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2016 Postmortem

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Do you like Hillary Clinton? [View all] Cali_Democrat Jan 2016 OP
I just love people who lie about my candidate in order to deceive Democratic voters. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #1
I love Hillary Clinton: your polls is done with socialist not Dem's lewebley3 Jan 2016 #29
I don't understand what you are trying to say. morningfog Jan 2016 #39
No one does. cui bono Jan 2016 #43
lol!nt m-lekktor Jan 2016 #62
You hit that right on the head ybbor Jan 2016 #83
Wtf? Katashi_itto Jan 2016 #44
Then you must *really* love Sanders' supporters baldguy Jan 2016 #66
I can document lots of CLINTON LIES. You can document no Sanders lies. So there's that. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #85
I don't know the woman, personally Scootaloo Jan 2016 #2
The question is irrelavent to the election mdbl Jan 2016 #75
She seems to display few of the qualities I appreciate in my friends whatchamacallit Jan 2016 #3
I agree n/t MissDeeds Jan 2016 #7
Post removed Post removed Jan 2016 #30
"woman like you"...? Rather offensive don't you think? JonLeibowitz Jan 2016 #34
I like her gwheezie Jan 2016 #4
I have no idea DefenseLawyer Jan 2016 #5
I love the way Hillary is fighting for Obama and the Dem's Party lewebley3 Jan 2016 #31
because some group Marty McGraw Jan 2016 #38
Wish there was an option for "Can't stand her" Reter Jan 2016 #6
Everyone should nt firebrand80 Jan 2016 #8
Everyone shouldn't like anyone. Fawke Em Jan 2016 #21
Against trump, or any other republican. eom. 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #60
She displays three of the qualities I look for in friends. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #9
Toughness maybe whatchamacallit Jan 2016 #12
+1,000,000 Dawson Leery Jan 2016 #17
Empathy? senz Jan 2016 #42
She can empathize with people who were flat broke Art_from_Ark Jan 2016 #78
I don't think when one is campaigning we get to really see what they are all about. I would RKP5637 Jan 2016 #52
Loyalty? After this week's dishonest hit attempt on Sanders? Kall Jan 2016 #81
It's not about likability as much as it is about R. Daneel Olivaw Jan 2016 #10
trustworthy? crystal dawn Jan 2016 #18
And I can't tell Hillary's foreign and economic policies from Republicans. Fawke Em Jan 2016 #23
"neocon hillary" crystal dawn Jan 2016 #24
Benghazi! Benghazi! Ayn Rand! R. Daneel Olivaw Jan 2016 #35
Well, she's untrustworthy. Words do have meaning, irrespective of the rantings of baggers. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #86
Like, respect, admire...... nt. NCTraveler Jan 2016 #11
I don't know her. I find her persona offputting cali Jan 2016 #13
No (nt) bigwillq Jan 2016 #14
Yes, I do. I like and admire her lunamagica Jan 2016 #15
I think she's likeable, but there's so much about her I do NOT like. closeupready Jan 2016 #16
When she was away being SoS then I started forgetting about 2008 and liking her again. Kentonio Jan 2016 #19
She's likable enough Renew Deal Jan 2016 #20
Didn't vote as I don't really know her. What I don't like is many of her policies. EndElectoral Jan 2016 #22
Yup. Lucinda Jan 2016 #25
I don't know her personally Blue_In_AK Jan 2016 #26
I've met her ... didn't like her. earthside Jan 2016 #27
I don't know.... daleanime Jan 2016 #28
Why oh why do you post this shit? tech3149 Jan 2016 #32
Indifference is the opposite of both love and hate. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2016 #33
People who keeps enemies lists worry me Prism Jan 2016 #36
+ 1 Very good point. senz Jan 2016 #41
I'm not crazy about her, but I don't dislike her. Vinca Jan 2016 #37
Nope. In politics I dislike republicans and Clintons. nt m-lekktor Jan 2016 #40
Bingo! GoneOffShore Jan 2016 #71
I love Hillary. hrmjustin Jan 2016 #45
She seems like she is probably a nice person . . . fleur-de-lisa Jan 2016 #46
I like both of our top two candidates Sunlei Jan 2016 #47
These kinds of polls are a waste of time. Beacool Jan 2016 #48
She's likeable enough nt geek tragedy Jan 2016 #49
For some, I guess. darkangel218 Jan 2016 #58
I don't know her personally to say. malokvale77 Jan 2016 #50
I love her laugh. She throws her head back and laughs with gusto. cheapdate Jan 2016 #51
I've never met her in person. Warren DeMontague Jan 2016 #53
Never met her. I think she cares about stuff that matters, and I think the republicans randys1 Jan 2016 #54
How is that germane to this election? djean111 Jan 2016 #55
As a potential POTUS, no. darkangel218 Jan 2016 #56
Less and less as the campaign progresses... John Poet Jan 2016 #57
I voted "Yes"; but, I also like O'Malley and Bernie ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #59
Clinton is someone who will say and do anything to win. I don't view that as a positive. PoliticalMalcontent Jan 2016 #61
Like is a strange word to use Rosa Luxemburg Jan 2016 #63
Well, sure DFW Jan 2016 #64
I said it before... MrWendel Jan 2016 #65
Everone saying "no" have allowed themselves to be seduced by Republican propaganda. baldguy Jan 2016 #67
I like bourbon, MyNameGoesHere Jan 2016 #68
Obviously this is no longer a forum for Democrats. Metric System Jan 2016 #69
Didn't like her when Bill was in office. GoneOffShore Jan 2016 #70
It is not a matter of like or dislike... peace13 Jan 2016 #72
Yes, I like her a lot. beaglelover Jan 2016 #73
Not my first choice, but she gets a bad rap around here. Jamaal510 Jan 2016 #74
Nice post! eom BlueMTexpat Jan 2016 #76
Absolutely. BlueMTexpat Jan 2016 #77
Can't stand her, IMO she's evil, devious and vindictive. bowens43 Jan 2016 #79
She's not likeable enough. Kall Jan 2016 #80
That will probably be her 47% moment and it wasn't done privately Kalidurga Jan 2016 #82
Oh look! An enemies list! How Nixonian! wavesofeuphoria Jan 2016 #84
Just proves this board does not resemble the Democratic in the least CajunBlazer Jan 2016 #87
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