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Corruption of the highest order. ThePhilosopher04 May 2016 #1
Is this 'rigging'? dmosh42 May 2016 #2
Something naive people think is only found on sailing ships. cherokeeprogressive May 2016 #67
FYI... MrMickeysMom May 2016 #87
The Human Rights Campaign is a lobby. So is Greenpeace Recursion May 2016 #3
Does it matter if they're evil? A Little Weird May 2016 #4
^^THIS. nt nc4bo May 2016 #5
Because they do the work that keeps the party going? Recursion May 2016 #8
They aren't the only ones A Little Weird May 2016 #10
Sure they do, particularly in caucus states Recursion May 2016 #13
Bullshit n/t A Little Weird May 2016 #15
Bullshit, I'm active and am always called to help. I get my one vote, no more. TheKentuckian May 2016 #44
Do you go to your local & state party meetings? (nt) Recursion May 2016 #45
Irrelevant. snowy owl May 2016 #63
Not even close to irrelevant. That's how the party gets built Recursion May 2016 #75
And did you actually bring up Gephardt, Daschle, and Dodd? Recursion May 2016 #9
Of course I'm aware of who they are A Little Weird May 2016 #11
Why not? You say that as if it's obvious. Recursion May 2016 #12
A primary election for the Democratic Party A Little Weird May 2016 #14
Recursion will spin . . . he/she makes no sense whatsoever. snowy owl May 2016 #65
I noticed A Little Weird May 2016 #66
Revolving door government is disgusting enough... Peace Patriot May 2016 #42
Gephardt is the epitome of the problem Armstead May 2016 #89
So you are not against Eko May 2016 #40
I'm against superdelegates in general and especially lobbyists being superdelegates A Little Weird May 2016 #43
You said it. Eko May 2016 #48
And you're ok with it A Little Weird May 2016 #49
Naw, thats not what you said. Eko May 2016 #50
The lobbyists are given power that regular people aren't given A Little Weird May 2016 #52
Not true at all. Eko May 2016 #53
I'm going to try to use small words A Little Weird May 2016 #56
So you especially are against lobbyists Eko May 2016 #54
Someone running for the office of the presidency should definitely not be a superdelegate A Little Weird May 2016 #57
But the candidates are always superdelegates (nt) Recursion May 2016 #78
What if not only one of the people running for the office of the presidency Eko May 2016 #55
Nope A Little Weird May 2016 #58
So are you going Eko May 2016 #59
I'm going to call on Sanders to abolish superdelegates A Little Weird May 2016 #60
Cool. Eko May 2016 #61
Really? Are you going to try that tactic? A Little Weird May 2016 #64
anybody reading eco's responses know what he is. T****. snowy owl May 2016 #68
I know A Little Weird May 2016 #69
Please, Eko May 2016 #74
No, you dont. Eko May 2016 #73
I'm not the one who thinks this about superdelegates Eko May 2016 #71
Oh, I know!!!! Eko May 2016 #72
So HRC and Greenpeace are superdelegates? Since when? n/t eridani May 2016 #16
Sure. Have you looked at the list of what these "evil lobbyists" lobby for? Recursion May 2016 #17
No lobbyist should EVER be involved in candidate selection, period. eridani May 2016 #18
Why on earth not? (nt) Recursion May 2016 #19
Being paid to influence public officials disqualifies them n/t eridani May 2016 #20
Why? You keep just saying stuff like that but not actually arguing for it. Recursion May 2016 #21
Because the people who vote and/or caucus don't get paid for it. n/t eridani May 2016 #22
And? Recursion May 2016 #23
It certasinly does not disqualify them as voters. It disqualifies them as potential eridani May 2016 #24
And still no "why"? Recursion May 2016 #25
Why Citizens Unted? n/t eridani May 2016 #27
Because a filmmaker should probably be able to release a documentary about a candidate during an Recursion May 2016 #28
Being a member of the DNC is fine, but being a superdelegate is not n/t eridani May 2016 #30
That's the same thing. DNC members are unpledged delegates. Recursion May 2016 #31
The purpost of superdelegates is to override the popular vote eridani May 2016 #32
Why shouldn't people who are paid to push for political change be allowed? Recursion May 2016 #33
Being paid is a corrupting factor, always n/t eridani May 2016 #34
You're saying she was corrupted by the LGBT advocacy groups she's worked for? Recursion May 2016 #35
I am saying tht salaried lobbyists should have no more influence than their individual vote n/t eridani May 2016 #36
Umm... OK. Any other professions you would exclude? Recursion May 2016 #37
No one who gets paid to influence the political process, regardless of actual profession. n/t eridani May 2016 #38
Weird. OK, though, that's how you feel Recursion May 2016 #39
I think you missed the point. snowy owl May 2016 #62
Why should your vote be equal to theirs? They literally do the work of the party Recursion May 2016 #77
Like the banks, "fraud as a business model". Waiting For Everyman May 2016 #6
My neighborhood has a lobbyist, he helped sort through Gov. grants & we got a new road. Sunlei May 2016 #7
Here's a perfect example of the dumbing down of America. cherokeeprogressive May 2016 #70
several million dollars of stimulus money, couple years of road projects/plans and 'jobs'. Sunlei May 2016 #76
I don't like Corporations intruding into our electoral process by gaining voting rights. nt silvershadow May 2016 #26
Sorry, what "corporations" are you saying will vote in the convention? (nt) Recursion May 2016 #29
You are fighting the good fight, Eko May 2016 #41
Ask Hillary. B Calm May 2016 #79
Which "corporations" do they lobby for? Recursion May 2016 #80
Ask Hillary. B Calm May 2016 #82
So, nothing? Recursion May 2016 #83
So, never question her. My guess is Wall Street Banksters. B Calm May 2016 #84
So it's really the "Democratic" Party. Vinca May 2016 #46
Hillary = Unbridled Predatory Capitalism B Calm May 2016 #47
Ridiculous apcalc May 2016 #51
Just mentioning the words predatory capitalism get Hillary supporters panties B Calm May 2016 #81
That is a sexist reply. apcalc May 2016 #85
It is? Wow, my panties get in a wad and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think of sex. B Calm May 2016 #86
Best Democracy Money Can Buy Octafish May 2016 #88
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