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2016 Postmortem

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Mon Apr 25, 2016, 09:33 PM Apr 2016

I openly admit I am hoping for Clinton's indictment or a transcript leak. [View all]

And I will continue to do so until the last possible moment when she can be replaced as the nominee.

I don't apologize for it. Hillary is a horrible general election candidate, who will cost Democrats dearly. She's also a horrible Democrat, who will cost the most vulnerable among us dearly, even if she does manage a general election win.

She's thoroughly corrupt and dishonest. Such a candidate can never be "fully vetted", as this requires such behavior to be in her past. It isn't.

So, yeah, I hope it does catch up with her, and soon. I hope Democrats do get the chance to nominate a better candidate.

Why shouldn't I?

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"Why shouldn't I?" Ummm... because that kind of behavior is embarrassing to those who know you? Buzz Clik Apr 2016 #1
I know Democrats. They also don't want to see Dems crash and burn in the General. Barack_America Apr 2016 #3
You may not be feeling any shame, but you should be. Buzz Clik Apr 2016 #9
Hill campaign (and supporters) have no room to decry... tex-wyo-dem Apr 2016 #63
Damn, that was lame. Buzz Clik Apr 2016 #87
Thanks, I'm prowd of my lameness...nt tex-wyo-dem Apr 2016 #117
Well, I suppose that anyone who thinks "Hillary" rhymes with "aristocracy" would be prowd of that. Buzz Clik Apr 2016 #118
Ha! Didn't catch that...g1! tex-wyo-dem Apr 2016 #123
It's not vindictive or mean to want to see justice served. DebDoo Apr 2016 #69
Wanting justice served is not vindictive or mean. However, the OP is merely vindictive and lame... Buzz Clik Apr 2016 #88
I'm with you. 840high Apr 2016 #42
Can I buy a book mark. Skink Apr 2016 #53
Blatant TOS violation. Jury system is so anti-Clinton it's ridiculous. Don't know how. . . brush Apr 2016 #89
Should be grounds for PPR IMO. nt MADem Apr 2016 #145
I recommened to keep track. Bookmarking to find later. silvershadow Apr 2016 #2
I don't hope for that. I just wish she'd develop a sudden overwhelming desire.... Armstead Apr 2016 #4
we knew what you were hoping for. hrmjustin Apr 2016 #5
If it's going to happen, I'd rather it came now than later. n/t winter is coming Apr 2016 #6
Exactly. Barack_America Apr 2016 #13
Jury results, 2-5 Leave Lancero Apr 2016 #33
When you see trolls posting this sort of thing ... CountAllVotes Apr 2016 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author guyton Apr 2016 #8
And her supporters still don't get it. Kalidurga Apr 2016 #10
I'd vote for O'Malley. It doesn't have to be Sanders at all. Barack_America Apr 2016 #14
I would have gladly voted for O'Malley, but Bernie came along Kalidurga Apr 2016 #18
Sanders oozes authenticity. Barack_America Apr 2016 #21
Yes I think that is it Kalidurga Apr 2016 #23
He violated the 4th Amendment Rights of Black Americans. That alone should disqualify him. Skwmom Apr 2016 #25
It's OK though because other black Americans wanted him to do it Fumesucker Apr 2016 #68
it does in my book questionseverything Apr 2016 #125
Sanders oozes authenticity Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2016 #157
O'Malley is weak sauce. Trump wil clobber him. yourpaljoey Apr 2016 #102
I'ld love to see O'Malley still in the mix. HRC will likely lose the GE, she has so much baggage. nt RKP5637 Apr 2016 #103
Why is O'Malley even worthy of mention? He never cracked 1% and was out quickly. BernieforPres2016 Apr 2016 #121
Waiting for a Clinton indictment? Donít hold your breath Gothmog Apr 2016 #11
This from a network that has been carrying... tex-wyo-dem Apr 2016 #65
Comey will find she violated her security oath but the AG won't indict her. leveymg Apr 2016 #155
There is nothing she could say or do that would change many of these peoples minds. kpola12 Apr 2016 #12
That "liberal-progressive" act will end if she gets the nomination. bvar22 Apr 2016 #142
Hillary needs to be indicted before she secures the nomination rather than after, Kokonoe Apr 2016 #15
Not bloody likely. Members of The Club can do what they jolly well please n/t eridani Apr 2016 #16
Look out thought police on the prowl Kurska Apr 2016 #17
Thanks, I expected that. Barack_America Apr 2016 #22
