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Lizzie Poppet

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39. Hard to say at this point.
Wed Mar 9, 2016, 12:19 PM
Mar 2016

Hillary's no longer "inevitable" (never was...), but remains the front runner, and by a not-insignificant margin. This is likely to go down to the wire.

Of course, even if it's by a single pledged delegate, the superdelegates had better flip to the popular choice. If they don't, the party dies right then and there (for all that the death throes will be long and painful).

Can Bernie Sanders recover? [View all] FlatBaroque Mar 2016 OP
LOL tk2kewl Mar 2016 #1
They're spinning it as only 1-percent today on Detroit NPR. Octafish Mar 2016 #2
I have never been more disappointed in NPR than during this primary. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #4
and we pretty much pay for NPR, right? Merryland Mar 2016 #7
By various methods, yes (mostly). Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #10
NPR has leaned right for years I hate liars Mar 2016 #9
I guess I didn't see it nearly that soon. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #22
I first noticed it back in 1992 SheilaT Mar 2016 #28
Blind arrogance and isolation from the rest of America will be an undoing appalachiablue Mar 2016 #38
Yes, you got it.. DeGreg Mar 2016 #56
Don't they have a Republican CEO? Enthusiast Mar 2016 #16
Not according to his Wikipedia profile, anyway. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #21
Well, regardless, NPR has an obvious rightward bias. I guess we aren't supposed to notice, lol. Enthusiast Mar 2016 #26
You may be thinking of when Bush Jr. brought in a political hack to run PBS FlatBaroque Mar 2016 #24
Maybe so. I have not listened for a long time. But I can smell the masqueraders a mile off. Enthusiast Mar 2016 #41
Okay. Today I listened to several hours of NPR. They were very unfair to Bernie. Enthusiast Mar 2016 #62
Nice Polite Republicans. n/t QC Mar 2016 #20
Ouch! Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #23
Please stop contributing. tabasco Mar 2016 #36
That's my intent. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #37
This is what Republicans wanted when they kept defunding NPR senz Mar 2016 #59
National Pentagon Radio has its priorities FlatBaroque Mar 2016 #11
Irritating as hell. bvf Mar 2016 #18
NPR's coverage is horrendous. Svafa Mar 2016 #34
We stopped giving to NPR years ago. Duval Mar 2016 #47
Recommended. H2O Man Mar 2016 #3
The Ma$$ Media needs to stop trying to decide our elections! WDIM Mar 2016 #5
Twistin" UglyGreed Mar 2016 #6
Nice! Merryland Mar 2016 #8
Someone had it PatrynXX Mar 2016 #12
Yeah, that was bad what she did with regards to Michigan... Herman4747 Mar 2016 #13
The KKK is anti-Jewish. No question about that. Always has been. Always will be. n/t mikehiggins Mar 2016 #25
Although the KKK isn't exactly anti Jewish AlbertCat Mar 2016 #43
omg, that was a LOL for REAL! closeupready Mar 2016 #14
Or is this simply postponing the inevitable? Buzz Clik Mar 2016 #15
Or is this simply the beginning of the end for your candidate? Cassiopeia Mar 2016 #29
time will tell. Buzz Clik Mar 2016 #31
Hard to say at this point. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #39
Or is this simply postponing the inevitable? AlbertCat Mar 2016 #44
She'll earn whatever she gets -- win or lose, it will be earned. Buzz Clik Mar 2016 #46
She'll earn whatever she gets AlbertCat Mar 2016 #48
Just like her speaking fees. Buzz Clik Mar 2016 #50
Ouch ... salinsky Mar 2016 #52
Except for the few million dollars donated to his campaign padfun Mar 2016 #53
How'd that big win you predicted feel, Buzz Clik? Scootaloo Mar 2016 #57
LOL 47of74 Mar 2016 #17
ROFL! n/t bvf Mar 2016 #19
Have to admit, he looked FLOORED like he had come to believe his own lies tomm2thumbs Mar 2016 #27
Nice. Looked like they had studied for the wrong test. SheilaT Mar 2016 #30
More like: looked like they had cheated for the wrong test. JimDandy Mar 2016 #35
OMG LOL tomm2thumbs Mar 2016 #45
Saw that one on Facebook. malthaussen Mar 2016 #32
If you saw it on Facebook and I got it from Twitter, it already has gone viral FlatBaroque Mar 2016 #33
memes robcotton Mar 2016 #66
Good job FlatBaroque Mar 2016 #67
All Useless Until After Philly corbettkroehler Mar 2016 #40
That is unfortunate, I have been liking Van Jones (more than the others, at least) / FlatBaroque Mar 2016 #42
on anderson cooper 360, van hopemountain Mar 2016 #64
I was watching and that's not what I took away from it Oilwellian Mar 2016 #61
Bernie has a sad... blackspade Mar 2016 #49
I thought this meant... Mike Nelson Mar 2016 #51
. merrily Mar 2016 #54
I clicked on your thread in a huff and am now smiling lunatica Mar 2016 #55
I'll check the scientific, highly accurate,reality based, polls to answer that. Oh, wait.... Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2016 #58
Hillary came in 2nd, Bernie was next to last! - eom dreamnightwind Mar 2016 #60
Perfect. k/r AtomicKitten Mar 2016 #63
LOL - too perfect. myrna minx Mar 2016 #65
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