
Nice choice. IronGate Aug 2014 #9
Nice weapon Duckhunter935 Aug 2014 #11
Thanks. IronGate Aug 2014 #12
That is a modern"old west" rig. More of a speed rig. oneshooter Aug 2014 #26
Very pretty. How is the recoil? Refreshing? Eleanors38 Aug 2014 #16
Not bad at all. IronGate Aug 2014 #18
my first handguns were gejohnston Aug 2014 #35
My grand kids love shooting the Bearcat DonP Sep 2014 #69
I find it interesting Duckhunter935 Aug 2014 #10
You know, if the Ads want to open GD's flood gates, I'm fine with it... Eleanors38 Aug 2014 #14
I suspect that he'll post another thread in ATA whining to Skinner IronGate Aug 2014 #13
I assume he complained Duckhunter935 Aug 2014 #34
Yep, then they whine about it in AtA VScott Aug 2014 #19
It appears the lock was removed. beevul Aug 2014 #33
Has CNN moved on from Malaysian plane crashes? Eleanors38 Aug 2014 #15
In fact get rid of guns period gopiscrap Aug 2014 #27
How do you propose to do that? Lurks Often Aug 2014 #31
Amen! mwrguy Sep 2014 #55
A BIG -1 here: {Jay Parini, a poet and novelist... discntnt_irny_srcsm Aug 2014 #32
Why? Because they're fun to shoot. ileus Aug 2014 #37
All long guns (including assault weapons) are rarely used in crime acalix Aug 2014 #38
Assault Weapons don't actually exist madville Aug 2014 #39
Naw. Keep "assault weapons". Get rid of dishonest google dumps. pablo_marmol Sep 2014 #40
Oh, look, another drive-by... derby378 Sep 2014 #58
but keep counter assault weapons like those I own.... ileus Sep 2014 #82
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