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Gun Control & RKBA

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Mon Nov 17, 2014, 02:16 PM Nov 2014

What should be the limit on ownership of guns? [View all]

What is the limit on the right to keep arms that should be considered acceptable?
For purposes of this poll, assume:
-An option includes all limitations above it excepting #1
-we are only considering purchase and ownership, not carry, smart technology or other gun control issues
-all restrictions will be retroactive as much as is possible
-any changes needed to the Constitution or SCOTUS rulings will happen to make these possible

Be brave! Vote your belief whether strict or loose...
At the point of your limit you believe further restrictions on guns will have no appreciable effect and actions other than gun control are needed to reduce crime and deaths

Edit> I did not include any voluntary options, such as buybacks, as 'voluntary' implies it not really being a restriction.

37 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
"SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED"- cash gets a gun, no questions.
4 (11%)
Current system of FFL and private sellers is fine, no change
20 (54%)
UBC- all sales must be checked
5 (14%)
Mandatory training requirement
3 (8%)
Registration of all firearms
3 (8%)
Bans on certain guns deemed exceptionally dangerous
0 (0%)
Must show need for purchase/ownership
1 (3%)
Private ownership allowed but guns stored in armory, a finite time for use outside
1 (3%)
No private ownership, mandatory buyback of all guns
0 (0%)
No private ownership, confiscation without compensation
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Should be able to choose more than 1 option chemp Nov 2014 #1
Limited options sarisataka Nov 2014 #3
what is wrong with a NRA safety course? saltpepperdoor Dec 2014 #24
I don't own a gun and never will yeoman6987 Dec 2014 #77
No public ownership. ZombieHorde Nov 2014 #2
By publicly owned sarisataka Nov 2014 #5
Yes. ZombieHorde Nov 2014 #8
Current system as is VScott Nov 2014 #4
^This^ n/t DustyJoe Nov 2014 #6
I feel much the same way. Veganstein Dec 2014 #34
I ticked 4 Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #7
I would like to see a voluntary reduction in gun upaloopa Nov 2014 #9
Are you willing to show your support for reduced firearm ownership.......... oneshooter Dec 2014 #35
I am going to a gun store and sell it to a dealer. upaloopa Dec 2014 #36
That is not "reducing ownership" that is simply changing ownership. oneshooter Dec 2014 #42
Fine I get a call out from a gunner upaloopa Dec 2014 #47
I do not ever recall sarisataka Dec 2014 #49
He is willing to give up his gun. oneshooter Dec 2014 #54
All we need is to add UBCs. nt hack89 Nov 2014 #10
My recommendations -- Nuclear Unicorn Nov 2014 #11
Agree EOM. The Green Manalishi Dec 2014 #90
When I first saw this post, Jenoch Nov 2014 #12
Given the lack of radio buttons, I'll have to go with registration. stone space Nov 2014 #13
"Criminal gun owners" can not be required to register their firearms. n/t oneshooter Nov 2014 #14
But law abiding gun owners can. stone space Nov 2014 #20
Why would a law abiding gun owner need to register? Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #25
Unregistered guns would be illegal. stone space Dec 2014 #26
What would that prevent? Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #28
Law abiding gun owners would not be punished. stone space Dec 2014 #29
How long of a sentence should a woman serve for shooting a rapist with an unregistered gun? Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #31
I have a feeling... discntnt_irny_srcsm Dec 2014 #33
The poll is effectively radio buttons. You can only choose one. AtheistCrusader Nov 2014 #22
oops...you're right. (nt) stone space Nov 2014 #23
I voted for UBC option, but this can be handled at state Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #15
Would you be okay with a UBC Jenoch Nov 2014 #17
In principle, yes. I don't like "gotcha" laws... Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #18
