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2016 Postmortem

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Fri Feb 19, 2016, 01:59 PM Feb 2016

Hillary Clinton Will Never be President of the United States [View all]

There is a great deal of passion on both sides of this Democratic coin this election season. The GD-P Board is constantly filled with posts attacking both candidates. Some are substantive and some are posted by people who have literally been quoted admitting they are just trolling.

This is not about that. This is about something far more serious that needs to be driven home.

Hillary Clinton will never be President of the United States. Not now. Not ever.

Now right away, some of you have already stopped reading and have gone to the comments to tell me that I am wrong and that Senator Sanders will never be President either. That's fine. I expect that you will write your own OP on this matter.

She very well may win the nomination. She still will never be President.

I cannot put this any more delicately than this: During this campaign, Hillary Clinton has had the opportunity of her lifetime to display to the American public why she should be the entrusted with the privilege of being President. She has had the opportunity to win back the trust (the trust she has admitted she knows she needs to earn back) of the electorate and has continuously failed to do so. She has had the opportunity to be transparent and be an open book to show how honest she actually is. Countless examples of her failure in this matter are alarming. Forget just the e-mails and transcripts, and YouTube videos showing her dishonesty. How about the little things? How about that journalists, working hard, have traveled with her for months. And the last question she fielded from them was ten weeks ago. That is not a transparent campaign.

Like it or not, she is not viewed as genuine. Two people who ARE viewed as genuine? Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Trump is a national disgrace and an embarrassment at every turn, yet people believe him to be honest and genuine. Again, Hillary Clinton may win the nomination, but how on God's green earth will she be able to run on her own words and record when Trump will destroy her at every turn. Let's not forget that Bernie Sanders is going EASY on her. Now take a look at what Trump is doing to his OWN party. Do you think that worse isn't on its way?

Yet again though, the comments will say, "Bernie will get eviscerated by Trump too". On what grounds? Are there videos of him demonizing racial groups or homosexuals? No. Is there a 13 minute loop of him lying about every position he stands for? No. Are they going to call him old and grouchy? Is that what will tip the scales? Are they going to call him a Socialist? Is that the hard hitting attack they will go on, when a good percentage of the electorate is not turned off by that word? Is the FBI investigating his actions or the actions of those close to him?

But yes, she will have the vote of POC. I don't deny that. Let's look at those states: South Carolina (Red 9 straight times), Georgia (Red last 5 times, 7 out of last 8), Alabama (Red 9 straight times), Mississippi (Red 9 straight times). The list goes on.

Fine fine... Even though that's her "Strength", they will say, "We wouldn't win those anyways". How about battleground states? Colorado, where she is losing ground daily to Sanders (Red 7 of the last 10 times). Iowa, which turned out in record number for the Republican primaries and where she could not get a majority of Democratic votes? There goes 6 more electoral votes. New Hampshire? There goes 4 more. Nevada? Where Trump is expected to cruise to victory again? 6 more gone. And we haven't heard one attack in this GE campaign and we already losing our previously expected plurality. The list goes on.

Attack those numbers too. That's fine. Nowhere will we see an issue based response as to why she would win those in a GE, but those numbers will be attacked. It's fine. She will never be President.

I keep hearing about how crucial this GE is. How it is vital to have a liberal leaning Supreme Court? Then why are we marching in like lambs to the slaughter with a candidate whose resume is stacked with some impressive positions, but whose campaign has done nothing but trend downward for almost an ENTIRE year. Where is this bounce for her coming from? Do you think its coming from Sanders supporters? Sure count on a lot of us. Not everyone. Is it coming from Independents? Not by the looks of it.

There's only one candidate who can win this GE for us and it's Bernie Sanders. (And no, I did not ever picture myself saying that a couple of years ago).

Everything about his candidacy gives us a better shot of the White House and that is the damn goal. Too idealistic? So be it. We will have the White House. Want to go on that "realism" platform? The White House will be theirs. I try every day to find the silver lining. I am an activist, volunteer, and I have a career. I take NO pride in declaring we would lose. But the simple fact is every day she turns more and more people away rather than toward her.

And that is why Hillary Clinton will never be President of the United States.

