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7. In the strictest and most limited sense, yes.
Wed Jan 25, 2012, 11:21 AM
Jan 2012

Such a law would have to apply strictly in the most empirical sense apart from any exigent circumstances and have the capacity to be applied evenly regardless of those circumstances. I'm not aware of any way to craft such a law since humans aren't omnipotent or omniscient.

It is possible to produce the concept of an absolute good to which one might aspire. I expect that's how we wound up with ideas like God and Kant's moral imperative. Zombiehorde's reference to projection is quite accurate. We've been thinking in terms of forward movement both physically and intellectually since we walked out of Africa. For the vast majority of us where we are is almost inconsequential to where we are going. Some of us have even developed a way of thinking that refutes the imperative of forward projection which takes years of study and practice to achieve proficiency. Of course those who engage in such practice would probably not use the term "proficient " since it implies that which they are trying to avoid (another term which does not apply). Since language is a projective tool in itself it is impossible to accurately discuss that experience at all I guess. It seems we are so specifically designed to project we can hardly discuss any other option.

The term "law" assumes the possibility of an infraction, which assumes an act that has already occurred. When coupled with the term "moral", which is projective, the phrase "moral law" refers to what we should do based on a canon derived from precedent. The only moral law I can think of that might be considered universal would be the an interdiction against incest, and in the light of advances in genetic engineering and cloning it might not apply much longer.

Is there a moral law? [View all] Thats my opinion Jan 2012 OP
They vary Why Syzygy Jan 2012 #1
Good and morality are projections we attached to perceived stimuli. ZombieHorde Jan 2012 #2
"Moral law" tama Jan 2012 #3
I'd say No mr blur Jan 2012 #4
There is a natural moral law but it only applies to the in-group. Jim__ Jan 2012 #5
I think the group can be extended worldwide, but not with the full empathy muriel_volestrangler Jan 2012 #8
Not really FarCenter Jan 2012 #6
In the strictest and most limited sense, yes. rrneck Jan 2012 #7
you and Tama make the same solid point. Thats my opinion Jan 2012 #9
A deontological absolute one? No. A teleology that gives us a species survival edge? Surely. dmallind Jan 2012 #10
"How do we know this morality is a function of social conditioning not innate humanity?" Boojatta Jan 2012 #11
I have no clue if the bee would dance or not dmallind Jan 2012 #12
Mythic histories tama Jan 2012 #13
ONLY mythic histories? dmallind Jan 2012 #24
No tama Jan 2012 #27
Maybe it wasn't a good idea for me to introduce the bee dance subtopic. Boojatta Jan 2012 #14
In a word, no skepticscott Jan 2012 #15
Humans are a mixed bag. Thats my opinion Jan 2012 #16
Yes, they are, which is exactly the point skepticscott Jan 2012 #17
At least part of the good life has to do with the shadow it casts. Thats my opinion Jan 2012 #18
Most of the writing about Mother Teresa skepticscott Jan 2012 #22
Damn, Scott, it's like he completely ignored everything you just posted. cleanhippie Jan 2012 #19
Call me shocked and astonished skepticscott Jan 2012 #23
No. Social conditioning tells us what is moral and right. darkstar3 Jan 2012 #20
The FGM point is a good one. ZombieHorde Jan 2012 #21
I don't know about a 'moral law' LeftishBrit Jan 2012 #25
Why is it moral to help others Thats my opinion Jan 2012 #26
Except that most life skepticscott Jan 2012 #28
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