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Thank you Thom Hartman. lovemydog Aug 2015 #1
That was stunningly beautiful! Cha Aug 2015 #28
... handmade34 Aug 2015 #2
Excellent! BainsBane Aug 2015 #3
When I hear the word 'rude' or 'disuptive' applied, I want to say that's a false equivalency. freshwest Aug 2015 #4
Thom Hartmann. sheshe2 Aug 2015 #5
Note the tinge of anger in his voice! ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #53
Ouch! sheshe2 Aug 2015 #58
Yes, I did notice that.. and the more he was thinking about it.. the more pissed off he became. Cha Aug 2015 #121
Damn, good for him! Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #6
Yes, his account posted this video in this thread in GD under the heading "lets wake white folks up Number23 Aug 2015 #8
Oooo....! Will go check that out. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #9
So glad you brought it here, I don't usually visit V&MM anymore. 400 years! Time for respect! n/t freshwest Aug 2015 #16
Fuck YES! sheshe2 Aug 2015 #17
And he has called out the good, the bad and ugly by name. It's a public board, quoted elsewhere. n/t freshwest Aug 2015 #13
Yes, I guess I wish the boards owners would make some kind of a stand too. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #15
Skinner has said, when a bad post is made, they stopped removing them. It's their punishment. freshwest Aug 2015 #25
he is also a Sanders supporters and this was posted in GD JI7 Aug 2015 #7
This is what everybody has been saying since Netroots. THIS IS NOT ABOUT BERNIE SANDERS Number23 Aug 2015 #12
I wold hate to be a Black woman ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #44
They might Jamaal510 Aug 2015 #99
There is no doubt that the reaction to the BLM has been very emotionally charged. stillwaiting Aug 2015 #59
I haven't seen these "apologies." All I've seen is more doubling down and "jokes" made about "have Number23 Aug 2015 #79
I'll be upfront here: Jamaal510 Aug 2015 #101
"He has to put them in check before it's too late and he loses even more would-be supporters." Number23 Aug 2015 #103
An intervention isn't a bad idea. Jamaal510 Aug 2015 #105
Absofuckinglutely. Number23 Aug 2015 #107
I'm a Bernie supporter and did not like my own first reaction. unapatriciated Aug 2015 #104
Racism is a powerful force. It is stronger than reinforced steel yet can travel light as a Number23 Aug 2015 #106
Then it is up to me and others to open their eyes. unapatriciated Aug 2015 #108
That's a really good point. lovemydog Aug 2015 #34
bernie hired BLM activist Symone Sanders noiretextatique Aug 2015 #10
I stand with Marissa Johnson "#BlackLivesMatter More Than the Hurt Feelings of White Progressives" Cha Aug 2015 #24
Just so I am clear ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #45
No, it was the message: freshwest Aug 2015 #118
If Clinton did something like that it would be called "pandering" George II Aug 2015 #60
Truth be told at last! JustAnotherGen Aug 2015 #61
"Somehow I can't imagine Mahatma Gandhi giving the microphone back." stone space Aug 2015 #11
Thank God Dems2002 Aug 2015 #14
Good Lord, yes... Number23 Aug 2015 #18
This is a good thing, Hartman will end up helping Sanders in the longer run. uponit7771 Aug 2015 #19
I'm glad he came out with this passiveporcupine Aug 2015 #20
Marissa Johnson is for #BlackLivesMatter.. too many people are trying to smear her and Thom Cha Aug 2015 #30
Right on ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #21
"Seattle is the city of the WTO protests." Apparently these folks have forgotten that Number23 Aug 2015 #22
Right? ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #23
You know in the last few days all I've been trying to giftedgirl77 Aug 2015 #52
Mahalo for that report on your city, ismnotwasm! Cha Aug 2015 #33
I do not think that Occupy should support any movement that refuses to let a speaker speak. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #26
... Number23 Aug 2015 #32
".. the BLM movement and the Black movement in general needs to understand.. .. " Just Cha Aug 2015 #35
I agree with BLM. I don't agree with its strategy. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #65
Innocent people - boys, girls, men & women lovemydog Aug 2015 #91
No, just your sentence right here.. says you don't get it. you're the one who needs to learn.. Cha Aug 2015 #119
disagree JI7 Aug 2015 #39
Please see my posts 64 and 65. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #66
LOL betsuni Aug 2015 #98
Great minds and all... NOLALady Aug 2015 #97
UGH JI7 Aug 2015 #40
You are missing the most important elements here etherealtruth Aug 2015 #41
Wrong. Brown v. Board of Education and the Supreme Court decisions JDPriestly Aug 2015 #64
I am sorry, I won't take the time to read your ramblings etherealtruth Aug 2015 #67
Thanks for reading my post and for your response. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #68
Well, to summarize what I am getting from your posts is... Spazito Aug 2015 #71
Yep. "Yikes" indeed. Number23 Aug 2015 #75
What alternative is there? JDPriestly Aug 2015 #83
The issue is NOT to change the mind of a racist... Spazito Aug 2015 #84