Note: This is an opinion piece about the Primary Election and the subsequent General Election. At no point have I violated TOS, nor are my opinions derogatory in nature. You may disagree with them. That's fine.

Edit: I'm going to let this sit and I will go eat some lunch now. I hope this can enable some solutions to be discussed as to how we can actually change this and win in November

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Don't forget... Jester Messiah Feb 2016 #1
Which is a huge part of my concern SheenaR Feb 2016 #5
As The Entry Polls Consistently Demonstrate... It's Da Lies Stupid... CorporatistNation Feb 2016 #292
I cannot fall in line and get on board the Hillary Coronation train Carolina Feb 2016 #303
Because she is a 1%er first and a Democrat second. So keeping Bernie out if the WH is top priority. GoneFishin Feb 2016 #152
that is true of the democratic party power structure as a whole tomp Feb 2016 #236
Yep. It's disgusting and disappointing that more people don't see through that crap. GoneFishin Feb 2016 #251
This message was self-deleted by its author billhicks76 Feb 2016 #177
I didn't even bother to address SheenaR Feb 2016 #2
don't forget the Patriot Act tonybgood Feb 2016 #260
Excellent post. Cassiopeia Feb 2016 #3
it is not EXCELLENT. This OP is Very very anti Democrat. trueblue2007 Feb 2016 #48
An opinion on the outlook of the election is anti Democrat? Cassiopeia Feb 2016 #57
DU has been infilthrated by Republicans. Conium Feb 2016 #247
Are you trying to indicate that the poster is a Republican? Cassiopeia Feb 2016 #252
You are red baiting AgingAmerican Feb 2016 #258
114 posts makes you an authority on DU Carolina Feb 2016 #304
agree mgmaggiemg Feb 2016 #327
Post removed Post removed Feb 2016 #77
she is ready to be all things (moderate, centrist, liberal) to all men and nothing to nobody. roguevalley Feb 2016 #80
+1 C Moon Feb 2016 #219
+1 Conium Feb 2016 #248
And don't you be calling the OP "very, very Anti-Democrat," okay? Herman4747 Feb 2016 #249
Right there with you. We will prevail over the mudslinging. Fla Dem Feb 2016 #253
good response mgmaggiemg Feb 2016 #328
Absolutely not SheenaR Feb 2016 #106
Are you familiar with "react mode"? chervilant Feb 2016 #144
In what way? n/t cui bono Feb 2016 #159
What is anti-Democratic is taking money (30 - 50 million dollars) from major corporations rhett o rick Feb 2016 #200
agree mgmaggiemg Feb 2016 #325
Yawn leftofcool Feb 2016 #4
Get some rest SheenaR Feb 2016 #7
Disagree... catnhatnh Feb 2016 #6
The election will be decided by the swing states. SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #8
Bernie, it seems. seaotter Feb 2016 #29
I think that is true. SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #38
I think he will win Florida quite easily. JDPriestly Feb 2016 #225
Ignorance and naivete Tarc Feb 2016 #9
Tarc I honestly hope you are right SheenaR Feb 2016 #17
polls show independents in good numbers going to Trump rather than HRC if she is the one. She will roguevalley Feb 2016 #81
Then the independents are fucking idiots. Hillary and Bernie agree on 99% of the issues. If an beaglelover Feb 2016 #92
Independents vote in large part for who they trust!! Armymedic88 Feb 2016 #105
Not idiots arlington.mass Feb 2016 #114
your anger though probably merited matters not a bit because they will DO IT. All the screaming and roguevalley Feb 2016 #119
Well if we have to have an R POTUS, I'd rather it be Trump versus the rest of the idiots. beaglelover Feb 2016 #158
So you're saying it's either Hillary or Trump? Why not put up Bernie since he can beat Trump? cui bono Feb 2016 #161
. corkhead Feb 2016 #243
If Bernie is the D candidate, we will lose in a landslide. The R smear machine has not even begun beaglelover Feb 2016 #271
They have begun, and there's nothing to pund him about in comparison to Hillary. cui bono Feb 2016 #276
Hillary and Bernie agree on 99% of the issues???!!!! bvar22 Feb 2016 #229
My concern is you can be right but still lose big in a general election... mark67 Feb 2016 #244
You should make this an OP. cui bono Feb 2016 #261
