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76. several million dollars of stimulus money, couple years of road projects/plans and 'jobs'.
Fri May 13, 2016, 03:03 AM
May 2016

Two lanes wider existing road, expand storm drainage system, sidewalks, paid all home owners used EDomain .

Expanded into more road upgrades for cross streets, wider with storm drainage, sidewalks, more 'jobs'. Increased home values, more traffic passing through, local businesses increased income, safer walk to school for kids with sidewalks, less 'climate change' flooding with storm drains.

Thanks Obama for stimulus, thanks lobbyist for helping us, you were worth hiring.

Corruption of the highest order. ThePhilosopher04 May 2016 #1
Is this 'rigging'? dmosh42 May 2016 #2
Something naive people think is only found on sailing ships. cherokeeprogressive May 2016 #67
FYI... MrMickeysMom May 2016 #87
The Human Rights Campaign is a lobby. So is Greenpeace Recursion May 2016 #3
Does it matter if they're evil? A Little Weird May 2016 #4
^^THIS. nt nc4bo May 2016 #5
Because they do the work that keeps the party going? Recursion May 2016 #8
They aren't the only ones A Little Weird May 2016 #10
Sure they do, particularly in caucus states Recursion May 2016 #13
Bullshit n/t A Little Weird May 2016 #15
Bullshit, I'm active and am always called to help. I get my one vote, no more. TheKentuckian May 2016 #44
Do you go to your local & state party meetings? (nt) Recursion May 2016 #45
Irrelevant. snowy owl May 2016 #63
Not even close to irrelevant. That's how the party gets built Recursion May 2016 #75
And did you actually bring up Gephardt, Daschle, and Dodd? Recursion May 2016 #9
Of course I'm aware of who they are A Little Weird May 2016 #11
Why not? You say that as if it's obvious. Recursion May 2016 #12
A primary election for the Democratic Party A Little Weird May 2016 #14
Recursion will spin . . . he/she makes no sense whatsoever. snowy owl May 2016 #65
I noticed A Little Weird May 2016 #66
Revolving door government is disgusting enough... Peace Patriot May 2016 #42
Gephardt is the epitome of the problem Armstead May 2016 #89
So you are not against Eko May 2016 #40
I'm against superdelegates in general and especially lobbyists being superdelegates A Little Weird May 2016 #43
You said it. Eko May 2016 #48
And you're ok with it A Little Weird May 2016 #49
Naw, thats not what you said. Eko May 2016 #50
The lobbyists are given power that regular people aren't given A Little Weird May 2016 #52
Not true at all. Eko May 2016 #53
I'm going to try to use small words A Little Weird May 2016 #56
So you especially are against lobbyists Eko May 2016 #54
Someone running for the office of the presidency should definitely not be a superdelegate A Little Weird May 2016 #57
But the candidates are always superdelegates (nt) Recursion May 2016 #78
What if not only one of the people running for the office of the presidency Eko May 2016 #55
Nope A Little Weird May 2016 #58
So are you going Eko May 2016 #59
I'm going to call on Sanders to abolish superdelegates A Little Weird May 2016 #60
Cool. Eko May 2016 #61
Really? Are you going to try that tactic? A Little Weird May 2016 #64
anybody reading eco's responses know what he is. T****. snowy owl May 2016 #68
I know A Little Weird May 2016 #69
Please, Eko May 2016 #74
No, you dont. Eko May 2016 #73
I'm not the one who thinks this about superdelegates Eko May 2016 #71
Oh, I know!!!! Eko May 2016 #72
So HRC and Greenpeace are superdelegates? Since when? n/t eridani May 2016 #16
Sure. Have you looked at the list of what these "evil lobbyists" lobby for? Recursion May 2016 #17
No lobbyist should EVER be involved in candidate selection, period. eridani May 2016 #18
Why on earth not? (nt) Recursion May 2016 #19
Being paid to influence public officials disqualifies them n/t eridani May 2016 #20
Why? You keep just saying stuff like that but not actually arguing for it. Recursion May 2016 #21
Because the people who vote and/or caucus don't get paid for it. n/t eridani May 2016 #22
And? Recursion May 2016 #23
It certasinly does not disqualify them as voters. It disqualifies them as potential eridani May 2016 #24
And still no "why"? Recursion May 2016 #25
Why Citizens Unted? n/t eridani May 2016 #27
Because a filmmaker should probably be able to release a documentary about a candidate during an Recursion May 2016 #28
Being a member of the DNC is fine, but being a superdelegate is not n/t eridani May 2016 #30
That's the same thing. DNC members are unpledged delegates. Recursion May 2016 #31
The purpost of superdelegates is to override the popular vote eridani May 2016 #32
Why shouldn't people who are paid to push for political change be allowed? Recursion May 2016 #33
Being paid is a corrupting factor, always n/t eridani May 2016 #34
You're saying she was corrupted by the LGBT advocacy groups she's worked for? Recursion May 2016 #35
I am saying tht salaried lobbyists should have no more influence than their individual vote n/t eridani May 2016 #36
Umm... OK. Any other professions you would exclude? Recursion May 2016 #37
No one who gets paid to influence the political process, regardless of actual profession. n/t eridani May 2016 #38
Weird. OK, though, that's how you feel Recursion May 2016 #39
I think you missed the point. snowy owl May 2016 #62
Why should your vote be equal to theirs? They literally do the work of the party Recursion May 2016 #77
Like the banks, "fraud as a business model". Waiting For Everyman May 2016 #6
My neighborhood has a lobbyist, he helped sort through Gov. grants & we got a new road. Sunlei May 2016 #7
Here's a perfect example of the dumbing down of America. cherokeeprogressive May 2016 #70
several million dollars of stimulus money, couple years of road projects/plans and 'jobs'. Sunlei May 2016 #76
I don't like Corporations intruding into our electoral process by gaining voting rights. nt silvershadow May 2016 #26
Sorry, what "corporations" are you saying will vote in the convention? (nt) Recursion May 2016 #29
You are fighting the good fight, Eko May 2016 #41
Ask Hillary. B Calm May 2016 #79
Which "corporations" do they lobby for? Recursion May 2016 #80
Ask Hillary. B Calm May 2016 #82
So, nothing? Recursion May 2016 #83
So, never question her. My guess is Wall Street Banksters. B Calm May 2016 #84
So it's really the "Democratic" Party. Vinca May 2016 #46
Hillary = Unbridled Predatory Capitalism B Calm May 2016 #47
Ridiculous apcalc May 2016 #51
Just mentioning the words predatory capitalism get Hillary supporters panties B Calm May 2016 #81
That is a sexist reply. apcalc May 2016 #85
It is? Wow, my panties get in a wad and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think of sex. B Calm May 2016 #86
Best Democracy Money Can Buy Octafish May 2016 #88
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