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mr blur

(7,753 posts)
Mon Feb 29, 2016, 05:37 AM Feb 2016

“Pope Francis: it’s time to protect the children and restore the faith.” [View all]

Michael Sugar, producer of the Oscar-winning "Spotlight" (well-deserved) speaking from the stage when accepting the award. He said said he hoped the film’s message – that institutional silence over child abuse was not to be tolerated – would “resonate all the way to the Vatican”.

He continued with a direct call to the pontiff. “Pope Francis: it’s time to protect the children and restore the faith.”

Is anyone else surprised that the Oscar voters would risk the wrath and power of the RCC?

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This should have a million recs. bvf Feb 2016 #1
And it should at least have a million or so BUMPs. onager Feb 2016 #3
More than a bit skepticscott Feb 2016 #2
One timeout at a time for now, scott. trotsky Feb 2016 #4
Jury result, 1-6 Leave Lancero Feb 2016 #8
Thank you! skepticscott Feb 2016 #10
Looks like juror #6 pegged it! It's so sad to see the impotent rage of apologists on vacation. cleanhippie Feb 2016 #27
Not surprised, so much. LiberalAndProud Feb 2016 #5
It's funny they can gin up the outrage to picket a fictional movie, but not for child rape in the AtheistCrusader Feb 2016 #6
Down with this sort of thing! skepticscott Feb 2016 #7
Isn't it? LiberalAndProud Feb 2016 #9
The Muslims and Xians banned "Da Vinci Code..." onager Mar 2016 #60
Catholic Response to this movie: happyslug Feb 2016 #11
Empty PR bullshit skepticscott Feb 2016 #12
Given even the AG of Massachusetts says Law committed no crime, what punishment is due? happyslug Feb 2016 #15
Other than burning in hell? skepticscott Feb 2016 #18
I do not know if his FAILURE to act was "Horrible". happyslug Feb 2016 #26
His failure to act skepticscott Mar 2016 #30
"to pay all the consequences" trotsky Feb 2016 #13
The Massachusetts Attorney General has ruled Law committed NO CRIME. happyslug Feb 2016 #14
Oh how wonderfully convenient for him. trotsky Feb 2016 #16
Civil Suites? Law has no assets, no attorney wants to sue Law. happyslug Feb 2016 #17
Well thank goodness you're here to make sure there is no accountability. trotsky Feb 2016 #20
"Law has no assets" Lordquinton Mar 2016 #53
So why is he holed up in the Vatican? skepticscott Feb 2016 #19
Law has been involved in Vatican Politics for decades... happyslug Feb 2016 #22
None of your Google-fu skepticscott Feb 2016 #23
Law was well liked by John Paul II, mostly for Law's Civil Rights Work in the 1950s and 1960s happyslug Feb 2016 #25
You're actually defending the enabling of child rape? skepticscott Mar 2016 #29
Does it bother you at all that civil courts are instructing religious institutions in moral behavior LiberalAndProud Feb 2016 #21
The Courts do NOT make judgement calls on Morals, they award damages for actual harm done happyslug Feb 2016 #24
One has to admire your persistence in defending the indefensible. mr blur Mar 2016 #28
You are engaging in the slimiest of tactics. trotsky Mar 2016 #31
So you quote a Bishop who stated the "Age of Reason is age 1" as to saying 7 year old is at fault happyslug Mar 2016 #32
This is disgusting. No, people in other large institutions did not have similar problems. trotsky Mar 2016 #33
I commend your effort to engage with this character... Act_of_Reparation Mar 2016 #35
15K posts or not SwankyXomb Mar 2016 #76
You should do some study on the subject, you will find it is a common problem happyslug Mar 2016 #39
I have absolutely zero interest in researching the repulsive bullshit you're posting. trotsky Mar 2016 #40
Or, so you care less about the truth, your opinion are superior happyslug Mar 2016 #41
Yes, my opinion here is superior. trotsky Mar 2016 #50
Interesting, isn't it? Not ONE religionist has spoken up skepticscott Mar 2016 #51
Depth and scale, maybe not. LiberalAndProud Mar 2016 #102
What desperate, ridiculous drivel. You should be ashamed of yourself - and your church. mr blur Mar 2016 #34
I did NOT say seven year old can have sex, but that the Bishop's comment dies reflect the law happyslug Mar 2016 #36
