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YES!!!!! grasswire Feb 2016 #1
the dogwhistle has always been: "those lazy minorities" nashville_brook Feb 2016 #2
I'm happy that he is working to hold her accountable. grasswire Feb 2016 #4
he's getting down to business and it's a beautiful thing to see. nashville_brook Feb 2016 #6
he will be accused of beating up on her grasswire Feb 2016 #7
A'Whistle" That Is "Tuned" To Be "Selectively Heard And Understood." CorporatistNation Feb 2016 #32
Good! Too bad the networks didn't show this speech, they were too busy talking about Trump. jillan Feb 2016 #3
and if Trump wins the script will be "oh you terrible Sanders supporters" nashville_brook Feb 2016 #5
Bernie is starting to fight back. His numbers will only go up. n/t PonyUp Feb 2016 #8
and Brock will squeal ever so loudly. nashville_brook Feb 2016 #11
He knows well how to campaign - while we, his supporters, get impatient, closeupready Feb 2016 #18
Agreed. yourpaljoey Feb 2016 #30
K&R CharlotteVale Feb 2016 #9
Truth bomb... Incoming!! AzDar Feb 2016 #10
Tell it like it is Bernie! libtodeath Feb 2016 #12
It's so true. Cobalt Violet Feb 2016 #13
we're still dealing with the fallout. every homeless family -- that's fallout. nashville_brook Feb 2016 #15
Hillary was not an elected official in 1996. He's quite livetohike Feb 2016 #14
as if she didn't push her husband's Welfare Reform Act tk2kewl Feb 2016 #16
quote from the book of Hillary... tk2kewl Feb 2016 #17
she whipped votes and owns that. so sorry! nashville_brook Feb 2016 #23
He can't lie, Bernie=Jesus shenmue Feb 2016 #25
I've been waiting for this. I hope it's not too late. 99th_Monkey Feb 2016 #19
You mean the law that Bernie voted FOR??? nt Jitter65 Feb 2016 #20
Sanders voted against Welfare Reform TTUBatfan2008 Feb 2016 #21
nice try. NEXT! nashville_brook Feb 2016 #22
What? Do you care to cite proof of that? beam me up scottie Feb 2016 #38
An important contrast. Orsino Feb 2016 #24
Not really. shenmue Feb 2016 #27
they will be judged by their works. nashville_brook Feb 2016 #28
Really. Orsino Feb 2016 #40
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Feb 2016 #26
I hope he does try to trot out that lame attack in the next debate. oasis Feb 2016 #29
So many people hurt by this mountain grammy Feb 2016 #31
K & R! TIME TO PANIC Feb 2016 #33
Yes, it's about time zentrum Feb 2016 #34
Welfare reform .... Not a Fan Feb 2016 #35
she was quite desperate to get back in the game and whipped votes -- nice try. nashville_brook Feb 2016 #36
+1,000,000. winter is coming Feb 2016 #37
That's go-along-to-get-along for you. Orsino Feb 2016 #39
+++* KNR for truth. n/t DirkGently Feb 2016 #41
kick! nt PonyUp Feb 2016 #42
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