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148. Agreed. And worth pointing out, as many realize they can't support Hillary
Sun Feb 28, 2016, 08:19 AM
Feb 2016

people are working behind the scenes for how we Democrats who are disenfranchized by the DNC will go foward.

democratsforward.org - a posting board, has been put up.

It's also for people who will be breaking DU rules if stay here can go, if they refuse to support Hillary if she gets the DNC nomination.

The site is still replicating so will take 12-48 hours to be reached but I can give a direct link to post to it now, via email.

Spread the word.

While I applaud your enthusiasm Kentonio Feb 2016 #1
+1 trof Feb 2016 #40
+2 dchill Feb 2016 #76
+3. Long repetitious posts show a lack of confidence. nt PonyUp Feb 2016 #86
+4 Art_from_Ark Feb 2016 #91
+5 Owl Feb 2016 #93
+6 Fritz Walter Feb 2016 #106
+7 NikolaC Feb 2016 #107
+8. nt SusanCalvin Feb 2016 #128
+9 Vote2016 Feb 2016 #133
+10 Ferd Berfel Feb 2016 #138
How many came out to vote? brooklynite Feb 2016 #167
+11 nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #146
Agreed. And worth pointing out, as many realize they can't support Hillary trillion Feb 2016 #148
+ infinity! cascadiance Feb 2016 #153
Predictably Spreading Establishment FUD - Meme Number 131 cantbeserious Feb 2016 #2
The flameouts are going to be epic. giftedgirl77 Feb 2016 #3
I may have to clear out my ignore list a couple of days early. NurseJackie Feb 2016 #60
I already cleared mine in anticipation rbrnmw Feb 2016 #97
What an absolutely FUCKED UP thing to say. I expect no less from the likes of you. cherokeeprogressive Feb 2016 #110
I'm going to clear out my ignore list when Trump beats Hillary if she wins the nomination. PonyUp Feb 2016 #124
Yep. nt cherokeeprogressive Feb 2016 #125
I agree sammythecat Feb 2016 #161
Why have anyone on ignore unless you are so sensitive you can't handle it. nt Logical Feb 2016 #152
Jackie (if that's your real name) you are vindictive, rude, hateful towards bkkyosemite Feb 2016 #155
You nailed Jackie. fleur-de-lisa Feb 2016 #156
Hillary supporters have been telling me that from day one.... daleanime Feb 2016 #4
They only have to be right once 72DejaVu Feb 2016 #38
You have to love it when the only people your party 'leadership' are willing to fight... daleanime Feb 2016 #67
Bernie will not be the nominee. NurseJackie Feb 2016 #5
Yup... SidDithers Feb 2016 #6
Yawn shawn703 Feb 2016 #7
They need to stick around in safeinOhio Feb 2016 #8
I hear Chris Christie is available. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #13
Nagging won't make it happen. Cobalt Violet Feb 2016 #9
Nor brilliant! Sheesh .... that's a big stretch. Voice for Peace Feb 2016 #113
It is time for Hillary Clintons supporters to face the writing on the wall peacebird Feb 2016 #10
Republicans such as Christie Whitman? 72DejaVu Feb 2016 #41
Think enough Rs will vote HRC to make up for all the indies, progressives, and Dems who won't? peacebird Feb 2016 #48
Dems will vote for Hillary 72DejaVu Feb 2016 #50
I will not vote for Hillary. Nor will my husband. peacebird Feb 2016 #51
Even if she is the Democratic nominee? joshdawg Feb 2016 #59
Even so peacebird Feb 2016 #83
Well, I hope you enjoy your republican President, joshdawg Feb 2016 #141
That would be YOUR fault, not mine. For nominating a fatally flawed candidate peacebird Feb 2016 #142
By not voting, the republican wins. joshdawg Feb 2016 #143
Not voting? I always vote. I will never vote for neocon corporate wallstreet candidate Hillary. peacebird Feb 2016 #144
Personally, I prefer Sanders but, joshdawg Feb 2016 #147
Nope. I will write in Bernie Sanders if need be, but I will not vote for the lesser of two evils peacebird Feb 2016 #149
But you will apparently have no problem skepticscott Feb 2016 #150
Blame the DNC for shoving such a bad choice down our throats. peacebird Feb 2016 #163
Does the fact that you're not wild about Hillary skepticscott Feb 2016 #171
Sorry, not voting for the lesser of two evils. peacebird Feb 2016 #172
Not even if it means skepticscott Feb 2016 #173
I will vote. It will not be for Clinton or Trump. The outcome is not on me. peacebird Feb 2016 #174
Just what I intend to do sammythecat Feb 2016 #157
same here kingCowan Feb 2016 #77