I agree so much. It's supposed to be a discussion board, not a censorship board. n/t RKP5637 Apr 2016 #105
Openly advocating for anyboby but Clinton or desiring the leading DEMOCRATIC candidate Jackie Wilson Said Apr 2016 #128
I ablamj Apr 2016 #158
The FBI and Justice department are truly f*&^ing with us. Why? FlatBaroque Apr 2016 #19
Comey is a republican. xloadiex Apr 2016 #40
Even thought I think he's 840high Apr 2016 #44
he is not a good guy questionseverything Apr 2016 #127
Thank you for the information and the heads-up... Events are making sense now n/t mrdmk Apr 2016 #144
To be fair to them, they're doing exactly what they should be doing. Kentonio Apr 2016 #74
Wow, the crazy is strong in this one. Beacool Apr 2016 #20
Both of these people would agree with you: Herman4747 Apr 2016 #81
this one is even more disgusting . stonecutter357 Apr 2016 #83
Right. The guy who wants universal healthcare, a 15 dollar minimum wage, 12 weeks paid maternity and liberalnarb Apr 2016 #92
Time to primary BS and his bro's. stonecutter357 Apr 2016 #93
Its gonna be sad to see the kind of country the next generation is going to have to grow up in after liberalnarb Apr 2016 #94
seems legit ! stonecutter357 Apr 2016 #97
No universal healthcare, crushing insurance premiums and student debt, war, liberalnarb Apr 2016 #99
there is only so many times you can say millionaires and billionaires. stonecutter357 Apr 2016 #101
And how EXACTLY is Bernie going to change any of that? Fla Dem Apr 2016 #135
This is WHY I & SO MANY OTHERS WILL never hold THEIR nose and vote for... Rockyj Apr 2016 #147
He named 3 post offices Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2016 #160
It will be the SOS on steroids. There is so much desperation, misery and hostility in the US RKP5637 Apr 2016 #107
Yeah, so???? Beacool Apr 2016 #139
+1 La Lioness Priyanka Apr 2016 #140
Indeed Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2016 #159
Now, now. There, there. okasha Apr 2016 #24
edited... opiate69 Apr 2016 #26
Lol this is becoming comical realmirage Apr 2016 #27
You cannot believe it'd be that simple. one_voice Apr 2016 #28
Where oh where is Skinner? LonePirate Apr 2016 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author Scurrilous Apr 2016 #130
I'm on record I neither want nor expect an indictment riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #30
I'm so certain it's coming, that I just want it to come now. Barack_America Apr 2016 #34
Well, you just keep wishin' and hopin' ... NanceGreggs Apr 2016 #31
She is a terrible dem, anything that puts a real dem in the GE is fine with me, as long as..... Logical Apr 2016 #51
Keep hopin' ... NanceGreggs Apr 2016 #52
Someone has them, smart to wait. Nt Logical Apr 2016 #54
Who is the "someone"? n/t NanceGreggs Apr 2016 #55
FFS, really, the generic word "someone" confuses you? Nt Logical Apr 2016 #56
Not at all. NanceGreggs Apr 2016 #58
Think about that for a moment. All that secrecy and now a complete refusal to release them. Kentonio Apr 2016 #75
Same here. GoLeft2004 Apr 2016 #32
I'm kinda torn about it gopiscrap Apr 2016 #35
That's the real downside of all of this. Some damn republican gets into the WH and congress turns RKP5637 Apr 2016 #111
Weren't you leaving at some point? NuclearDem Apr 2016 #36
An indictment would mean Democrats lose KingFlorez Apr 2016 #37
No, if Sanders is the nominee, the Democrats win k8conant Apr 2016 #48
No he wouldn't KingFlorez Apr 2016 #49
The more open each primary, the better he does. That should tell you something. Kentonio Apr 2016 #76
It should, but it won't. Barack_America Apr 2016 #114
What good will this do? Do you think Sanders will get her delegates? This is not the way it works. Thinkingabout Apr 2016 #38
I would like the matter clarified one way or the other Blue_In_AK Apr 2016 #39
From Your Lips 99th_Monkey Apr 2016 #41
You get that is a poor loser in a athletic competition. Nothing to be bragging about. seabeyond Apr 2016 #43
I definitely don't hope she's indicted ... nolawarlock Apr 2016 #45
Well that would be incredibly stupid and ensure a Republican landslide. Kentonio Apr 2016 #77
Not if it's the right candidate. nt nolawarlock Apr 2016 #138
I look forward to the day wen the DU is free of this sorta thing Tarc Apr 2016 #46
Oh, just a few short weeks ago Sanders was on his way to the nomination... alcibiades_mystery Apr 2016 #47