I personally see well more than 1% difference between Bernie and Hillary. NorthCarolina Feb 2016 #246
All leftists must 'hope for the best, but plan for the worst.' I know I am, although KingCharlemagne Feb 2016 #130
They voted for Bush. Twice. EmperorHasNoClothes Feb 2016 #42
Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 (n/t) Spider Jerusalem Feb 2016 #62
And what difference did that make in the end? EmperorHasNoClothes Feb 2016 #68
Forty years ago Democrats were saying the American public would never vote for a shallow movie actor Beowulf Feb 2016 #61
And since then, the Repugs have gone and sainted that shallow actor... maddiemom Feb 2016 #103
Years ago, when I was a tourist in DC, several people around town told me that. raging moderate Feb 2016 #176
certainly to long term DCers Carolina Feb 2016 #302
Have you seen her "trust" numbers? nt Logical Feb 2016 #185
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #218
I sure would like to think that Fast Walker 52 Feb 2016 #241
Well written Kittycat Feb 2016 #10
Naderspeak lives. nt onehandle Feb 2016 #11
If the Dem candidate that year had been strong enough to win his home state... Jester Messiah Feb 2016 #13
exactamundo Ned_Devine Feb 2016 #31
There was massive voter suppression in Tennessee during the 2000 election Buzz cook Feb 2016 #74
Make excuses, or win an election. You can do one or the other, but not both. [nt] Jester Messiah Feb 2016 #75
Sweet Jezuz Buzz cook Feb 2016 #312
Really? That's not what I hear. Jester Messiah Feb 2016 #315
Ammo? here read this Buzz cook Feb 2016 #317
Oh look a bunch of blogspam. Jester Messiah Feb 2016 #321
So you're not even going to make the effort? Buzz cook Feb 2016 #335
+1! BlueMTexpat Feb 2016 #44
Lieberspeak fail. frylock Feb 2016 #52
More Democrats voted for Bush than Nader. HooptieWagon Feb 2016 #203
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Feb 2016 #12
Well said. Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2016 #205
+10000 amborin Feb 2016 #254
K&R Carolina Feb 2016 #305
Hillary will be president or Trump/Cruz will workinclasszero Feb 2016 #14
But she loses badly to Cruz... Helen Borg Feb 2016 #19
The polls say she is a whole eight tenth of a percentage point DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #85
I hope she is proud of that. Helen Borg Feb 2016 #90
Ms Borg, you just said she loses badly to Cruz DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #98
She is losing by more than 8/10th of a point. Helen Borg Feb 2016 #115
The aggregate polling suggests she is losing by 8/10 of a point DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #136
We can go on discussing by how much Hillary is losing. Helen Borg Feb 2016 #138
As Mao said "before you speak, investigate." DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #147
For an electable candidate, she is losing badly Helen Borg Feb 2016 #149
You made an erroneous claim. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #151
Lol fact is she still loses and in fact by more than Bernie 'lost' to her in Iowa azurnoir Feb 2016 #263
Non responsive. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #264
what are you even talking about? I pointed out a fact and perhaps you should check username azurnoir Feb 2016 #265
The genesis of this whole sub thread... DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #266
I know the genesis I followed it to the point where I replied to you azurnoir Feb 2016 #268
By 8/10 of a point. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #269
You're going to use a man whose policies and actions caused the deaths of at least 100 million Feeling the Bern Feb 2016 #193
That's a classic ad hominem fallacy. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #199
You can use the worst mass murderer in human history to validate your points Feeling the Bern Feb 2016 #209
If you believe DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #233
And I live in that country. . .and my wife is from that country Feeling the Bern Feb 2016 #234
The point was that neither is a small d democrat. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #235
LOL! cui bono Feb 2016 #168
