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35. See #34.
Mon May 19, 2014, 05:27 PM
May 2014
This is not a safe haven for believers, it's a group for the discussion of religion - and for some obsessive members, atheism.

What is obsessive is non-stamp collectors persistently talking about stamp collecting. Particularly when they repeatedly echo each other.
Worse LostOne4Ever May 2014 #1
Apparently not. rug May 2014 #2
The discussionist is ok but DU is better. Too many old scores being settled at the moment. hrmjustin May 2014 #3
The Discussionist is still in its formative stages. No Vested Interest May 2014 #4
I'll check again in six months or so. Iggo May 2014 #6
DU is home. hrmjustin May 2014 #8
It is for me, as well Warpy May 2014 #50
The atheists won; a few proofs that their idea of "God" did not exist did it Brettongarcia May 2014 #5
Lol! rug May 2014 #33
Somewhere along the way, okasha May 2014 #37
Which proofs for the non-existence of God were those? n/t Htom Sirveaux May 2014 #39
Probably the same ones he offered okasha May 2014 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author Act_of_Reparation May 2014 #49
Here are some of the many proofs that the commonly-conceived God does not exist Brettongarcia May 2014 #55
I will be honest with you their beliefs section is not as interesting and I have no desire to hrmjustin May 2014 #7
I agree with you. No Vested Interest May 2014 #9
Well I just gave up on some and so used the ignore button. hrmjustin May 2014 #10
I've used it as well, and just might add to it very soon. nt No Vested Interest May 2014 #11
. hrmjustin May 2014 #12
I just added two more to "ignore". nt No Vested Interest May 2014 #28
At this point I don't think I will add anymore. hrmjustin May 2014 #29
Are you talking about this group when you say "the believers group"? trotsky May 2014 #13
I took it to mean the posts were ridiculous and inappropriate. rug May 2014 #34
This is not a believers group. Iggo May 2014 #14
Go to it. Speak all you want. No Vested Interest May 2014 #15
Huh? Iggo May 2014 #18
Glad you realized, as I did after I had typed - No Vested Interest May 2014 #21
Actually, what is "rather ridiculous and inappropriate" is your idea that mr blur May 2014 #16
No one is stopping you. No Vested Interest May 2014 #17
Religion affects the lives of non-believers, too. trotsky May 2014 #19
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #20
The answer could be "yes" to all of the above. nt No Vested Interest May 2014 #25
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #27
As soon as the religious stop making it my business, I'll be right there with you. LiberalAndProud May 2014 #23
There is no rule against disliking sports in the sports forum. Warren Stupidity May 2014 #24
I guess, now that I've wearied of this "discussion" No Vested Interest May 2014 #26
Well indeed when you have been shown to be completely wrong on the facts about this group Warren Stupidity May 2014 #30
Post removed Post removed May 2014 #31
There is no rule against baying at the moon either. rug May 2014 #40
Hey, don't go speciesist on us. okasha May 2014 #42
I thought wolves did that. Coyotes must sound completely different. rug May 2014 #43
They have higher voices. okasha May 2014 #44
Lol! rug May 2014 #45
When one of my Chinese friends graduated from KU, his parents came over to tblue37 May 2014 #52
See #34. rug May 2014 #35
Well put, rug. nt No Vested Interest May 2014 #36
People live and die based on the state of stamp collecting. enki23 May 2014 #46
Here. rug May 2014 #47
Post removed Post removed May 2014 #48
This isn't the 'believers' group; this is the religion discussion group LeftishBrit May 2014 #32
Except that this is not the "believers" group skepticscott May 2014 #38
I don't practice any religion, per se. Yet was raised Catholic and remain "culturally" Catholic. pinto May 2014 #22
Thanks pinto. I'm culturally a Catholic too. All those Cleita May 2014 #53
I have asked them to please put me as beneficiary on their life insurance policy. libdem4life May 2014 #51
To be honest I don't feel like arguing with other liberals on there. I choose to do battle with... hrmjustin May 2014 #54
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