I bet at the end of the day you will Stuckinthebush Feb 2016 #154
Nope. I will not. I will write in Bernie Sanders. peacebird Feb 2016 #164
Only 30% of Americans identify as Democrats... seattleite Feb 2016 #116
Christie Whitman... Madam Mossfern Feb 2016 #65
Somehow, Repugs always get their Dem candidate mdbl Feb 2016 #55
I agree, but hope I'm wrong if she wins the primary Jbradshaw120 Feb 2016 #78
Exaggerate much? brush Feb 2016 #112
I see. You think Sanders supporters should give up now. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #11
Unless a miracle happens, he's DONE after Tuesday. It's reality time. RBInMaine Feb 2016 #17
Ive assumed from the beginning that she would probably be the nominee. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #21
You don't believe in miracles? debunction.junction Feb 2016 #64
That's your opinion. And that's all it is. SusanCalvin Feb 2016 #129
It's President Sander's supporters who are doing the writing. n/t jtuck004 Feb 2016 #12
The lies and distortions against Sanders have had an effect. But I think we should fight on. Vattel Feb 2016 #14
Lies and distortions about Bernie ? FloridaBlues Feb 2016 #34
No one said the lieing was from the media SwampG8r Feb 2016 #68
^^^This^^^ -none Feb 2016 #158
I'm a Hillary Supporter MSMITH33156 Feb 2016 #15
After Tuesday the "process" WILL be "played out." There will be NO path for Sanders. RBInMaine Feb 2016 #23
I think we have to take a longer view MSMITH33156 Feb 2016 #27
I would crawl out of my grave to vote for Bernie. PADemD Feb 2016 #70
This was not Hillary's argument in 2008. Blue_In_AK Feb 2016 #121
Too bad she is not really Progressive. The rest I could live with. highprincipleswork Feb 2016 #16
That's a purist meme that isn't working for you. RBInMaine Feb 2016 #18
So You Are Admitting That Hillary Isn't Pure.....nt global1 Feb 2016 #30
A progressive human being has no need Voice for Peace Feb 2016 #114
The "meme" is working just fine. It's the truth. She is not a Progressive, even in her own words. highprincipleswork Feb 2016 #135
you are quite a typist.....if Hillary's future was actually so bright.... virtualobserver Feb 2016 #19
Win first, then we can talk about uniting. nt Not Sure Feb 2016 #20
"Hillary is brilliant and progressive." Martin Eden Feb 2016 #22
Apparently more people prefer Hillary to Bernie... NurseJackie Feb 2016 #63
A lot of people DO think Donald Trump should be POTUS Martin Eden Feb 2016 #72
You're trying too hard. It's not working. NurseJackie Feb 2016 #75
I'm not trying at all, and your assertions are devoid of logic. Martin Eden Feb 2016 #80
Well said. You've won this argument with FACTS sammythecat Feb 2016 #162
Thank You! :-) Martin Eden Feb 2016 #170
Well said. MaggieD Feb 2016 #95
Thank you! :-) NurseJackie Feb 2016 #96
Dream on buddy BernieforPres2016 Feb 2016 #24
Lol. JTFrog Feb 2016 #89
Wait for the results. 21st Century Poet Feb 2016 #25
Well Remember - There Is A Long Way To Go.... nt global1 Feb 2016 #26
True, but Happenstance24 Feb 2016 #28
Germany calling, Germany calling nxylas Feb 2016 #29
I do. Shadowflash Feb 2016 #36
Good analogy. You've explained why I haven't trashed the HRC Group. Jim Lane Feb 2016 #137
Happen to agree with this post he will be toast by March 30 the latest FloridaBlues Feb 2016 #31
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #32
Hell no! Bernie runs better in the general election. jfern Feb 2016 #33
Tin Cup SmittynMo Feb 2016 #35
Horseshit nt dorkzilla Feb 2016 #37
Sorry, you lost me at "It is time for Sanders supporters to face the glaring writing on the wall." Flying Squirrel Feb 2016 #39
i'm putting people on full ignore now redruddyred Feb 2016 #43
I actually already had RB on full ignore Flying Squirrel Feb 2016 #45
hillary is not progressive, but she is very smart redruddyred Feb 2016 #42
Hillary? Not progressive? SmittynMo Feb 2016 #49
Yawn Robbins Feb 2016 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Feb 2016 #46
Hillary is neither brilliant or progressive EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #47
So the polls are in for South Carolina, therefore the votes can be counted...not quite. downeastdaniel Feb 2016 #52
No we shall NEVER EVER give up. RoccoR5955 Feb 2016 #53
What's the rush? debunction.junction Feb 2016 #54