Please see Post 137. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #175
Add in the 0.2% she beat Bernie by in Iowa and she is still losing. A Simple Game Feb 2016 #171
Margin of Error erpowers Feb 2016 #257
What's more important are the trend lines Perogie Feb 2016 #210
She said Hillary loses badly...She doesn't . It is what it is... DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #232
Just pointing out trend lines. Perogie Feb 2016 #237
I doubt any Democratic candidate will lose BADLY to Cruz. maddiemom Feb 2016 #117
I hope that's not the case, because the OP is correct. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2016 #54
nope; she would lose big to either amborin Feb 2016 #170
That will only be true if Goldman-Sachs' money speaks louder than The People. rhett o rick Feb 2016 #201
100% agree and I've said it too going back a year ago. Waiting For Everyman Feb 2016 #15
Polls speak clearly! Helen Borg Feb 2016 #20
Unfortunately, that's true MissDeeds Feb 2016 #40
She has more baggage than LAX Nedsdag Feb 2016 #296
if she wins the nomination, republicans will have already won. californiabernin Feb 2016 #16
+1000 nt abelenkpe Feb 2016 #59
she can't attack Trump on money because she took bribes too. She can't attack him on a lot roguevalley Feb 2016 #84
"We're not as bad as the other guy" abelenkpe Feb 2016 #126
I think some went with "I'm a better Republican than the Republican", that didn't work either. n/t A Simple Game Feb 2016 #173
+100000 amborin Feb 2016 #262
When a Republican runs against Republican Light, everyone knows who will win there. Nedsdag Feb 2016 #297
You are right. If she becomes the Democratic candidate she will Cleita Feb 2016 #18
I'm one of those people Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #28
Same here MissDeeds Feb 2016 #46
& 3 in my house will not vote for her either classykaren Feb 2016 #166
Count 2 more me and my husband........... truegrit44 Feb 2016 #178
You could vote green or write in Bernie's name (nt) Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #181
Dang ... Optimism Feb 2016 #206
Nor will I (but it won't matter in my state). Lizzie Poppet Feb 2016 #259
I'm one of those people, too Carolina Feb 2016 #306
The republican party thanks you in advance. nt Buzz cook Feb 2016 #313
Same Here chwaliszewski Feb 2016 #184
i'm not ready to go that route just yet redruddyred Feb 2016 #186
How many Deaniacs do you know who redirected all that energy and enthusiasm to Kerry? Binkie The Clown Feb 2016 #207
I was one of them. I still remember the disappointment. Cleita Feb 2016 #208
I was a Deaniac, and it was a fellow Deniac who brought me to DU. Binkie The Clown Feb 2016 #215
Had Kerry voted against the Ireq war, he would have won eridani Feb 2016 #214
my wife volunteered full time quaker bill Feb 2016 #230
Yup, that's me Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #278
. MohRokTah Feb 2016 #21
I hope you see fit to use just as many emoji while you support Bernie this fall. seaotter Feb 2016 #33
. MohRokTah Feb 2016 #37
You should talk to a doctor about those coughing fits, could be serious. seaotter Feb 2016 #41
I was wondering how he computes how many of those thingys is enough? I mean, does he count. libdem4life Feb 2016 #104
Brilliant as usual LiberalLovinLug Feb 2016 #122
The kind of insightful analysis we've all come to expect. frylock Feb 2016 #53
.` MohRokTah Feb 2016 #56
K & R !!! WillyT Feb 2016 #22
K&R for truth! Betty Karlson Feb 2016 #23
IMHO - A Vote For HRC In The Primary Is A Vote For Trump In The General Election cantbeserious Feb 2016 #24
In addtion to your points. Loudestlib Feb 2016 #25
So, I'm curious. Amimnoch Feb 2016 #26
The polls are the last reason she will never be President Dawgs Feb 2016 #32
Interesting thing "Trust" Amimnoch Feb 2016 #60
bernie doesn't get endorsements because they know he'll cut the gravy train off and in this roguevalley Feb 2016 #86
Interesting hypothesis. Let's run with that for a second. Amimnoch Feb 2016 #107
I don't care about changing your mind. The people are pissed at the establishment and that means roguevalley Feb 2016 #118
