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June 7th.... HumanityExperiment Mar 2016 #1
That's what I hear every time bravenak Mar 2016 #14
then you have nothing to fear... HumanityExperiment Mar 2016 #25
My op does not say drop out bravenak Mar 2016 #26
yeah, sure... HumanityExperiment Mar 2016 #28
Umm hmm bravenak Mar 2016 #30
Have a good day! HumanityExperiment Mar 2016 #35
By the time June 7 comes Bernie will need 90% of the vote to catch up upaloopa Mar 2016 #37
I am thinking you are correct, the percentage goes up for Sanders. Thinkingabout Mar 2016 #79
you assume linear from this point on... HumanityExperiment Mar 2016 #82
No not true. These are proportional promaries. Both candidates pic up delegates. Before Tuesday upaloopa Mar 2016 #83
Reality?.... HumanityExperiment Mar 2016 #84
I pretend analysis is fear too if my biases compel me... LanternWaste Mar 2016 #108
April 19 and April 26 are more important dates right now than June 7 LonePirate Mar 2016 #2
I am voting this Sat bravenak Mar 2016 #15
I thought the race was over? Why are you bothering posting about California? ThePhilosopher04 Mar 2016 #3
It is. I was born there. bravenak Mar 2016 #16
I think you're scared. And for good reason. ThePhilosopher04 Mar 2016 #95
Why the fuck would I be scared? bravenak Mar 2016 #99
Arizona is good indicator of what will happen in CA. DCBob Mar 2016 #4
You mean mayhem and fraud? whatchamacallit Mar 2016 #5
I was referring to demographics. DCBob Mar 2016 #6
Are you accusing the Clinton campaign of mayhem and fraud sufrommich Mar 2016 #7
I'm sure they are... Agschmid Mar 2016 #9
Or are they? blueintelligentsia Mar 2016 #18
Ask them. Agschmid Mar 2016 #19
I'm not going to ask them based on a blanket accusation... blueintelligentsia Mar 2016 #94
Don't worry, California has way more voting places jfern Mar 2016 #32
Arizona has those too, they just figured more people were using them... sweetloukillbot Mar 2016 #59
Supposedly the election day voting in AZ favored Sanders... thesquanderer Mar 2016 #10
I agree bravenak Mar 2016 #17
You sure do post a lot about a candidate choie Mar 2016 #58
People need to not obsess over my posting habits and mind their own bravenak Mar 2016 #61
Do you ever listen to yourself? choie Mar 2016 #64
Still here? bravenak Mar 2016 #65
Yup and will be choie Mar 2016 #66
Yep. Me too. Anything else? bravenak Mar 2016 #68
Oh Yes, I sure do choie Mar 2016 #69
Best that you do. Done yet? bravenak Mar 2016 #70
Considering my record is clean choie Mar 2016 #71
Means nothing bravenak Mar 2016 #73
The feeling is mutual - off to ignore you go choie Mar 2016 #75
I am pleased bravenak Mar 2016 #77
Let's take a look at the states that each candidate has won..... George II Mar 2016 #8
I agree bravenak Mar 2016 #20
Remember: if it's in the South, it doesn't count mcar Mar 2016 #41
The south is messed up RobertEarl May 2016 #113
How about the idea that there are Democrats who live in the South mcar May 2016 #114
They key with rural states is that they are more sparsely populated. LiberalFighter Mar 2016 #111
K&R ismnotwasm Mar 2016 #11
Absolutely nothing about Sanders' campaign run would be easy. Only an idiot would think otherwise. nc4bo Mar 2016 #12
Understandable that you feel that way bravenak Mar 2016 #13
Luckily CA is a modified closed primary meaning... blueintelligentsia Mar 2016 #21
If he gets that bravenak Mar 2016 #22
He'll do very well in northern california and most of LA blueintelligentsia Mar 2016 #23
Not necessarily since LA has alot of hispanics and blacks bravenak Mar 2016 #24
Well Oakland... blueintelligentsia Mar 2016 #56
Oakland is in California bravenak Mar 2016 #63
Oakland's in CA, whaaa? blueintelligentsia Mar 2016 #91
Of course it is in Cali. bravenak Mar 2016 #93
