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83.5% of all statistics are just made up. n/t PoliticAverse Mar 2016 #1
^^ Awesome ^^ nt revbones Mar 2016 #2
How do you know. Have you met that IT guy? bkkyosemite Mar 2016 #3
All Hillary's got left is the illusion of inevitability. On policy, she's awful. reformist2 Mar 2016 #4
Not, apparently to most Democrats. brooklynite Mar 2016 #12
MOST democrats haven't voted yet. basselope Mar 2016 #28
The Democratic primary is absolutely about Democrats. KMOD Mar 2016 #30
This would be news to the several states that have "open" primaries. PoliticAverse Mar 2016 #39
and yet, KMOD Mar 2016 #40
and yet the majority of states havent voted. basselope Mar 2016 #49
On policy, Hillary's a fucking train wreck, John Poet Mar 2016 #53
There is a 99.9% chance that tomorrow is going to be Tuesday. jillan Mar 2016 #5
Whatever the actual number is AgerolanAmerican Mar 2016 #6
Good for you and your spiritual mentor Ralph Nader nt geek tragedy Mar 2016 #8
LOL!!! Beacool Mar 2016 #9
Awww. NurseJackie Mar 2016 #55
Then step off. nt Codeine Mar 2016 #56
lol KMOD Mar 2016 #7
Probabilities like this are not "facts", that's a fact. n/t PoliticAverse Mar 2016 #14
OK, tell me how Bernie can miraculously overcome the math. KMOD Mar 2016 #16
If .01% separated slim and none we would still be crossing the ocean on wooden ships under sail. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #18
Yeah, and the NY Jets would have won another KMOD Mar 2016 #21
Democracy. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #35
You're changing what's being discussed. We're discussing the probability of Hillary Clinton PoliticAverse Mar 2016 #19
May be. Let's hope she's not indicted. EndElectoral Mar 2016 #10
You need to understand, KMOD Mar 2016 #13
I can't predict the future or I would have never thought Bush would be a two term President EndElectoral Mar 2016 #15
It's just not going to happen. KMOD Mar 2016 #17
You seem to have a lack of real undertanding of probability. The probability... PoliticAverse Mar 2016 #22
I agree. KMOD Mar 2016 #24
So... OilemFirchen Mar 2016 #11
Gee - pure as Ivory soap. 840high Mar 2016 #20
The Ivory Soap claim is 99.44% pure. So a Clinton nomination is apparently purer... PoliticAverse Mar 2016 #25
LOL - of course. 840high Mar 2016 #50
. longship Mar 2016 #23
And there is a 100% chance that I won't vote for her basselope Mar 2016 #26
And there is -0- chance that I would vote for BS Iliyah Mar 2016 #42
Yes.. beceause he is a good candidate basselope Mar 2016 #48
57 experts agree. pa28 Mar 2016 #27
WOW! We are in for the MOST EPIC FAIL OF ALL TIME! Kip Humphrey Mar 2016 #29
Maybe you are, KMOD Mar 2016 #32
Here are some fighting words for ya. THOSE WERE THE ODDS IN MICHIGAN!!! highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #31
Yeah, but math. KMOD Mar 2016 #33
I'm not about the math. I'm about trying to do what's right and voting for same. highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #36
The overwhelming majority of Democrats KMOD Mar 2016 #38
Cannot explain why they are so in the dark, but that is not going to change my sense of what is highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #41
We are not in the dark, KMOD Mar 2016 #44
Have you checked this out recently? You're in favor? highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #54
In that case... 4nic8em Mar 2016 #45
The majority of *ahem* Southern Democrats Art_from_Ark Mar 2016 #46
Excellent point, art NJCher Mar 2016 #52
hey DU sis! steve2470 Mar 2016 #34
Hello my sweet brother, KMOD Mar 2016 #37
K & R Iliyah Mar 2016 #43
Given Nate Silver's credibility on 99% sure wins, Betty Karlson Mar 2016 #47
Keep telling yourself that if you feel so scared to... DemocracyDirect Mar 2016 #51
Then America deserves what it gets. nt VulgarPoet Mar 2016 #57
a veritable bernie-math tie DrDan Mar 2016 #58
There's a 100% chance I'll never see another post of yours nt BernieforPres2016 Mar 2016 #59
I'd put Clinton's chance lower, but even a very high probability isn't the same as certainty Jim Lane Mar 2016 #60
Let's hope it is the same 99% that she won Michigan by. pdsimdars Mar 2016 #61
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