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29. I voted "Do not like"
Tue Feb 9, 2016, 01:06 PM
Feb 2016

I understand it's hard to distill issues down into a poll, but both these terms are far too vague. To me, "environment" encompasses everything from carbon pollution to infrastructure spending. "ISIS" is simply one aspect of a larger, and very complex problem.

Environmental issues affect my day-to-day life far more than ISIS. On the other hand, if a terrorist detonates a nuclear device within our borders or takes down a significant portion of our electrical grid for an extended period of time, a lot of other problems will start to look very small, very quickly.

How many Clinton supporters support her position? SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #1
One SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #2
two SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #6
three SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #18
three SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #39
three SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #40
You can't prop up the military industrial complex by being tough on climate change. Motown_Johnny Feb 2016 #3
I think that individuals who BlueMTexpat Feb 2016 #4
What did Clinton say when asked what is the greatest threat we face? SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #8
The question was posed this way kristopher Feb 2016 #23
Different Debate SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #24
Then you need to quote it - I can't find it. kristopher Feb 2016 #27
I am not confused SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #28
It could be they don't care, but it might be an artifact of the poll itself kristopher Feb 2016 #38
Sanders answered this quite well. trillion Feb 2016 #46
So you don't know Sander's #1 priority? kristopher Feb 2016 #5
you are so silly SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #7
Restoring democracy because the lack of democracy is root of all other "threats". kristopher Feb 2016 #9
So you do not support Clinton's position? SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #11
I have no idea what you are making cryptograms about. kristopher Feb 2016 #14
BTW, I'm pretty sure his answer wasn't ISIS, it was N. Korea. kristopher Feb 2016 #12
you must have missed that debate SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #13
Nope. He said N. Korea was greatest concern. He just acknowledged ISIS as threat. kristopher Feb 2016 #16
Reporting kristopher Feb 2016 #19
it was the debate before that one SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #20
might have been at the town hall SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #21
zero Clinton supporters think the environment is the greatest threat SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #10
Zero SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #22
ZERO - really SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #41
My number one has been environment artislife Feb 2016 #15
Very few Clinton supporters support her position. SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #17
Do any Hillary supporters think that environmental issues should be ... SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #25
I support Sanders EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #26
Air - Water - Food SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #30
I voted "Do not like" firebrand80 Feb 2016 #29
During one of the debates - Question - What is the greatest threat SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #31
My point is that they're both correct IMO firebrand80 Feb 2016 #32
My position - SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #33
The problem with all that military spending firebrand80 Feb 2016 #34
I've knocked out six canvass packets today... You? Agschmid Feb 2016 #35
good work SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #36
I took the day off, lots of work to be done. Agschmid Feb 2016 #37
Unless ISIS gets a moon base Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #42
Calling all Hillary supporters ... SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #43
Kick! Kelvin Mace Feb 2016 #44
Thanks SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #45
Kick trillion Feb 2016 #47
k&r nt bananas Feb 2016 #48
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