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6. Going buffalo hunting? In Buffalo? From a train?
Mon Dec 10, 2012, 08:31 PM
Dec 2012
I just bought a 45 caliber rifle [View all] oneshooter Dec 2012 OP
Congrats Sherman A1 Dec 2012 #1
Black powder? Straw Man Dec 2012 #2
I just bought a kevlar vest with no serial number, no tracking number and it is a garment 2on2u Dec 2012 #3
flintlock or precussion? gejohnston Dec 2012 #4
Flint, 39" full stock w/single trigger oneshooter Dec 2012 #11
Not much for firearms personally, but Hayabusa Dec 2012 #27
I just bought all my ingredients for my holiday baking. Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2012 #5
Happy Holidays to you, dear friend. oneshooter Dec 2012 #12
Going buffalo hunting? In Buffalo? From a train? leveymg Dec 2012 #6
I love Neil Young and carpet Berserker Dec 2012 #7
Thanks for that. Back at You> leveymg Dec 2012 #14
That was back Berserker Dec 2012 #15
I once used a lid rolled up like a G19 on my belt under my shirt to avoid being mugged. leveymg Dec 2012 #24
If I were to hunt for American Bison I would rather use oneshooter Dec 2012 #13
Holy shit, that makes me sick Hayabusa Dec 2012 #29
WHAT!!! No screaming from the controlers about how agin the law that is! oneshooter Dec 2012 #8
So you were just fishing for attention? ForgoTheConsequence Dec 2012 #9
You can say that again. n/t Glaug-Eldare Dec 2012 #16
One very sick, safeinOhio Dec 2012 #18
The HORROR Berserker Dec 2012 #10
What do you say we just limit you to single shot black powder doc03 Dec 2012 #26
Too late, the cat is loose and will not be caged again. oneshooter Dec 2012 #28
After all that was the state of the art in weaponry back in the day doc03 Dec 2012 #30
How'd you post that with hand cranked, moveable type? friendly_iconoclast Dec 2012 #32
There is no stipulation in the 1st Amendment about doc03 Dec 2012 #33
regulated also meant well functioning gejohnston Dec 2012 #34
Something in .45-70? n/t Clames Dec 2012 #17
Comment: This is an asinine troll attempt Glaug-Eldare Dec 2012 #19
Comment noted..................and pretty much ignored. oneshooter Dec 2012 #23
Hey, you asked. Glaug-Eldare Dec 2012 #25
Sounds like a Hi-point with the SN filed off. ileus Dec 2012 #20
I found it on GunBroker. Builder is in Indiana oneshooter Dec 2012 #21
OH my Berserker Dec 2012 #22
I have 2-75 cal assault weapons sitting next to me. Historic NY Dec 2012 #31
Locking krispos42 Dec 2012 #35
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