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16. He wasn't leadership
Sat Feb 13, 2016, 04:34 AM
Feb 2016

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He didn't get beaten.

He didn't stand where he lived.

He wasn't two people over from MLK.

I don't care about photo gate - I think it's silly that people are twisted over it. We know Sanders did the north east liberal thing to do and marched on Washington. Hell! My mom and her parents were there and they were white folks from California.

At no time however would she (a teenager at the time) says she was this huge part of the movement. The people getting beaten to a pulp, attacked by dogs, lynched, and fire hosed were the big part.

Where the derision comes from is this idea (not you but the way some people write) that Sanders was the master mind. He was in secret meetings. He built the lunch counters. A march does not a Leader Make. Lewis was a little pup who had not one fuck to give about his life.

What was it worth in the USA at that time anyways?

Nothing. He was my dad's contemporary and grew up in the same cesspool of everything that was wrong with America in his face everyday. If folks want to tout Sanders sympathy towards the black civil rights movement - that's fine.

But let it stand alone.

It has nothing to do with John Lewis and he shouldn't be placed on the same pillar as Lewis.

It didn't happen like that.

It did not.

And I want people to stop trying to delude themselves that it's Sanders who was at the signing for his efforts.

He was not there.

I'll take his word over Sanders any day of the week! leftofcool Feb 2016 #1
So will I sheshe2 Feb 2016 #2
You post the best photos, she! mcar Feb 2016 #23
what word would that be???? What did he say that you would take his word over juxtaposed Feb 2016 #3
You response sheshe2 Feb 2016 #4
I will reply...do you think Lewis knew and was familiar with everyone angstlessk Feb 2016 #5
Actually, the question was not asked of you. However. sheshe2 Feb 2016 #6
He wasn't leadership JustAnotherGen Feb 2016 #16
Slow applause sheshe2 Feb 2016 #18
Thanks JustAnotherGen Feb 2016 #19
You tell 'em! wildeyed Feb 2016 #21
You explained this perfectly Empowerer Feb 2016 #22
Well said mcar Feb 2016 #24
They Desperately want to win JustAnotherGen Feb 2016 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author juxtaposed Feb 2016 #9
.... sheshe2 Feb 2016 #10
John Lewis is a hero (icon) to me, John Lewis is what we see during the early 60's in the south. juxtaposed Feb 2016 #11
He s not the President I've been waiting for JustAnotherGen Feb 2016 #17
Congratulations Representative Lewis The Polack MSgt Feb 2016 #7
Hey MSgt sheshe2 Feb 2016 #8
While i was typing my comment... The Polack MSgt Feb 2016 #12
Indeed... Digital Puppy Feb 2016 #13
Congressman John Lewis is a national treasure Gothmog Feb 2016 #14
Yes he is. sheshe2 Feb 2016 #15
He is a true hero. BlueMTexpat Feb 2016 #20
Congratulations to Congressman John Lewis! lunamagica Feb 2016 #26
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