FFS. How do you think those decisions make it to the Supreme Court in the first place? ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #72
I think you misunderstand what I am saying. I know very well how those decisions made it to JDPriestly Aug 2015 #82
Someone so easily "alienated" was never a very strong ally to begin with. nomorenomore08 Nov 2015 #132
Family, I blocked this person. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #85
I want to cover this post in chocolate and dunk it in my cocoa. Number23 Aug 2015 #74
... greatauntoftriplets Aug 2015 #92
thank you. sheshe2 Aug 2015 #111
My mom is your age and I can't imagine her Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #49
Not to mention (Worth the Hide!) onpatrol98 Aug 2015 #69
Oh my! Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #70
Whoops! ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #73
That is all kinds of awesome. Number23 Aug 2015 #76
Jesus H. Christ. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2015 #95
So it was okay when it was not an elected official JustAnotherGen Aug 2015 #100
It is the disappointment of one who has worked in the trenches and then has to watch other people JDPriestly Aug 2015 #78
I really think you should leave this forum, I am asking you please. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #80
As both a white progressive and a Sanders supporter, this post made me cringe. Embarrassing. WIProgressive88 Aug 2015 #110
It really is. And what's sad is that this person will not only NOT learn from this exchange Number23 Aug 2015 #114
Are you really "on their side" if you're trying so hard to dictate the terms? nomorenomore08 Nov 2015 #134
Look, I'm an RN ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #62
WOW.. he calls DU OUT on their Shite! Awesome, Number23! Brave told me Cha Aug 2015 #27
Yes, bravenak wrote to Thom and showed him what's been going on at DU and who's been doing it Number23 Aug 2015 #29
Look at that girl go.. out there in the real world .. gettn' things done! Cha Aug 2015 #36
Nice! Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #50
Good for her! greatauntoftriplets Aug 2015 #96
I agree! That gal is a wiz when it comes to using the media. One of the 789,287 reasons Number23 Aug 2015 #102
So! dpatbrown Aug 2015 #31
So ... You should listen! n/t 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #46
WHAT? lovemydog Aug 2015 #89
The proper response is, "Huh?" n/t 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #93
What did Bernie do to deserve being heckled? bluestateguy Aug 2015 #37
The use by date on those "points" you're making have looooong since expired Number23 Aug 2015 #38
Exactly. Past the expiration date. lovemydog Aug 2015 #87
He is running for public office ... It is part of the gig etherealtruth Aug 2015 #42
Well ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #47
It took me a while to get that joke lovemydog Aug 2015 #90
Black people being murdered lovemydog Aug 2015 #88
You need to keep up.. and it's your loss if you don't take them "seriously". Seriously. Cha Aug 2015 #122
Joe Madison mentioned BumRushDaShow Aug 2015 #43
There's been a whole lot of "Gotcha!" from a certain crowd here targeting black posters with gentle Number23 Aug 2015 #77
"That was "principled disruption" BumRushDaShow Aug 2015 #86
they didn't seem to mind cornel west's racist diatribes against President Obama and FL Michelle, Cha Aug 2015 #120
Mahalo Cha! BumRushDaShow Aug 2015 #124
Aloha BRDS! Cha Aug 2015 #125
Yes, BRDS! "Good on the Real Progressives for calling out the hypocrisy" and the ignorance. Cha Aug 2015 #123
yes!! Quayblue Aug 2015 #48
It is great to hear Thom Hartmann 'gets it'... Spazito Aug 2015 #51
Huge K&R! Bobbie Jo Aug 2015 #54
"They're sick and tired of being shot at." And shat on, too. calimary Aug 2015 #55
Kick & highly recommended! William769 Aug 2015 #56
He - he - he JustAnotherGen Aug 2015 #57
Girl, Whoopie is GETTING DOWN Number23 Aug 2015 #81
Lol~ sheshe2 Aug 2015 #113
"They physically attacked Bernie!!!!" zappaman Aug 2015 #63
No kidding zappaman. lovemydog Aug 2015 #94
As BS' "campaign coordinator", Hartmann has to save face. The optics have been awful for them. Tarheel_Dem Aug 2015 #109
"I've seen an ugly outpouring here, over the past couple of weeks, that I'll never forget." Number23 Aug 2015 #115
Glad he said it, but since I don't like Hartmann, I'm not impressed. He's putting out a fire for... Tarheel_Dem Aug 2015 #117
I agree completely with everything Thom said. WIProgressive88 Aug 2015 #112
I couldn't agree more with everything you've written. Number23 Aug 2015 #116
Thanks for the welcome, Number23. WIProgressive88 Aug 2015 #126
Want to kick this after finding out that John Lewis' Facebook page was slimed after he dared to Number23 Oct 2015 #127
Man, sorry to hear about John Lewis' facebook. And thanks for sharing this video. Stellar Oct 2015 #128
It was slimed? zappaman Oct 2015 #129
Daily Kos has been all over this. Many of the black diarists there have been FUMING over the Number23 Oct 2015 #130
Ugh. zappaman Oct 2015 #131
A late K&R, if I may. I just wish I'd seen this thread 3 months ago. n/t nomorenomore08 Nov 2015 #133
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