You don't care? Amimnoch Feb 2016 #121
thanks for offering a substantive counterpoint here redruddyred Feb 2016 #188
I wish I could K&R this post! NastyRiffraff Feb 2016 #142
OUCH-well argued! nt MADem Feb 2016 #255
Yooge plus one! Enthusiast Feb 2016 #109
And in aggregate? DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2016 #125
In aggregate? Fair enough, paint me the whole picture. Amimnoch Feb 2016 #139
I was kind of limiting my comments to the question of what the public thinks about the DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2016 #141
Unless she plans to meet every potential voter, your statement is really bad news for Clinton. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2016 #211
The word poll SheenaR Feb 2016 #79
time as experienced by humans only passes into the future tk2kewl Feb 2016 #156
Bookmarking vdogg Feb 2016 #27
exactly, vdogg. :D roguevalley Feb 2016 #87
I've bookmarked dozens and dozens of "Trump is a winner" posts. joshcryer Feb 2016 #164
Is it fun to read now? N/t TCJ70 Nov 2016 #344
Here's something Hillary EXCELS at!!! Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #30
the right wing haters hate Hillary as least as much as Obama tk2kewl Feb 2016 #34
The right wing haters will not vote NastyRiffraff Feb 2016 #145
question is how many will get out to vote tk2kewl Feb 2016 #148
I'm not voting for her, I'll say that. closeupready Feb 2016 #35
I agree with you and fully expect Clinton to be indicted for criminal PatrickforO Feb 2016 #36
You could be right. Merryland Feb 2016 #64
K&R CharlotteVale Feb 2016 #39
I like both of our cadidates Bigredhunk Feb 2016 #43
Very well argued. maddiemom Feb 2016 #123
Yup Bigredhunk Feb 2016 #165
We would beat Cruz SheenaR Feb 2016 #189
Oh zappaman Feb 2016 #45
Shirley has spoken! randome Feb 2016 #70
Don't call me Shirley... msanthrope Feb 2016 #187
Excellent post, SheenaR MissDeeds Feb 2016 #47
I agree. It's unfortunate that she has brought this on herself. Duval Feb 2016 #49
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #50
Would that be the same Nate Silver who, Proud Public Servant Feb 2016 #65
Truth bomb... Incoming!! AzDar Feb 2016 #51
At this point I agree on one thing... Agschmid Feb 2016 #55
Thank you for your opinion. hamsterjill Feb 2016 #58
Trump will not win the Republican nomination Bok_Tukalo Feb 2016 #63
Agreed cali Feb 2016 #66
Excellent analysis.... ccinamon Feb 2016 #67
But, when she wins will you support her? Chalco Feb 2016 #69
as I've been saying she might win the battle but she'll lose us the war azurnoir Feb 2016 #71
Hillary is too risky for the GE jomin41 Feb 2016 #72
We need a "yawn" smilie! George II Feb 2016 #73
Credibility counts! Arizona Roadrunner Feb 2016 #76
I actually thought the opposite until yesterday Depaysement Feb 2016 #78
Your third sentence is the absolute truth about the Third Way/ New Democrats.. tokenlib Feb 2016 #192
Thanks! Depaysement Feb 2016 #228
I believe that you have violated the TOS. blue neen Feb 2016 #82
I am curious. How? nt IdaBriggs Feb 2016 #88
I believe it falls under depressing or undermining turnout for Democratic candidates. blue neen Feb 2016 #91
As much as I may have an ego SheenaR Feb 2016 #95
There are a number of posters in this thread blue neen Feb 2016 #110
The OP gave analysis. The OP is not responsible for the words of others. It's just that simple. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2016 #124
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #222
The OP did NOT influence me in this decision Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #314
I repeat: How? IdaBriggs Feb 2016 #102
Thank you for your well-thought and well-explained post, Ida. blue neen Feb 2016 #111
Bullshit. We need to have this discussion. californiabernin Feb 2016 #127
You're right, we do need to have this discussion MissDeeds Feb 2016 #174
And here, folks, is an example of Hillarians trying to silence their critics. Odin2005 Feb 2016 #157
Nothing new there. "You can't say that! Moooooommmm!!!!" [nt] Jester Messiah Feb 2016 #238
Be careful, my friend! Nedsdag Feb 2016 #298
