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41. Why do you think they call it dope...?
Fri Jun 8, 2012, 02:49 PM
Jun 2012

Addictive drugs trigger the release of the original addictive drug - dopamine.


It feels good to care, to help others, to be a member of a group that cares about you. Dopamine is an evolutionary reward for cooperation. And it works. Cooperation through empathy has been the key to our survival.

Through the miracle of modern chemistry, we can reward ourselves without any actual risk or effort. We have drugs that trigger dopamine release. But that modern convenience isn't confined to chemistry.

We can care, and subcontract the actual work and risk involved in acting on our concerns, without having to actually put any skin in the game. The down side is that since we aren't actually paying to help people but rather for the dopamine release derived from caring, the organizations that deliver it are incentivized to please us and not actually help others. And that is where you will find the ideology industry, including religion.

Oh, but "Kevin" isn't a "RealChristian(tm)" n/t BiggJawn Jun 2012 #1
It's polite to wait until someone actually says that before trotting out that chestnut. rug Jun 2012 #3
What's the fun in that? cbayer Jun 2012 #23
So - do you think he's a real Christian? dmallind Jun 2012 #27
Who am I to say what he is or is not? cbayer Jun 2012 #30
You're not. He is. And he says he's a Christian motivated by Christianity dmallind Jun 2012 #34
He is whatever he says he is, just as you are. cbayer Jun 2012 #35
Absolutely true dmallind Jun 2012 #36
Atheism is rather simply defined, though the way an individual experiences cbayer Jun 2012 #37
The way I see it... rexcat Jun 2012 #38
Disturbing thing is, the religion of "Kevin" is doing exactly what its proponents here say it does. trotsky Jun 2012 #2
I really don't think that either you or I can extrapolate from his pain rug Jun 2012 #4
I'm not having an argument - are you? trotsky Jun 2012 #5
You are. I won't. Not on this story. rug Jun 2012 #6
If you say so, rug. trotsky Jun 2012 #8
No, it's not difficult. It's profound. rug Jun 2012 #10
It's an anonymous Internet forum, rug. trotsky Jun 2012 #13
And it's someone's son who is actually dying. rug Jun 2012 #14
Yet you keep replying to me anyway. trotsky Jun 2012 #15
The last word is all yours. rug Jun 2012 #17
My last word is above. It's in the form of a question. trotsky Jun 2012 #18
So now you won't even confront the most basic questions raised by your OWN OPs? darkstar3 Jun 2012 #45
I think you don't know the most basic question this story raises. rug Jun 2012 #46
The guy's a bigot. CrispyQ Jun 2012 #20
I totally agree. trotsky Jun 2012 #21
I would say that his coping mechanism... rexcat Jun 2012 #39
The real horror amuse bouche Jun 2012 #7
I'm an atheist, but find many good teachings in the Bible, as does the author... Scuba Jun 2012 #9
It's an interesting post coming from this author. rug Jun 2012 #11
I bet even FOX News has its liberal employees. nt ZombieHorde Jun 2012 #31
I agree completely. Starboard Tack Jun 2012 #25
"One doesn't have to believe in a deity to learn from parables." That perfectly describes ... Scuba Jun 2012 #26
The christian holy book... rexcat Jun 2012 #40
While I can understand lukkadairish Jun 2012 #12
As an atheist I have no issues with anybodies faith. Shadowflash Jun 2012 #16
what he ^ said! madmom Jun 2012 #19
Ta da!! Scuba Jun 2012 #28
I'm with ya except for OriginalGeek Jun 2012 #43
agree cbayer Jun 2012 #44
This man's faith will offer him comfort rrneck Jun 2012 #22
Some comfort. Scuba Jun 2012 #29
Yes. rrneck Jun 2012 #32
Actually (and somewhat off topic) cbayer Jun 2012 #33
Why do you think they call it dope...? rrneck Jun 2012 #41
Very familiar with dopamine. cbayer Jun 2012 #42
Tragic. cbayer Jun 2012 #24
sad a smart liberal Jun 2012 #47
Welcome to DU! Couldn't agree more. shcrane71 Jun 2012 #49
In a battle of wits, I am unarmed. turtlerescue1 Jun 2012 #48
Nice post. rug Jun 2012 #50
WHOA! turtlerescue1 Jun 2012 #51
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