Is it possible California made that change in the law Jenoch Nov 2014 #19
no restrictions cash buys gun helpmetohelpyou Nov 2014 #16
Really? Convicted murderer gets to own guns and Carry them? nt Logical Nov 2014 #21
If gunz have rights, then they should be allowed in prison cells. stone space Dec 2014 #27
That is one of those rhetorical arguments that is so manifestly ridiculous and beyond the Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #30
OK. I'm out. stone space Dec 2014 #32
Confiscation Matrosov Dec 2014 #37
The absence of guns doesn't lead to the absence of violence and crime. It may actually lead to more. Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #38
Guns facilitate crime and suicide Matrosov Dec 2014 #44
Why, then, does largely gun-free Japan have such a high suicide rate? friendly_iconoclast Dec 2014 #52
It's a cultural issue in Japan Matrosov Dec 2014 #66
Less than 5% of sexual assaults involve an attacker with a gun. Why ban protection for women? nt Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #55
Because it's about much more than sexual assault Matrosov Dec 2014 #67
How many defensive gun uses occur annually? Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #68
Let us know when you (or your children) will be volunteering to do the confiscating. friendly_iconoclast Dec 2014 #39
Why should I volunteer? Matrosov Dec 2014 #45
Advocating for others to do risky things, but won't do them yourself? friendly_iconoclast Dec 2014 #50
That goes for a lot of things Matrosov Dec 2014 #64
John Fogerty and CCW described your mindset well: friendly_iconoclast Dec 2014 #69
The Lame Analogy of the Month award. Straw Man Dec 2014 #40
Hardly Matrosov Dec 2014 #43
You aren't fooling anyone. beevul Dec 2014 #46
The emphatic adverb. Straw Man Dec 2014 #48
No, it's a fantasy Matrosov Dec 2014 #65
Misconceptions galore. Straw Man Dec 2014 #72
While "good guy with a gun" is overwrought as social policy Eleanors38 Dec 2014 #70
Another "hand wringer" that preferes a "comfy" police state DonP Dec 2014 #41
In my opinion historical guns and replicas upaloopa Dec 2014 #51
So if you don't want discussion and opinion that differs from yours. oneshooter Dec 2014 #53
Don't define me don't put words upaloopa Dec 2014 #56
In other words,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oneshooter Dec 2014 #57
Typical DashOneBravo Dec 2014 #58
Can't you control yourself? You are a bully upaloopa Dec 2014 #60
Cry me a river. Let use know when you have had your firearms destroyed. oneshooter Dec 2014 #61
Leave me alone upaloopa Dec 2014 #62
Post removed Post removed Dec 2014 #63
You will be surprised at what guns you just banned... kioa Dec 2014 #59
I actually agree with the highlighted quote... Eleanors38 Dec 2014 #71
Not painfully ignorant about guns. It isn't upaloopa Dec 2014 #78
"There are many things I have little knowledge of but it isn't painful or ignorance." friendly_iconoclast Dec 2014 #81
You should not own any kind of a gun..... American_74911003 Dec 2014 #73
Is it some badge of honor to know about guns. upaloopa Dec 2014 #79
Willful ignorance of a subject one opines about is not a virtue friendly_iconoclast Dec 2014 #80
The "gun knowledge slam" Straw Man Dec 2014 #82
We all are citizens of this country. upaloopa Dec 2014 #83
You yourself have noted that exploitation of low information voters... friendly_iconoclast Dec 2014 #84
So you're OK with laws and rulings based on ignorance? Straw Man Dec 2014 #85
Why do you reply by telling me what I think? upaloopa Dec 2014 #86
I'm telling you what you said. Straw Man Dec 2014 #88
I already voted but... discntnt_irny_srcsm Dec 2014 #74
Ah, the person who defines sarisataka Dec 2014 #75
"person who defines" discntnt_irny_srcsm Dec 2014 #76
IIRC, We've had a pretty steady stream of these self appointed zampolits down here DonP Dec 2014 #87
I tend to think that... discntnt_irny_srcsm Dec 2014 #89
good methodology doesn't override internet polling forum jimmy the one Dec 2014 #91
For the picture post group discntnt_irny_srcsm Dec 2014 #92
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