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13. You asked how he could get things done. I answered
Fri Apr 1, 2016, 02:51 PM
Apr 2016

[font style="font-family:'Georgia','Baskerville Old Face','Helvetica',fantasy;" size=4 color=#009999]That said, odds of him accomplishing that are the same as Hillary no matter how "partisan" either of them may be.

So I don't see what the point you are trying to make.

The Republican congress will be obstructionist to both of them. Hillary or Bernie, so long as the Republicans remain controlled by the tea party and so long as they have control of any part of government....nothing will get done. The Republicans, as they are now, literally want it that way.

When that changes, then we can talk about if one candidate or the other is too partisan to get any legistlation passed. But right now, they are in the same exact boat and if neither candidate can get anything done, then I want the candidate who will actually fight for the things I believe in and try and change the publics mind.

That way at least, we can either get some of those republicans out of office or we can get more dems in office and set up an environment where the congress wants to do...anything.

And the problem with the article you are using is that a person who opposes everything their party stands for will have an ungodly high score, and those who actually support the platform of their party and fights for it will have a low score. Check out the lifetime Scores of Obama, Warren, Boxer, Kennedy or any party hero.


All negative and all in the bottom half of that index. Even Russ Feingold, famed for working with Republicans like John McCain has a negative score and are in the bottom half of the list. Hillary has a negative score and is on the bottom half of the list as well.

Now check out Zell (voted for Bush) Miller. He is number 7 on the list.[/font]

Clinton doesn't have to worry about getting anything done. Warren Stupidity Apr 2016 #1
Like she hasn't done anything- except bad- for reproductive rights.... bettyellen Apr 2016 #14
So by using that scale of partisanship and your logic revbones Apr 2016 #2
What I am saying is Andy823 Apr 2016 #5
Seems to have gotten a lot accomplished despite the false narrative in your OP revbones Apr 2016 #7
If the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate, that would be true. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Apr 2016 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author TheDormouse Apr 2016 #24
The same exact way everyone else does LostOne4Ever Apr 2016 #3
Did you read the article? Andy823 Apr 2016 #6
You asked how he could get things done. I answered LostOne4Ever Apr 2016 #13
Bernie Sanders Scored Victories for Years via Legislative Side Doors NYTimes snowy owl Apr 2016 #4
That is not leadership. Lucinda Apr 2016 #9
And over the last six years how's Obama done? What did H accomplish as Senator? Facts, please. snowy owl Apr 2016 #17
Seriously? You haven't researched the records of the candidates yourself? Lucinda Apr 2016 #34
smoke and mirrors snowy owl Apr 2016 #41
LOL Lucinda Apr 2016 #42
It would look like your research on H, wouldn't it? snowy owl Apr 2016 #43
Not one Senator is standing with him, that should say it all FloridaBlues Apr 2016 #36
Yep. n/t Lucinda Apr 2016 #37
Says the corporate dems stick together timmymoff Apr 2016 #38
Trump, Cruz and Sanders ALL Would be the Most Isolated Presidents in Modern History Stallion Apr 2016 #8
No senator has endorsed Bernie cosmicone Apr 2016 #10
or it could also be proof beedle Apr 2016 #32
All 99 of them? LMAO cosmicone Apr 2016 #33
Ironic how an Independent is being accused of being "too partisan" 99th_Monkey Apr 2016 #11
The Obama administration did everything possible JCanete Apr 2016 #12
Work? Yes. Collaborate? No. Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2016 #15
Cruz is 2nd-most partisan senator AFTER Bernie? Hortensis Apr 2016 #18
I've wondered the same thing. For someone who's been in Congress for 25 years, the best politicaljunkie41910 Apr 2016 #19
did you read this? TheDormouse Apr 2016 #20
Well bless your heart... catnhatnh Apr 2016 #21
I could have run up the score catnhatnh Apr 2016 #22
206 bills? How could the op have missed that? beam me up scottie Apr 2016 #23
I'm amazed too... catnhatnh Apr 2016 #25
I've posted a link to that info many times, they always ignore it for some reason. beam me up scottie Apr 2016 #27
Honest mistake I'm sure...n/t catnhatnh Apr 2016 #29
Oh most certainly, no one would be that disingenuous. beam me up scottie Apr 2016 #30
Another Goldwater Girl BS post Roland99 Apr 2016 #26
Why do you keep asking the question? Vinca Apr 2016 #28
I shudder to think what Hillary would get done, with the willing assistance of the GOP. djean111 Apr 2016 #31
Hillary thinks we get to single payer by having 31 repuke governors enact it. libtodeath Apr 2016 #35
I'm not going to give you any crap, Andy ... Trajan Apr 2016 #39
A President doesn't need to work across the "isle." Ron Green Apr 2016 #40
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