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26. they do. no amount of tragedy will change the minds of gun lovers and the nra
Thu Mar 26, 2015, 11:29 PM
Mar 2015

stats are made up
insults are thrown around
victim complexes are invoked
requests for calm when talking about victims and then hysteria when there is any threat to any gun type of gun access

and when all is exhausted, the twisted language used to justify an incorrect interpretation of the 2a is invoked, and supported by the same supreme court morons that think corporations are people, followed by threats that all elections will be lost if anyone tries to be rational about gun proliferation, followed by more name calling (while saying they are being called names).

Very sad. In_The_Wind Mar 2015 #1
Sorry, but the parents need to be charged brush Mar 2015 #2
I totally agree with your post. nt Electric Monk Mar 2015 #3
Agreed, any adult who leaves a firearm accessible to a child GGJohn Mar 2015 #5
Negligent homicide seems appropriate Electric Monk Mar 2015 #7
Negligent homicide would be a good charge GGJohn Mar 2015 #10
i think losing the two kids is pretty devastating samsingh Mar 2015 #24
And yet 99.9% of firearms in this country weren't used in any GGJohn Mar 2015 #4
and 99.9% of commercial flights aren't hijacked, but we have really strict regulations Electric Monk Mar 2015 #6
Not relevent, taking a commercial flight isn't an enumerated right, GGJohn Mar 2015 #8
Constitutions are often amended. Sarcastica Mar 2015 #11
Yeah, right. GGJohn Mar 2015 #14
In the 1980's the reich wing gave us "just say no" no tolerance and they promoted hatred for LGBT. Sarcastica Mar 2015 #15
None of those are enumerated rights, although gay marriage should be. GGJohn Mar 2015 #17
sleep well Sarcastica Mar 2015 #18
Oh I do, owning and working a ranch/farm will do that for one's self. GGJohn Mar 2015 #19
they do. no amount of tragedy will change the minds of gun lovers and the nra samsingh Mar 2015 #26
That which is enumerated can be UN-ENUMERATED! immoderate Mar 2015 #29
Yeah? GGJohn Mar 2015 #30
You're right. You should do nothing at all. Sarcastica Mar 2015 #35
"Nothing at all" Wow. What an incredible coincidence! DonP Mar 2015 #38
Well he banned me from his "group." NaturalHigh Mar 2015 #40
Now he's lecturing Skinner in his thread on how to run his website. DonP Mar 2015 #41
Jury results, for the post you're talking about. Were you the alerter? Electric Monk Mar 2015 #42
No, I didn't alert on that. NaturalHigh Mar 2015 #43
No, but I saw the post, pretty rude to give Skinner a rhetorical finger like you did. DonP Mar 2015 #50
You're "the worst right wing gun troll in the Gungeon"? NaturalHigh Mar 2015 #44
I thought I had that title Duckhunter935 Mar 2015 #46
A term comes to mind... beevul Mar 2015 #49
that is probably Duckhunter935 Mar 2015 #48
Wear it as a badge of honour. darkangel218 Mar 2015 #51
Right next to your banishment medal from CastleBansaLot. oneshooter Mar 2015 #53
I think it's his way of telling us to get off his lawn. NaturalHigh Mar 2015 #57
I actually bragged about it to my wife last night. NaturalHigh Mar 2015 #54
Good point and it is "relevant". Cha Mar 2015 #33
good point. Most people aren't criminals - we still have prisons. samsingh Mar 2015 #36
great and accurate stat - i can make them up too samsingh Mar 2015 #25
Post removed Post removed Mar 2015 #27
Wow. A 13 year old 2nd Amendment activist. Do they have a Junior NRA? Sarcastica Mar 2015 #9
Your pause to acknowledge the victims sarisataka Mar 2015 #12
disgusting gun lovers in the nra samsingh Mar 2015 #22
If gun owners are so disgusting, GGJohn Mar 2015 #28
i wasn't referring to the gun lovers in this forum - but the extreme ones in the nra. samsingh Mar 2015 #37
before the rush to judgement, there seems to be a question of where the gun came from hollysmom Mar 2015 #13
Irresponsible gun owners. Sarcastica Mar 2015 #16
you are right samsingh Mar 2015 #23
2 kids killed - i don't think we should downplay that to appease the nra's thirst for blood samsingh Mar 2015 #21
I don't think we should ever make light of someone's death. NaturalHigh Mar 2015 #45
trying to eliminate gun violence because of the nra's bullshit is not a political prop samsingh Mar 2015 #56
don't forget the easy access to guns. thank the nra. samsingh Mar 2015 #20
Somehow, I just started thinking of the the Seal Beach mass shooting ... NBachers Mar 2015 #30
Proper secured storage is a good thing. ManiacJoe Mar 2015 #32
Either keep PSDs on your person or locked up...that's simple. ileus Mar 2015 #34
Hey EM...sorry, I didn't mean to post in your little haven. NaturalHigh Mar 2015 #39
Glad to see you join the club Duckhunter935 Mar 2015 #47
Thanks. I was just hoping to save it for something epic. NaturalHigh Mar 2015 #55
EM DashOneBravo Mar 2015 #52
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