By my definition, you're a good democrat. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2016 #50
Question about procedure Jim Lane Apr 2016 #57
That's some circular logic ContinentalOp Apr 2016 #59
Even if there is no transcript leak or indictment, it won't matter. Major Hogwash Apr 2016 #60
Are you saying you prefer the generic republican over Hillary for president? Renew Deal Apr 2016 #78
I Think it will Happen. ncovington89 Apr 2016 #61
I hope someone is researching and documenting this primary season. oldandhappy Apr 2016 #62
our sentiments, exactly; amborin Apr 2016 #64
If it doesn't happen in the primary demwing Apr 2016 #66
Pathetic Stuckinthebush Apr 2016 #67
+1. It burns and it berns. nt BreakfastClub Apr 2016 #71
This weeks lottery numbers please. MFM008 Apr 2016 #70
Vote Republican if you want a white male president that badly Onlooker Apr 2016 #72
A Hillary supporter implying racism in her opponent? You must have slept through 2008 then? Kentonio Apr 2016 #79
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2016 #112
Fingers crossed! If you wish hard enough, it might come true! auntpurl Apr 2016 #73
We've been tacitly voting for war crimes since 9-11 My Good Babushka Apr 2016 #80
You aren't really going out on the edge with this one. NCTraveler Apr 2016 #82
fuck Ron Paul. stonecutter357 Apr 2016 #84
That we agree on. liberalnarb Apr 2016 #95
An indictment would mean innocent until proven guilty. nt Jitter65 Apr 2016 #85
She was convicted without a trial long ago by the Rand Paul to Bernie converts here at DU. LonePirate Apr 2016 #116
That's disgusting, because the charges would be bullshit. ecstatic Apr 2016 #86
She did not do what other SoS did! She had her own server 2cannan Apr 2016 #91
Right Demsrule86 Apr 2016 #115
I'm sorry, but you are very ignorant of the details of the matter.. grasswire Apr 2016 #136
Are you saying she did not delete email to avoid an FOIA request? ieoeja Apr 2016 #131
Post removed Post removed Apr 2016 #90
Wow. cwydro Apr 2016 #96
I openly admit I am hoping you get banned. DCBob Apr 2016 #98
Yeah, yeah, yeah, she's horrible and she's winning, blah, blah, blah. randome Apr 2016 #100
Thanks! Most fun thing I've seen all day apcalc Apr 2016 #104
Someone posted it on a private channel at work. I see all sorts of weird things here. randome Apr 2016 #109
I don't think she's done anything different than mountain grammy Apr 2016 #106
I like your optimism :) vintx Apr 2016 #132
Simple objectivity is far too inconvenient for the dogmatic. LanternWaste Apr 2016 #108
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2016 #110
It would have happened to any one of us at this point, the focus of the agents letter to Comey. ViseGrip Apr 2016 #113
So why wait for chance? Blue_Tires Apr 2016 #119
I just want resolution. Orsino Apr 2016 #120
If its going to happen, its better that it happen now, jack_krass Apr 2016 #122
why would she be indicted when the justice department ignores war crimes? yurbud Apr 2016 #124
exactly questionseverything Apr 2016 #129
cynically, if the financial elite are pissed at her for some other reason, no crime is too small yurbud Apr 2016 #143
Then perhaps you are at the wrong site. There are plenty of other places that share your view still_one Apr 2016 #126
Well, there are sites openly hostile to all things Democratic Party Hekate Apr 2016 #133
Post removed Post removed Apr 2016 #134
Hear, hear!!!! Beacool Apr 2016 #141
A-@#$%ing-men! VOX Apr 2016 #149
I don't because it would hurt the party as a whole down ticket Dems would suffer azurnoir Apr 2016 #137
When the only hope you have GulfCoast66 Apr 2016 #146
***k this shit. VOX Apr 2016 #148
Hillary Clinton lancer78 Apr 2016 #150
Me too. Everything you said. dinkytron Apr 2016 #151
You talking like Depaysement Apr 2016 #152
Well then... I Openly Admit... calguy Apr 2016 #153
+1000 nt NorthCarolina Apr 2016 #154
Stay away from sharp objects Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2016 #156
This message was self-deleted by its author Maven Apr 2016 #161
Grotesque and absurd Maven Apr 2016 #162
Thanks for the kicks and personal attacks. Barack_America Apr 2016 #163
I am not hoping for it democrattotheend Apr 2016 #164
Bitterella. Starry Messenger Apr 2016 #165
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