*sarcasm* What was your point? blueintelligentsia Mar 2016 #96
Trying to figure what your point was bravenak Mar 2016 #98
Which point? Independents? Minority vote? Oakland being in CA? blueintelligentsia Mar 2016 #102
I am alerting admin bravenak Mar 2016 #104
Not to mention that I will phone bank for Hillary in my county of Santa Barbara upaloopa Mar 2016 #27
Yeah!!!! Good work! bravenak Mar 2016 #29
By June 7th, Californians will be asking "Bernie who?" n/t cosmicone Mar 2016 #31
And we will hear the outrage about how they don't really count bravenak Mar 2016 #33
Here is the thing ..... cosmicone Mar 2016 #34
He sure is bravenak Mar 2016 #36
Many people here remember Bernie saying immigrants take work from Americans upaloopa Mar 2016 #40
+1,000,000 n/t cosmicone Mar 2016 #42
I applied to the United Farm Workers headquarters in Keene, as a accountant after that position and upaloopa Mar 2016 #67
Bernie's experience with the real world cosmicone Mar 2016 #72
And yet most Californians are against it. basselope Mar 2016 #48
Most Californians are not against it cosmicone Mar 2016 #49
Yes, they are. basselope Mar 2016 #51
In the face of a possible Donald Trump or Ted Cruz White House, I am amazed Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #38
I hope they see that too bravenak Mar 2016 #39
I predict Trump will be replaced by Paul Ryan. Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #43
I hope so so they can have their own 1968 bravenak Mar 2016 #44
Clinton lost my vote forever when she voted for the war. basselope Mar 2016 #52
Trump or Cruz will be happy to hear you are making it easier for them to destroy the planet Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #53
As if Clinton won't do the same. basselope Mar 2016 #60
Demographically CA is HRC's wheelhouse... DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2016 #45
Yep bravenak Mar 2016 #46
It's demographically all wrong for him.. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2016 #47
Yes. I think that his rhetoric leave some of us demographically challenged folks bravenak Mar 2016 #50
Are Jews "demographically challenged folks"? kath Mar 2016 #110
Wow. An entire article based on baseless canards! dchill Mar 2016 #54
Yeah. Under the bus goes the LA Times... bravenak Mar 2016 #55
I just checked: under the bus... dchill Mar 2016 #57
Oh no bravenak Mar 2016 #62
Planned Parenthood, okasha Mar 2016 #85
So many of us down here bravenak Mar 2016 #86
I last saw tbe President okasha Mar 2016 #88
Tell him to stay cool bravenak Mar 2016 #89
I don't see a lot of Bernie stickers around town. Starry Messenger Mar 2016 #74
I have seen one, surrounded by Trump signs bravenak Mar 2016 #76
Thank goodness no Trump signs around here! Starry Messenger Mar 2016 #78
if he comes within 10 points I'll be amazed dlwickham Mar 2016 #80
Me too bravenak Mar 2016 #87
Let me guess...massive early voting coupled with greatly reduced polling places, NorthCarolina Mar 2016 #81
"Her coalition is very similar to what it was in 2008," said Bill Burton.. Cha Mar 2016 #90
Is Bill Burton insuiating that African-Americans voted for him... blueintelligentsia Mar 2016 #92
What is your problem? bravenak Mar 2016 #100
You. blueintelligentsia Mar 2016 #101
I will be alerting admins about your behaviour. bravenak Mar 2016 #103
KICK! Cha Mar 2016 #97
California is not Michigan and will not turn on a dime ucrdem Mar 2016 #105
I'm very content to wait and see. Thanks, bravenak! Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2016 #106
Sanders lost the Latino vote in Texas and will not well in California Gothmog Mar 2016 #107
The only states with polling data that has Bernie winning are: LiberalFighter Mar 2016 #109
K&R! DemonGoddess Mar 2016 #112
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