We are discussing LAW not the Rapist, the Rapist went to jail happyslug Mar 2016 #42
The rapist was a sick, diseased individual skepticscott Mar 2016 #43
Morally, Yes, Legally No, and what is required by law is what I am discussing happyslug Mar 2016 #45
The legality Dorian Gray Mar 2016 #55
No, we're not. Act_of_Reparation Mar 2016 #46
This. A million times this: trotsky Mar 2016 #49
No we aren't - this subthread in particular was discussing the unique horrors... trotsky Mar 2016 #48
Thank you skepticscott Mar 2016 #37
Please note the actual Raptist ended up in jail happyslug Mar 2016 #44
In the first place, his "duty" as a moral human being skepticscott Mar 2016 #47
This guy is too much... nt EvilAL Mar 2016 #52
I have disagreed Dorian Gray Mar 2016 #56
I appreciate that skepticscott Mar 2016 #62
I see that too Dorian Gray Mar 2016 #82
So much that I find disturbing here. LiberalAndProud Mar 2016 #57
I think so much of the problem comes from historically, the church putting itself and canon law... trotsky Mar 2016 #58
There's no way to ignore the face-saving features of these actions, no doubt. LiberalAndProud Mar 2016 #63
So very true. n/t trotsky Mar 2016 #94
Post removed Post removed Mar 2016 #59
I'm not even sure why we're discussing this. LiberalAndProud Mar 2016 #61
I brought it up for most child abusers are the child's Father happyslug Mar 2016 #64
Deflection again. LiberalAndProud Mar 2016 #65
You're posting some really fucked up shit Heddi Mar 2016 #66
......... Goblinmonger Mar 2016 #67
I am sorry for what you went through, Curmudgeoness Mar 2016 #68
These stories are hard to read Lordquinton Mar 2016 #70
The really disturbing part is LiberalAndProud Mar 2016 #71
I have no words kdmorris Mar 2016 #72
And the dynamite goes... Act_of_Reparation Mar 2016 #73
You should point out your concerns to the State legislature happyslug Mar 2016 #75
After reading through this EvilAL Mar 2016 #78
Both should have been done but like police abuse rarely reported happyslug Mar 2016 #89
It's too bad that EvilAL Mar 2016 #98
Wait, what the fuck?? kdmorris Mar 2016 #104
He never learned the valuable rule... trotsky Mar 2016 #109
That's terrible. EvilAL Mar 2016 #79
A great and courageous post skepticscott Mar 2016 #80
Oh Heddi Dorian Gray Mar 2016 #84
That took great courage bvf Mar 2016 #90
Thank you, Heddi, for sharing your pain. trotsky Mar 2016 #95
What the hell is going on here? Lordquinton Mar 2016 #69
Then who supports the child? happyslug Mar 2016 #74
Did I stutter? Lordquinton Mar 2016 #77
And how is the victim to survive? happyslug Mar 2016 #87
That is disgusting kdmorris Mar 2016 #96
No, I want he victim safe, and the rapist punished Lordquinton Mar 2016 #108
So you're not only defending the cover-up skepticscott Mar 2016 #81
I am pointing out the problem with jailing such people happyslug Mar 2016 #86
How many types of offenders should fall under your child support umbrella? LiberalAndProud Mar 2016 #92
They have Dorian Gray Mar 2016 #107
Again with the sexist assumption that the mother will end up on welfare kdmorris Mar 2016 #110
No I am not. happyslug Mar 2016 #88
So you still haven't told us skepticscott Mar 2016 #91
I have never met you, and I hope that I never do, but I'm taking you off Ignore long enough mr blur Mar 2016 #93
I have been helping such victims for over 25 years, thus I am a "self-centred piece of shit." happyslug Mar 2016 #100
And by the way...they CAN pay child support from jail kdmorris Mar 2016 #97
Only in the county System rarely in the State of Federal Prison System happyslug Mar 2016 #99
Again you are assuming that fuckers who rape children will even pay child support kdmorris Mar 2016 #103
I am Dorian Gray Mar 2016 #85
What Dorian Gray Mar 2016 #83
But the state says it is the family member who is abuser who must provide the support. happyslug Mar 2016 #101
There's a factor missing in your calculations. Mariana Mar 2016 #105
Thank you Dorian Gray Mar 2016 #106
it’s time to protect the children and restore the faith. AlbertCat Mar 2016 #54
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