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2016 Postmortem

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Sun May 8, 2016, 12:55 PM May 2016

Would ANYONE on DU suggest a Trump presidency is better or the same as HRC? [View all]

I am a total Bernie supporter, one who strongly favored him running -- and running AS A DEMOCRAT IN THE PRIMARIES -- even before he declared, and have supported him including with multiple (modest) donations since day 1. I also support Bernie in his apparent position that after fighting as hard as possible for the nomination, and in the process getting as many delegates as possible so as to maximize leverage at the Convention, and SURELY in some form continuing his autonomous progressive movement efforts beyond the November elections no matter who wins -- he would support Hillary if she is the nominee

There are I know many, including on DU (from the sound of it, a higher percentage on DU than among Bernie supporters generally) who insist on "Bernie or Bust", not supporting Hillary no matter what.

This raises the question -- particularly pointed for those who have the opportunity to cast votes in swing states -- would a Trump presidency REALLY not be any worse for the country, and for progressive politics in the US, than Hillary? Really? As for the argument that a Trump presidency would make the pendulum swing way to the left, beyond neoliberalism and into the arms of progressives, this "radical perversity" is belied by history. When Nixon was leading in 1968 polls, Leonard Bernstein predicted that a Nixon presidency would bring on the revolution. We got Jimmy Carter instead. Some said the same about Reagan -- again no dice. And the disaster of the W presidency was followed by a neoliberal only slightly more progressive than the Clinton presidency. So where's that pendulum?

I am particularly interested in ANY DUers from swing states who do NOT think that a Trump presidency would be no worse than HRC for America or for progressives

29 votes, 4 passes | Time left: Unlimited
A Trump presidency, however bad for America it might be, would be BETTER for progressives than HRC
2 (7%)
A Trump presidency, WOULD MAKE NO DIFFERENCE from an HRC presidency, from a progressive standpoint
1 (3%)
18 (62%)
A Trump presidency is JUST WHAT AMERICA NEEDS
0 (0%)
Other (w/comments please)
8 (28%)
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If votes were hidden you would get a more accurate picture. DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #1
They were never hidden from admins in any incarnation of DU azurnoir May 2016 #6
I know that. But they were hidden from other members. DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #8
Admins could deal with votes in polls that were particularly egregious azurnoir May 2016 #9
I think you're wrong, I'm a bernie supporter but Trump is insane. Nt Logical May 2016 #43
53% of this DU poll openly support Zimmerman. stone space May 2016 #36
Trump would be much worse a President than HRC JonLeibowitz May 2016 #2
It's a mixed bag... Lizzie Poppet May 2016 #3
Hillary honed her voting record during the Bush years Skink May 2016 #4
Today Trump said he wanted to eliminate the Federal minimum wage. You were saying? NT Adrahil May 2016 #19
A mixed bag??? Wake up. ASAP. JaneyVee May 2016 #20
Sigh. But so is Hillary. dchill May 2016 #51
Trump is not to the left of Clinton anigbrowl May 2016 #24
I didn't vote, but I think there is an increasing sense of desperation in the Nay May 2016 #5
Thoughtful comment. I hadn't heard the phrase "useless eaters" before senz May 2016 #16
It's been suggested that Trump win = Democratic Congress sooner. CentralCoaster May 2016 #7
I have faith in people Joob May 2016 #10
A Neoliberal Democrat COULD be a mobilizer for the (relatively) progressive Democrats in opposition cloudythescribbler May 2016 #14
Bernie has plenty of non progressive stances too. JaneyVee May 2016 #21
Substitute SBS for HRC in the choices rock May 2016 #11
Whether Trump would be a disaster may depend on whether you're thinking short term or long term. thesquanderer May 2016 #12
On what planet is Trump more "progressive" on trade and war??? JaneyVee May 2016 #22
I did say "arguably," it's not clear cut, but what I mean is... thesquanderer May 2016 #41
Another silver lining: liberals would start opposing authoritarian overreach again. Maedhros May 2016 #31
Democracy gives us a choice / of which machine to vote with XemaSab May 2016 #13
The same? No. But unappealing in different ways? Ya, that's the nature of 'lesser of two evils' HereSince1628 May 2016 #15
Nominate Bernie, and we won't have to worry about Trump or Clinton at all. nt Zorra May 2016 #17
Would they? They already have! baldguy May 2016 #18
kick cloudythescribbler May 2016 #23
Either would be a disaster for America. 99Forever May 2016 #25
A Trump presidency would be an existential threat The Velveteen Ocelot May 2016 #26
"Extinction event" seems to be reaching a bit too far. Maedhros May 2016 #32
Trump is a loose cannon. I know there are some things he can't possibly do, The Velveteen Ocelot May 2016 #38
To be honest, so could Hillary. Maedhros May 2016 #40
The Same imari362 May 2016 #27
Clinton is worse than Sanders on immigration, but better than Trump by a mile. Vattel May 2016 #28
this is where us progressives are in a quandary elana i am May 2016 #29
Oh boy another poll! Califonz May 2016 #30
Yawn. . . B Calm May 2016 #33
Trumps presidency would be the ultimate wildcard... JPnoodleman May 2016 #34
This is flypaper. nt Waiting For Everyman May 2016 #35
It is difficult to tell mindem May 2016 #37
Yes, it's getting interesting. senz May 2016 #45
another kick cloudythescribbler May 2016 #39
As a Bernie supporter, I'm fine with banning anyone who answered one or two Logical May 2016 #42
Might make more sense to ban those who want to trap DUers with polls. senz May 2016 #44
I don't give a shit, if you think Trump is the same as Hillary don't let the door hit you in the as Logical May 2016 #46
Do you even try to live up to your username? senz May 2016 #47
It is logical to say Hillary=trump means you are a fucking nut Job! Nt Logical May 2016 #48
Where do you get that crap from? senz May 2016 #50
Logical is a devoted Bernie supporter obamanut2012 May 2016 #54
Get on top of it and see what you can do then... otherwise, you're merely advertising petulance. LanternWaste May 2016 #56
Hey, its my stalker! Missed you. nt Logical May 2016 #57
Herr Trump is already selling out the working class saps that gave him the nomination! workinclasszero May 2016 #49
Not convinced either one would be good for America bigwillq May 2016 #52
question isn't whether any or all candidates are "good", but is HRC likely to be as bad as Trump? Nt cloudythescribbler May 2016 #53
Possibly bigwillq May 2016 #55
yet another kick cloudythescribbler May 2016 #58
and again cloudythescribbler May 2016 #59
I find it hard to imagine anything Trump could do better. Orsino May 2016 #60
my views exactly & succinctly -- yet WHY are some progressives not able to see this? cloudythescribbler May 2016 #61
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