Exactly, it's rather reminiscent of W and his repukes Carolina Feb 2016 #307
I certainly hope you're right. Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2016 #83
BS, this is all your opinion only. Hillary WILL be the next POTUS. Bet on it. beaglelover Feb 2016 #89
Data? californiabernin Feb 2016 #133
I have not been bashing Clinton, even though I am behind Bernie in the primary logosoco Feb 2016 #93
I'm in Indiana and it's similar Fast Walker 52 Feb 2016 #242
Another day, another Berniac newbie prognosticating about Hillary's unelectability Zorro Feb 2016 #94
Despite all that she is a 10/11 favorite at the offshore betting sites and the VT independent is a DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #96
Most pleasant thread title EVER / FlatBaroque Feb 2016 #97
Team Clinton did tell us to be realists n/t SheenaR Feb 2016 #132
Predictwise OhZone Feb 2016 #99
Thank you DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #108
Thanks for the feedback, charts and graphs SheenaR Feb 2016 #135
I am a believer and I know God hates soothsayers and mediums so I shy away ... DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #140
Lol SheenaR Feb 2016 #154
I agree.. 121xGigawatts Feb 2016 #100
And neither will Bernie Sanders. I believe Democrats are going to lose this race. Liberal_Stalwart71 Feb 2016 #101
A vote for Hillary is a vote for the Republicans arlington.mass Feb 2016 #112
Nate silver has Hillary down for 468 endorsements from House Senate and Governors. Bernie doc03 Feb 2016 #116
Primaries are not GE SheenaR Feb 2016 #129
Sanders has had free ride, he hasn't faced a two year witch hunt by the doc03 Feb 2016 #150
Those attacks SheenaR Feb 2016 #153
Why is it the Republicans don't even mention Sanders? Seems to me if doc03 Feb 2016 #155
If Bernie is our nominee I hope you are right. If Hillary is doc03 Feb 2016 #198
Bernie seeks a transformative presidency, like FDR's. Herman4747 Feb 2016 #250
Most Democrats in Congress also depend on the DNC, the DSCC, and the DCCC for their re-elections. bvar22 Feb 2016 #280
...it seems all of Hillary's glaring faults are only highlighted by the Sander's crowd... mark67 Feb 2016 #120
Why is it a Republican type purity test? SheenaR Feb 2016 #131
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #223
You state that she's a proven leader Carolina Feb 2016 #308
Bravo! Ino Feb 2016 #318
Trump is viewed as "genuine"? Perhaps but he is viewed by many as a genuine... PoliticAverse Feb 2016 #134
It's sad but true SheenaR Feb 2016 #137
She'll look pretty good against a GOPer. Running against fantasy promises is a bit tougher. Hoyt Feb 2016 #143
Interesting manchu Feb 2016 #146
I must admit, I'm continually astounded by faith in Trump. joshcryer Feb 2016 #160
Hey. ucrdem Feb 2016 #163
Yes, a lot of people swallow RW spin hook line and sinker. Even here. But it's still just spin. ucrdem Feb 2016 #162
Clinton is a supply-sider. That's my problem with her. immoderate Feb 2016 #167
she's such a blatant liar and people can see that; she would lose humiliatingly in the GE amborin Feb 2016 #169
I hope you're right (nt) bigwillq Feb 2016 #172
When the postmortem of this primary is written... ReallyIAmAnOptimist Feb 2016 #179
2016 election Lamonte Feb 2016 #180
Just a small note to say that I agree with your assessment overall. Shandris Feb 2016 #182
Spot on post! N/T deathrind Feb 2016 #183
That a significant segment of the population believes lexington filly Feb 2016 #190
Hillary Clinton Will Never Be President????/ JGug1 Feb 2016 #191
You seem to think I said SheenaR Feb 2016 #195
Since we have Nate Silver, I guess we don't need elections and voting by people who... Binkie The Clown Feb 2016 #213
Hillary brings so much humbled_opinion Feb 2016 #194
Great Points billhicks76 Feb 2016 #196
I think many of her supporters are blind to how polarizing she will be to the GOP EndElectoral Feb 2016 #197
She's given her opponants far too much ammo ove the decades Lorien Feb 2016 #202
She has been endorsed by several asuhornets Feb 2016 #204
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #224
If she is the nominee, that depends on who the Republican is eridani Feb 2016 #212