nice try, OP, no cigar. greymouse Feb 2016 #56
Exactly eggman67 Feb 2016 #81
How many Lazy Daisy Feb 2016 #57
I will agree with you that Hillary will most likely be the nominee, but I'm afraid the writing Vinca Feb 2016 #58
According to his supporters, he was supposed to bring a high record turnout for himself. dubyadiprecession Feb 2016 #73
So Hillary is relying on Bernie because she can't get the numbers up herself? Great. Vinca Feb 2016 #118
Another Vichy Dem post Katashi_itto Feb 2016 #61
+1 nt FangedNoumenom Feb 2016 #134
Bunk! nt ladjf Feb 2016 #62
He CAN'T win it? Highway61 Feb 2016 #66
Not enough people... dubyadiprecession Feb 2016 #69
Hillary may win every state from today forward democrank Feb 2016 #71
What horse shit. I suppose all those super-delegates are too blinding MrMickeysMom Feb 2016 #74
No true Democrat would advocate for a good candidate... dchill Feb 2016 #79
Oh, for fuck's sake - there will be no "uniting" around Hillary - and you and others like you, with djean111 Feb 2016 #82
The REAL Revolution: New Polls Show Women Supporting Hillary in Staggering Numbers riversedge Feb 2016 #85
So what? What does that have to do with me? You think I will just support Hillary because other djean111 Feb 2016 #92
sez the Brock-owned propaganda arm of the Clinton campaign AtomicKitten Feb 2016 #94
Is that you, Gov. LePage? TheCowsCameHome Feb 2016 #84
this may have made sense before the campaign began Enrique Feb 2016 #87
FUCK This. The primary campaign John Poet Feb 2016 #88
You know what? TransitJohn Feb 2016 #90
It's . . . . . . . Wise Child Feb 2016 #98
"We need to bring Bernie supporters to heel" - Authoritarian Democrats AZ Progressive Feb 2016 #99
Resistance is futile... You will be assimilated... Buns_of_Fire Feb 2016 #100
This was my first thought - well done SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #117
It is time tha t Bernie supporters are " brought to heel" seaotter Feb 2016 #101
Hillary is a 3rd-Way conservative Democrat. Oh, and I'll wait on the voters thank you very much. Kip Humphrey Feb 2016 #102
-1,000,000 Depaysement Feb 2016 #103
Well, just cancel the remaining primaries then. HassleCat Feb 2016 #104
I wish people would quit saying HRC is a progressive notadmblnd Feb 2016 #105
Hillary in 1996 claimed that her beliefs were rooted in conservatism... AZ Progressive Feb 2016 #109
Okay. LWolf Feb 2016 #108
so...if on Semi-super Tuesday, with @21% of the delegates in play... islandmkl Feb 2016 #111
I find this ironic. potone Feb 2016 #115
Authoritarianism doesn't sit well with me, Blue_In_AK Feb 2016 #119
Why is it time? Because it's convenient for Hillary? magical thyme Feb 2016 #120
And do what? whatchamacallit Feb 2016 #122
Well, the "Hillary is brilliant and progessive" was good for a laugh. Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2016 #123
Sanders has the money and support to take his campaign to the convention. pa28 Feb 2016 #126
I will unite when/if she actually has the nomination. SusanCalvin Feb 2016 #127
I live in CA marlakay Feb 2016 #130
stay classy. bbgrunt Feb 2016 #131
If it's so glaringly obvious, self evident and inevitable, why bother posting this? yodermon Feb 2016 #132
Let Hillary celebrate her SC win! AlbertCat Feb 2016 #136
You keep talking about Trump. How is Sanders stopping Clinton from attacking Trump? Jim Lane Feb 2016 #139
If Bernie and supporters followed advice from HRC supporters, he'd be polling like OMalley. aikoaiko Feb 2016 #140
Hillary is a war monger that cuts welfare to the poorest and incarcerates "super-predators". Live and Learn Feb 2016 #145
Oh FFS, is this a load of crap! Also, Bernie needs to stay in it until the convention no matter what Logical Feb 2016 #151
Since when is foreign policy experience any kind of requisite. sammythecat Feb 2016 #159
how I learned to stop worrying and love Team Wall Street TheSarcastinator Feb 2016 #160
Lloyd Blankfein is grinning from year to ear at the prospect. Impedimentus Feb 2016 #165
How about, NO! Nt The Midway Rebel Feb 2016 #166
"Hillary is brilliant and progressive." What a fucking joke. Arugula Latte Feb 2016 #168
Thanks for nothing, I live in California and I will be voting come June,5 for Bernie Sanders. Todays_Illusion Feb 2016 #169
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