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13. Oh the Irony.
Fri May 13, 2016, 12:22 AM
May 2016
When super-delegates were created in 1984, it was in fact to avoid a repeat of what had almost happened in 1980: a candidate with no shot at winning the general election almost becoming the popular-vote and pledged-delegate winner. It may seem counter-intuitive to some now, but the Democratic Party in 1984 wanted a mechanism available to vote down the Party’s prospective nominee — the popular-vote and pledged-delegate winner — if that person couldn’t be elected in the November general election

I love the irony here. they are saying they made super-delegates to basically bend the will of the democrats to a more popular nationwide candidate vs the other parties, not just their own. In this election though they have done the exact opposite and they have tilted the game in her favor by a massive amount to the point of almost outright cheating by voting long before they are supposed to. But all of the HRC fans here that have done nothing but say that independents have no right to vote in our election and are fine with the super-delegates are pretty much missing the entire point that super-delegates are there to make teh party vote for a candidates that represents the entire country and not just the will of the party...and the irony is dripping.
Yep, he has a chance to win CajunBlazer May 2016 #1
no way, I already bought the lie it was over! reddread May 2016 #3
The fat lady has already warmed and she is at center stage CajunBlazer May 2016 #6
You're seeing things. pacalo May 2016 #15
Don't hold your beath, you'll eventually turn blue CajunBlazer May 2016 #19
I think she died before uttering a note, call the coroner reddread May 2016 #16
Nope, and she is set to sing Auld Lang Syne for Bernie campaign CajunBlazer May 2016 #24
gambling is for tourists and junkies and mobsters reddread May 2016 #29
No, I only bet on sure things CajunBlazer May 2016 #31
that chestnut of a bluff really is a sad move reddread May 2016 #33
Well, they *are* in a dead heat in the voter enthusiasm category... pacalo May 2016 #7
This breaks me up everytime I see it, pacalo Samantha May 2016 #11
Thank you for the thread, Sam. pacalo May 2016 #21
Too bad enthusiasm didn't translate into votes CajunBlazer May 2016 #12
maybe if the exit polls matched the tallies they would reddread May 2016 #17
Oh oh, another conspiricy theory takes root CajunBlazer May 2016 #34
I appreciate your keen interest in election integrity. reddread May 2016 #37
Good! CajunBlazer May 2016 #43
You're being naive. pacalo May 2016 #18
It will in the GE. -nt- NorthCarolina May 2016 #88
What you are missing is... northernsouthern May 2016 #20
Definitely! pacalo May 2016 #27
I love the second one more. northernsouthern May 2016 #32
Those are great, pacalo! Samantha May 2016 #35
You need to get your criticisms correct... Corporate666 May 2016 #60
You need to get your corrections correct. northernsouthern May 2016 #61
Too bad for you GulfCoast66 May 2016 #72
Show me some proof that the votes are going where they should. pacalo May 2016 #74
I should quit while I am ahead GulfCoast66 May 2016 #76
Blinders have been a big help to you, apparently. pacalo May 2016 #77
How rich! GulfCoast66 May 2016 #79
I love that song. Warren DeMontague May 2016 #58
Thanks, Sam! dchill May 2016 #2
It was my pleasure, dchill Samantha May 2016 #4
Of course, why do you think her followers want so badly for him to quit. They are terrified rhett o rick May 2016 #5
I know -- and take a look at that WSJ article just posted in this forum Samantha May 2016 #8
Thanks for the OP Sam. We must continue to fight those that would enslave us rhett o rick May 2016 #22
The more desperate the Powers That Be get, the more dirty tricks they pull and the rhett o rick May 2016 #87
That's the only logical inference. dchill May 2016 #9
That's a good one! CajunBlazer May 2016 #10
And I bet that's the best you can come up with. No posts of substance from your side. The side rhett o rick May 2016 #25
What makes you think your posts are worthy of replies of substance? CajunBlazer May 2016 #36
All I see elsewhere are bvf May 2016 #52
Why would a Clinton supporter think CoffeeCat May 2016 #48
I agree. I am here to discuss issues and not to put up with the boasting and gloating rhett o rick May 2016 #86
sure, there's a chance. When monkeys fly out of my butt. Lil Missy May 2016 #84
The arrogance of those siding with the Rich and Powerful is getting tiresome. rhett o rick May 2016 #85
Even more tiresome are these wildly ridiculous analogies. Lil Missy May 2016 #89
Oh the Irony. northernsouthern May 2016 #13
I really, really wanted to add that paragraph and a couple of others but let me say Samantha May 2016 #23
Supers are not stupid RobertEarl May 2016 #46
Irony, how's this for irony? CajunBlazer May 2016 #40
I don't thing you know what Irony is. northernsouthern May 2016 #45
I won't give up madokie May 2016 #14
... CajunBlazer May 2016 #26
I don't trust them either, and I don't trust that NY result one bit Samantha May 2016 #30
At this point in time madokie May 2016 #39
And yet he is being dihonest with you about his chances of winning CajunBlazer May 2016 #41
Absolutely not true! Bernie levels with his supporters about every issue Samantha May 2016 #44
We all sense that something is very off CoffeeCat May 2016 #50
Clap if you believe! onehandle May 2016 #28
Well I do not believe but Samantha May 2016 #38
I see that a number of posters on this thread have been burnt by the bern CajunBlazer May 2016 #42
Yes, if a house drops out of the sky and lands on Hillary. The_Casual_Observer May 2016 #47
omg!! Are you implying Her Excellency is a Wicked Witch? mikehiggins May 2016 #64
Freudian slip. nt cherokeeprogressive May 2016 #80
Thanks, Sam. Bernie wouldn't keep at it if there weren't a good chance. senz May 2016 #49
Bernie is now Mitt Romeny, 2012. Adrahil May 2016 #63
Bernie knows exactly what he's doing. senz May 2016 #65
And Hillary is a less charming Al Gore... Yurovsky May 2016 #68
The Sanders echo chamber redstateblues May 2016 #51
Is there a reason why you need to be so rude? akbacchus_BC May 2016 #54
Samantha, not going to happen. Mr. Sanders will not be the nominee! akbacchus_BC May 2016 #53
As the article clearly denotes, akbacchus, Bernie very much still has a chance Samantha May 2016 #55
Sam, am so glad to hear that, but the media is not so akbacchus_BC May 2016 #56
Did you actually read the article, akbacchus_BC? Samantha May 2016 #59
This is that guy who really sucks at math and got all mad on twitter synergie May 2016 #57
Not to mention PATRICK May 2016 #62
Really, a movement with momentum? CajunBlazer May 2016 #66
Goodby and welcome to Ignore (eom) Samantha May 2016 #67
LOL - I am proud to be on your ignore list CajunBlazer May 2016 #73
I DO believe in Fairies!!! brooklynite May 2016 #69
Do you believe in Ignore? Samantha May 2016 #70
Wouldn't know; I don't keep anyone on ignore... brooklynite May 2016 #71
These people PATRICK May 2016 #82
Well, if it's not Goodman it's Abramson. Beacool May 2016 #75
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #78
the same guy also wrote this: John Kasich Will Be the Republican Nominee for President dlwickham May 2016 #81
Who is exactly? PATRICK May 2016 #83
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