Clinton will not be president because the people don't want to elect another oligarch. SciDude Feb 2016 #216
Give Chelsea a break, she doesn't care about money... PoliticAverse Feb 2016 #227
There was a brief time in my life when I was making a six-figure income. Binkie The Clown Feb 2016 #277
That's not exactly what she said. Ino Feb 2016 #319
Well, you need to put money down on that BainsBane Feb 2016 #217
In Response To Your Post... chwaliszewski Feb 2016 #220
K&R Carolina Feb 2016 #309
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #226
It's very true vercetti2021 Feb 2016 #221
just like John Kerry quaker bill Feb 2016 #231
I agree with the sentiment but this is overly negative Fast Walker 52 Feb 2016 #239
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #240
At this point it is more important that Bernie loses. For them, thats still a win. raouldukelives Feb 2016 #245
I think you are right, for the most part. razorman Feb 2016 #256
Mostly agree jimlup Feb 2016 #267
I stopped reading Brainstormy Feb 2016 #270
K & R for a sober, reasoned post... mak3cats Feb 2016 #272
If you have granted us permission to disagree with you houston16revival Feb 2016 #273
If you say so. Do you know the winning lotto numbers as well? dubyadiprecession Feb 2016 #274
Ever hear of Nate Silver??? DownriverDem Feb 2016 #275
At no point did I say she won't be the nominee SheenaR Feb 2016 #281
I'm a Bernie supporter and I wasn't going to rec this at first. retrowire Feb 2016 #279
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #282
Lol SheenaR Feb 2016 #283
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #294
Agreedddd!!!! asuhornets Feb 2016 #289
Whatever makes you happy. Nedsdag Feb 2016 #300
K & R AzDar Feb 2016 #284
She won't. artislife Feb 2016 #285
Come November, it'll be Republican vs. Republican Light. Nedsdag Feb 2016 #286
Kicking. nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #287
Her win in Nevada says different...n/t asuhornets Feb 2016 #288
Oh my god you people cannot read SheenaR Feb 2016 #290
Why not?..n/t asuhornets Feb 2016 #291
That is the basis of the entire post. Read at your leisure n/t SheenaR Feb 2016 #293
And when Republicans point out that Sanders has repeatedly denigrated the Democratic Party mythology Feb 2016 #295
And how does that mean she will win SheenaR Feb 2016 #299
Agree dave502d2 Feb 2016 #301
The PUMA deja vu in this thread is amazing. ChimpersMcSmirkers Feb 2016 #310
The Clintons are slick and if Bill could get elected in 1992 with all the scandals floating around craigmatic Feb 2016 #311
There are more pragmatists than dreamers in this country. DCBob Feb 2016 #316
she will never be president; and she is destroying the Democratic party amborin Feb 2016 #320
right on both counts AtomicKitten Feb 2016 #322
not now, ever? mgmaggiemg Feb 2016 #323
Yes SheenaR Feb 2016 #324
Hillary has a hell of a bigger chance to be president than Sanders will ever have. Beacool Feb 2016 #326
Bernie beats ALL Repubs, Hillary loses to Cruz, Rubio, Kasich & tied with Trump. AtomicKitten Feb 2016 #330
It's too early in the election season for those polls to matter. Beacool Feb 2016 #331
Mkay, but at present she does NOT have a "hell of a bigger chance to be president than Bernie." AtomicKitten Feb 2016 #332
Highly Doubt the Polls erpowers Feb 2016 #338
White People erpowers Feb 2016 #341
looking through mgmaggiemg Feb 2016 #329
Far more agreement regarding her favorability n/t SheenaR Feb 2016 #336
Her entire campaign has been about the relationships she has with elites. lumberjack_jeff Feb 2016 #333
Mrs. Wall Street versus The People amborin Feb 2016 #334
BWAAAAHAHAHAHA! BlueCaliDem Feb 2016 #337
Address also the 300+ people who rec and apparently agree SheenaR Feb 2016 #339
Clickety-click polls/recs always favor Bernie. MATH favors Hillary. BlueCaliDem Feb 2016 #340
that's for sure! amborin Mar 2016 #342
First post back SheenaR Nov 2016 #343
Well, she was a strong enough candidate and ran a good enough campaign that she had the whole StevieM Jan 2017 #345
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