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6. Good point if you don't care enough to send the very best...
Fri Dec 5, 2014, 09:27 PM
Dec 2014

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I must admit my 9's, 38, and 380 out number my 45's by 4

A $100 fine... discntnt_irny_srcsm Dec 2014 #1
A sliding scale should be employed here: NYC_SKP Dec 2014 #2
I'm still waiting to find out what they think registration will achieve? DonP Dec 2014 #3
Registration will allow us to find/end intentional straw purchasers. People who move AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #16
Registration doesn't allow for the tracking of guns (Hint: traffickers won't be registering guns). Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #18
Registration happens at point of sale for new guns. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #21
What should be the penalty for shooting a rapist with an unregistered gun? nt Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #22
I already answered your question. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #23
No, you explained the process of being criminally charged and tried. The penalty is another matter. Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #25
No, I described what happens when you are found to be out of compliance with XYZ law, during the AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #27
Why are you so reluctant to answer? You're skirting the issue with all this jabber. Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #28
I'm not skirting it. I'm answering it directly. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #32
you gunners, always wanting to disobey the law and be unkind to the needy. ileus Dec 2014 #4
You're right. I forgot. I'll start carrying a can of beans or a bicycle tyre. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #24
It should be based on the type of gun used SkatmanRoth Dec 2014 #5
Good point if you don't care enough to send the very best... ileus Dec 2014 #6
You know what they say... DonP Dec 2014 #7
You convinced me...I'm going to stop pocket carrying my LCP ileus Dec 2014 #8
I alternate between a Kahr CM9, the version of the PM9 for cheap SoB's ... DonP Dec 2014 #10
funny you should mention the CM9 ileus Dec 2014 #19
Its a good carry option DonP Dec 2014 #20
What if using a caliber larger than that... S_B_Jackson Dec 2014 #9
That would be bad logistics. ManiacJoe Dec 2014 #12
Over penetration SkatmanRoth Dec 2014 #15
Assuming things stay the way they are now, ManiacJoe Dec 2014 #11
What should the penalty be? Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #13
One dollar, ManiacJoe Dec 2014 #14
Two 'Our Fathers' and six 'Hail Marys'? pablo_marmol Dec 2014 #17
What should the penalty be if your kid got your gun upaloopa Dec 2014 #26
There are already penalties for that with civil liabilities. Would you care to answer the OP now? Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #29
I am asking you to trade the rapist getting upaloopa Dec 2014 #30
I recommend not letting your kid play with firearms. ileus Dec 2014 #31
Seeing as gun registration does nothing to prevent any shooting, accidental or otherwise, Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #33
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